At Moonrise Crystals we believe healing crystals should have a powerful energy for good.  All of our crystals are judged by a variety of standards related to their environmental and social impact.  We’ve made it easy for you to find healing crystals that match your values.

Direct From Mine

The first goal in an ethical supply chain is to create a transparent supply chain.  The longer the supply chain, the more opaque it becomes.  These crystals have the shortest possible supply chain.  Some of these crystals were bought from a polisher, but the name of the mine is known.  In other cases, the crystals are bought directly from the miners.

Eco Friendly Mining

All mines have a negative environmental impact, but some are worse than others.  As a general rule, pit mines have a larger footprint, than underground mines.  Likewise, mining for metals and native elements has more impact than mining for rocks and minerals.  The best crystals come from mines that actively try to balance their environmental impact.

Fair Wages

Wage information is rarely available for small businesses, which includes virtually every healing crystal supplier.  Inferences can be made by studying the businesses’ safety record and marketing messages, as well as understanding the political and economic situation of the country.

Female Miner

Coming in April, 2024  ♥

Mined In Usa

Americans are the largest consumers of healing crystals.  Many crystals are mined in Africa, Asia, or South America.  These little beauties were actually mined in the United States with safe conditions for workers and a low environmental impact.

Safe Factory

A safe factory is judged primarily by its air-quality and whether workers wear protective gear.  Stone polishers are at a high risk of developing silicosis, a deadly lung disease caused by breathing in crystalline silica dust.  The majority of healing crystals contain silica.  As a general rule, tumbling tends to be safer than hand-polishing.

Safe Mining

All mining is dangerous, but some forms are more dangerous than others.  As a general rule, an open-pit mine is less dangerous to workers than an underground mine.  The size of the mine and its location is also a major factor.  In lower-income countries, artisanal miners may not be able to afford safety gear like boots and helmets.

Respects Natives

Mines are usually in rural areas and may ignore indigenous land rights.  This leads to long-term environmental, social, and economic impacts.  To add insult to injury, the healing crystal community has culturally appropriated many indigenous spiritual beliefs and traditions.  These crystals come from suppliers that prioritize indigenous dignity.

Supports Charity

These crystals are double-blessed! In addition to their good energy, they also come from suppliers who give back to their local communities.  In Madagascar and Brazil, these businesses provide financial and educational support to rural schools and the children of miners.  In Peru, the focus is on rainforest rehabilitation for biodiversity.

Women Owned Business

These crystals come from women-owned polishing factories.  Supporting women-owned businesses has measurable, positive impacts on the local community.  This is especially true in lower-income countries, such as in sub-Sahara Africa where many healing crystals are mined.  When women succeed, society succeeds.

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