Ruby Kyanite Spiritual Healing Properties

Ruby Kyanite is a phenomenal stone for aligning and energizing the entire Chakra field so that we feel refreshed and ready for anything. It strengthens our most positive traits while simultaneously dissolving negative energies.  It puts us in the best position to pursue our Highest Good.  Ruby Kyanite encourages us to be brave and curious about the world, while also acting wisely.  Ruby Kyanite offers protection and strength for shamanic journeying and astral travel, helping us to maintain a solid connection to our physical body while allowing our spirit to range far and wide. It enhances lucid dreaming and dream recall, and also amplifies manifestation.  Ruby Kyanite helps us to pay closer attention to our spirit guides.  It helps us to listen to their messages, but also putting their suggestions into action.  Ruby Kyanite is attuned to ALL the Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius. It is connected to the element of Earth and Storm and vibrates to the master number 3 and 4.

Ruby Kyanite Emotional Healing Properties

Ruby Kyanite It is a stone of courage, clarity, and joyful passion.  It helps us to understand and communicate our own emotional needs and reactions.  It gently reminds us that there are many ways to look at a situation – and some of those perspectives are wildly off base!  Ruby Kyanite helps us to determine which is the most correct perspective – which is usually the one that leaves us feeling empowered, calm and compassionate.   If we find ourselves feeling victimized or misunderstood, or if negative situations keep repeating, Ruby Kyanite helps us to take a step back and examine the situation more closely.  Are we expressing our thoughts and needs clearly?  Are we understanding other people accurately?  Is everyone responding in a way that makes sense?  If not, where is the disconnect between beliefs, words and actions?  Ruby Kyanite reminds us that sometimes what we want to be true, isn’t actually true.  It can help us to see through our own misconceptions as well as through other people’s gaslighting.  Ruby Kyanite teaches us that truth will always set us free and that honesty is always the best policy. Ruby Kyanite helps us to find our voice, follow our bliss, and be true to ourselves.

Ruby Kyanite Mental Healing Properties

Ruby Kyanite is a wonderful stone for anything related to organization. It helps us to see things clearly and to understand the relationships between various items, ideas, people, and situations. Ruby Kyanite is particularly helpful when we need to create efficient systems – whether at work, at home, or in our deepest inner life. It helps us to calm our minds and think objectively, without letting our emotions distract us.  At the same time, Ruby Kyanite encourages us to notice what makes us feel happy and what leaves us feeling dissatisfied.  It reminds us that we don’t need to needlessly suffer just because we think we “should” do something or act a certain way.  We are not robots or unfeeling souls.  We are dynamic beings that have emotional and spiritual needs which deserve to be met.  Ruby Kyanite encourages us to organize our life in such a way that there is plenty of room for self-care and a pleasant balance of joy and peace.

Ruby Kyanite Physical Healing Properties

Ruby Kyanite combines the healing energies of Ruby and Kyanite.  Ruby is recommended for anyone who wants a healthier and happier life, while Kyanite is recommended for anyone who wants a more peaceful life.  Together, they encourage us to live our best life.  Not the idealistic best life in our head, but the best life we can have in reality.  In part, this means prioritizing our physical and mental health, rather than ignoring our health until we have a crisis.  Ruby Kyanite invites us to look at our lifestyle honestly and ask ourselves what parts are already healthy and good, and what areas might require a change.  Ruby give us courage and self-love to make these changes, while Kyanite helps us to stay focused and not get overwhelmed.  Ruby Kyanite is a friendly and kind supporter when we are in transition between phases of life.  It reminds us that life never stands still, and so we also need to keep on moving.