Fossilized Shell Spiritual Healing Properties

Fossilized Shell reminds us that we are always growing and being given opportunities to become an even better version of ourselves. It teaches us an amazing kind of balance – showing us how to protect the soft parts of ourselves so they don’t get traumatized or jaded, while simultaneously showing us how to remain open to the full experience of living. When we walk in this balance, our spirit remains filled with Light and we are happy and peaceful. Intimately engaged with everything around us, yet strong and grounded within ourselves. Fossilized Shell is attuned to the Root Chakra and the astrological signs of Virgo and Pisces. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 8.

Fossilized Shell Emotional Healing Properties

Fossilized Shell helps us to feel relaxed and at ease no matter where we are. It connects us with the sea of our own emotions and teaches us to recognize that our emotions are constantly shifting, rising and ebbing, like the tides. This type of thinking helps us to become less attached to our feelings, to simply enjoy the good feelings when they arise and to be gentle with the painful ones in their turn. Fossilized Shell also encourages us to cooperate and work well with others when joined in service for the Greater Good. It helps us to go with the flow a little easier and to not take every moment, or our own egos, so seriously.

Fossilized Shell Mental Healing Properties

Fossilized Shell stimulates our intuition, imagination and adaptability. It helps us to clearly understand and categorize our mental processes and to make swift and good decisions. Fossilized Shell encourages us to be curious and willing to embrace new innovations. It helps us to stay organized and focused on whatever is most important and to continually seek more efficient ways of being. However, Fossilized Shell also reminds us to be careful lest perfection becomes the enemy of the good. Fossilized Shell gently nudges us to seek the good and to rejoice in it without constantly trying for better.

Fossilized Shell Physical Healing Properties

Fossilized Shell is recommended for introverts who tend to feel emotionally and physically drained by the energies of other people. It reminds us that it’s perfectly reasonable to retreat into own quiet sanctuary and re-energize ourselves with activities that relax and restore our equilibrium. Fossilized Shell encourages us to live in balance with our own natural rhythms and with the rhythms of the natural world, rather than trying to keep pace with the intense bustle of human society. It is an excellent talisman for problems associated with the skeletal system, particularly the spine.