Shattuckite Spiritual Healing Properties

Shattuckite is a stone of truth that helps us to accurate assess ourselves and the world around us.  It is an unusually powerful stone for manifestation purposes.  It helps us find the right words for spoken affirmations, and also how to use those words as a catalyst for practical action.  Shattuckite reminds us that we can’t change the truth just by wishing.  If we want to change our reality, we have to take action to reshape it.  Shattuckite is also a fantastic stone for mediums, channelers, tarot readers, astrologists and anyone who works in the intuitive arts and communicates with the spiritual realm.   Shattuckite help us to accurately interpret the messages we receive and to communicate those message to others.  It also provides spiritual protection against any entity that seeks to harm us or take away our free will.  Shattuckite can be used to remove curses.  Shattuckite is attuned to the Throat, and Third Eye Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is connected to the elements of Water and Wind and vibrates to the Number 2.

Shattuckite Emotional Healing Properties

Shattuckite helps us to recognize when we are out of alignment, and to know what is needed to restore balance.  It encourages pragmatism and problem-solving, and helps us to stop wasting time just feeling sorry for ourselves.  Shattuckite advocates personal responsibility and healthy boundaries.  It invites us to examine our own thoughts, words, and behaviors and recognize how they affect others.  At the same time, Shattuckite also helps us resist the urge to take all the blame and absolve everyone else.  Above all, Shattuckite wants us to see and understand what is true.  Shattuckite is an excellent stone to work with when trying to heal and restore a damaged relationship.

Shattuckite Mental Healing Properties

Shattuckite encourages us to be less judgmental and emotionally-driven, and instead to be realistic and curious.  Shattuckite is is an excellent stone for writers, teachers, scientists, ministers, lawyers and anyone whose job it is to guide others to truth.  Shattuckite gently reminds us to make sure that our own actions, match our words and beliefs.

Shattuckite Physical Healing Properties

Shattuckite is most often used by metaphysical healers as a tonic for general health and well-being, and to bring the physical body back into balance.  It is also used to treat more serious illness, particularly those associated with the  spleen or the throat.  Shattuckite is said to facilitate synesthesia and to keep the sensory organs healthy and strong.