Snow Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties

Snow Quartz shares the same basic energy as Clear Quartz, except that its energy is slightly softer. It can be used to amplify the power and energy of all other crystals. Snow Quartz can also help us to accurately see into the heart of all matters and align ourselves with our Highest Selves and the Highest Good. It can be used to communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides, quiet the mind during meditation, and amplify our own psychic abilities. Snow Quartz is attuned to the Crown Chakra (7th) and linked to the astrological sign of Capricorn. It is connected to the element of Water and vibrates to the number 2.

Snow Quartz Emotional Healing Properties

Snow Quartz is a gentle stone that quietly encourages us to find alignment and harmony. It can be used to filter out negative emotions and increase positive emotions. It offers support during difficult situations, when we have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and drained. It is especially good for anyone who has a tendency towards martyrdom or “victim mentality.” Snow Quartz gently reminds us that we do have some choice in our circumstances and our responses, and that we can choose a path leading to health and happiness.

Snow Quartz Mental Healing Properties

Snow Quartz helps us to sort through complicated situations and correctly determine our role. If we need to let go of certain responsibilities, it shows us how to do so gracefully. Snow Quartz is a wonderful stone for diplomats, lawyers, and anyone who needs to use language to achieve proper cooperation. It reminds us to stop and think before we speak.

Snow Quartz Physical Healing Properties

Snow Quartz can be used wherever Clear Quartz is used, most often in conjunction with other healing stones to amplify their specific power. The energy of Snow Quartz is somewhat gentler, making it especially suitable for treating children and elders.