Sand Dollar Fossil Spiritual Healing Properties

Sand Dollar Fossil offers a unique link between Earth and Water energies, a potent combination which can lead to personal growth on many levels! It invites us to live more magically – to dare the impossible and to dream big. But it also encourages us to do the work to make our dreams come true. Fortune favors the bold, and Sand Dollar Fossil teaches us to to deserve victory and to feel worthy of receiving great abundance. Sand Dollar Fossil is linked to the Root and Sacral Chakras and attuned to the astrological signs of Virgo and Pisces. It is connected to the elements of Water; and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 8.

Sand Dollar Fossil Emotional Healing Properties

Sand Dollar Fossil offers us a fresh start, a chance to shake off our old “baggage” and step into a beautiful new life! It has a playful energy inviting us to let our worries go and allow our hearts to be young and innocent again. Sand Dollar Fossil can also help us to dive deep within; to explore our emotions better, and to recognize emotional patterns that no longer serve us so that they can be released. It also reminds us to actively connect on a regular basis with our dearest friends and family members. Sand Dollar Fossil helps us to recognize and celebrate how lucky we truly are.

Sand Dollar Fossil Mental Healing Properties

Sand Dollar Fossil is a wonderful stone for stimulating new ideas, from artistic creativity to business strategies. It helps us to invest further in our own success. It is particularly helpful for anyone who suffers from negative financial beliefs, and can help us to create more positive thought patterns around money, abundance, and our own worthiness. Sand Dollar Fossil helps us to realize that money is nothing more than a tool, and wielded correctly it can bring great joy and peace to ourselves as well as to others.

Sand Dollar Fossil Physical Healing Properties

Sand Dollars are the only creature that can clone themselves for purely defensive reasons, rather than reproductive. They split into two smaller sand dollars when the sense predators are nearby. This makes it a fascinating talisman for anyone who is immunocompromised and needs to take extra precautions. It helps us to see the early signs and warnings, long before a problem develops and to follow a “better safe than sorry” philosophy. If other people are critical of our precautions, Sand Dollar fossil shields us from self-doubt and encourages us to be logical rather than emotional. If the signs of danger are there, only a fool would ignore them! Sand dollar fossils also make fun talismans for the feet.