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Scheelite Lace is a unique metamorphic rock that combines bands of Blue Calcite and white Dolomite, with occasional bits of yellow Scheelite.  It is found only in Turkey. It has only been on the market since 2014 and has been sold under the names Scheelite Lace, Blue Scheelite, and Lapis Lace Onyx.  These names are confusing since many of the pieces don’t contain Scheelite and none of them contain Lapis or Onyx! Regardless of the name, everyone agrees its a beautiful stone with a sweet energy.  It is a wonderful crystal for manifestation as well as for finding the silver lining on cloudy days.

Scheelite scheelite lace meaning

Scheelite Lace Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Scheelite Lace is a powerful spiritual tool for dedicated practitioners.  It helps us to stay grounded during high spiritual work and not get overwhelmed or lose our focus.  For astral travelers, Scheelite Lace helps us to reach our destination quickly and to remember what we learned when we return.  It is phenomenal for all kinds of chakra work.  It clears and actives all the chakras and can be use to protect us from future blocks and drains.  It also helps us to better understand what each chakra needs, in the short term and long term, in order for us to thrive.   Scheelite Lace is also a wonderful manifestation tool, especially when we need to dream new dreams or do the impossible.  It reminds us that we are miracle makers and that the Divine happily helps those who help themselves.

Metaphysical Properties Scheelite Lace
Chakra  All
Element Earth and Wind
Numerology 3, 5 and 8
Zodiac Aries, Cancer, and Libra

Emotional Healing Properties

Scheelite Lace offers powerful lessons in emotional intelligence.  It helps us to accept reality for what it is and to maintain a calm dignity.  It can connect the person we are right now, with the Higher Self that we’d like to be.  But it also helps us trust that who we are right now is good enough and that perfection is not required.  Scheelite Lace shakes off our doubts, fears, resentment and tendency towards melodrama.  It encourages us to forgive and to be charitable.  It is especially comforting during sad times when we might find ourselves questioning “why me, why now, why did this happen?”  When we feel betrayed by life’s cold unfairness, Scheelite Lace asks us to trust that things happen for a reason, even if we don’t understand it.  It asks us to try to see the silver-lining and to use our sad experiences to become more compassionate and wise.  Scheelite Lace releases fear and scarcity-based thinking and helps us to believe that we will be protected and provided for in the future.  It teaches compassion and encourages us to show our appreciation whenever good things happen.

Mental Healing Properties

Scheelite Lace guides us away from arrogant and ego-driven thinking.  It invites us to engage in deep thought and be willing to honestly consider new ideas.  It helps us to organize our thoughts and finish projects, while also stimulating original thinking.  Scheelite Lace encourages us to be thoughtful and ethical in all the ways we interact with the world around us.  It reduces greed and can helps us to change our beliefs about money, work, success, respect and what has true value.  Scheelite Lace encourages humility and reminds us that no work is “beneath” us.  It teaches us to work with reverence and love.  Scheelite Lace helps us to grasp the Big Picture of whatever topic has captured our attention, making it an excellent tool for businessmen, scientists and students of the humanities.

Physical Healing Properties

Scheelite Lace is used by metaphysical healers to treat the lower half of the body, including the feet, legs, the lower back and the male reproductive system.  It is also believed to heal disorders associated with the lungs and the adrenal glands.  Scheelite Lace is also said to expose and heal the underlying emotional issues that are behind eating disorders and substance abuse.  It is used by yogis for grounding and to improve balance postures.

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Scheelite Lace Mineralogy

Where does Scheelite Lace come from?

The only known deposit for Scheelite Lace is in Turkey.

Mining and Treatments

Little is known about Scheelite Lace mining, but both Calcite and Dolomite are industrially-mined in limestone and marble quarries.

All Schellite Lace are completely natural, enhanced only by tumbling, cutting and polishing.

Scheelite Lace Placeholder
Scheelite Lace

Mineral Family

Scheelite Lace is not a mineral, but rather a rock.  An easy way to understand the difference is that rocks are like cookies and minerals are ingredients like flour or sugar. Many different minerals are used to create a rock!  In this case, it is a metamorphic rock that is said to combines Calcite (white), Dolomite (blue) and Scheellite (yellow).  Calcite and Dolomite are common carbonite minerals, which are most commonly white but can take on bright colors including blue and yellow.  Despite the name, this stone may not contain any actual Scheelite.

Scheelite Lace’s energy works well with its family – other metamorphic rocks.  Try it in combination with Atlantisite, Buddstone, CinabriteImpactiteNuummitePicasso Marble, Tiffany Stone, and Unakite

Scheelite Lace Formation and Crystal Associates

Scheelite Lace was formed by metamorphic processes where there are unequal high pressures.  The strongest pressure forces the minerals in the original rock to reorient themselves into long, flat lines that run perpendicular to the pressure direction.  This creates a striped look.

Scheelite Lace’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Grossular Garnet

Mineralogy Scheelite Lace
Rock Type Metamorphic
Major Minerals Calcite, Dolomite, and Scheelite
Minor Minerals
Color White, blue, yellow
Texture Foiliated
Transparency Opaque
Special Features Iridescent

History of Scheelite Lace

Scheelite Lace is a recent addition to the metaphysical world and there is quite a bit of confusion and misinformation circulating about it.  It was first offered on the open market in the late spring of 2014.  At that time, it was called Lapis Lace Onyx, in honor of its bright blue stripes.  However, since this stone contains neither Lapis nor Onyx, the name is misleading and so is rarely used today.

The stone has also been sold as Blue Scheelite since 2014, which is problematic for a different reason.  Scheelite is a white, yellow or brown mineral.  It may occasionally have a greenish tint, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Scheelite can be bright blue under natural light.  But, Scheelite is a highly fluorescent mineral which glows bright blue under short wave light.  It is possible that some sellers have confused the fluorescent quality with the natural appearance.  To be clear, there is no such thing as naturally occurring Blue Scheelite.

Nevertheless, this stone is still frequently sold as “Blue Scheelite” by wholesalers and retail stores alike.  Sometimes sellers will claim the entire stone is blue and white Scheelite, while others mention the presence of Calcite and/or Dolomite.  But, there is no consistency about whether the blue stripes are said to be Calcite, Dolomite or Scheelite, all three seem to be equal contenders.  Some sources even suggest the stone is composed only of Calcite and Dolomite and there is no Scheelite at all.  Annoyingly, information is always presented as though it were strictly factual rather than a guess.

It is a common practice for new healing stones to be introduced to the market without any scientific testing.  Sellers who attempt to provide mineralogical information, are often guessing or repeating what their sources told them.  Everyone trusting, but no one verifying.  Years later, the stone may be formally tested at a lab and the findings may flatly contradict the original guesswork.  Rather than admit the mistake, many sellers will double-down on the old claims.  Since most sellers simply repeat or copy/paste information from others, it can be very difficult to sift the wheat from chaff, and to fact-check claims.

Two metaphysical sellers share intriguing stories about this stone’s name and origin which seem to ring true.  According to an eBay seller, the man who originally found the Scheelite Lace deposit proclaimed it was Blue Scheelite.  It was only after his passing, that the stone was formally tested and discovered to be a rare blue Dolomite banded with white Calcite.  According to that eBay seller, there is no Scheelite in the stone at all, nevertheless that seller still uses the name “Blue Scheelite” in honor of the stone’s finder.  Another metaphysical stone seller claims to have sent the stone away for testing personally.  Her testing agreed that the white parts are Calcite and the blue parts are Dolomite, but the testing also showed that the yellow parts are Scheelite.  According to her, the mine always knew the stone contained Scheelite, but never cared enough to find out which parts are Scheelite and simply allowed people to draw their own conclusions.

I have varified that there are Tungsten mines near Bursa, Turkey where this stone is mined.  Scheelite is a common Tungsten ore mineral and so it is probable that the yellow parts on Scheelite Lace are indeed Scheelite.  But further testing is needed.  Moonrise Crystals is currently using the name Scheellite Lace for this stone.  It is a less-common name, but is used by other sellers and seems to be the least problematic.