Septarian Nodule Spiritual Healing Properties

Septarian Nodule reminds us that we are each born with a great spiritual power inside us, and that we have the responsibility to use that power and shine Light into this world. Septarian Nodule is a shaman stone, helping us to find our true self and better understand the mysteries of this world. It offers protection and speed during astral travel, and provides a deep earth connection during meditation. Septarian Nodule teaches us that the most sacred actions are those in which love and courage are linked. Septarian Nodule is attuned to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Cancer and Capricorn. It is attuned to the element Water and vibrates to the numbers 8, and 9.

Septarian Nodule Emotional Healing Properties

Septarian Nodule enhances self confidence and brings courage to the heart. It encourages us to release any attachment to drama or ego. Instead we are to look for that calm place of balance deep within, and to live from that place. Septarian Nodule is a phenomenal stone to work when engaged in personal work, particularly emotional healing and growing up. It helps us to be more patient and to feel comfortable with taking on greater responsibilities. Septarian Nodule reminds us to align ourselves with Love and to forgive ourselves and others for any past offences. It helps to release any emotions that may feel “trapped” inside us and shines a light on the path leading to our own personal freedom.

Septarian Nodule Mental Healing Properties

Septarian Nodule helps us to find a “Purpose” in life and to take positive action in manifesting it in this world. This stone has a courageous energy that helps us to release our fears related to failure, poverty or making mistakes, and instead encourages us to be curious and excited to find out what is possible. At the same time, Septarian Nodule enhances our sense of practicality and common sense. It provides mental discipline and helps us logically determine the root of any problem we might be facing and how to solve it. Septarian Nodule gently reminds us that sometimes we have to let go of what we already know and be open to change and personal evolution, in order to become our Highest Self. It is a highly creative stone as well as a grounding stone, the combination helping inspire us artistically and help us complete art projects.

Septarian Nodule Physical Healing Properties

Septarian Nodule is recommended when problems with our physical body are preventing us from moving forward in other aspects of our life. For example, we might have an injury, illness or disorder that hasn’t been properly treating. Septarian Nodule gently but firmly pushes us to take care of it and not to waste any more time dithering around. If we are reluctant to visit a doctor, Septarian Nodule helps us acknowledge those fears and then go visit the doctor anyway. Septarian Nodule is a lovely talisman for the stomach, pancrease and other internal organs in the lower-half of the body.