Star Sapphire Spiritual Healing Properties

Star Sapphire inspires within us a deep love of truth and a profound desire to live in alignment with our personal integrity. It is a mystical stone that encourages us to explore the full depth and breadth of our spiritual lives and to cultivate our spiritual gifts. It opens the intuitive and psychic mind, facilitates energy channeling and clarifies communication between this realm and others. Star Sapphire helps us to better understand human nature and to look on humanity with a cheerful and hopeful gaze. It encourages both practical common sense and far-flung dreaming, helping us find the correct balance between those aspects so we can achieve our goals. Star Sapphire attracts prosperity and good luck and gives us the discipline to maintain this prosperity throughout the course of our lives. Star Sapphire is attuned to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and linked to Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius. It is connected to the elements of Earth and Wind and vibrates to the numbers 2 and 6.

Star Sapphire Emotional Healing Properties

Star Sapphire has a cheerful and peaceful energy that can gently dispel depression and anxiety. It brings relationships into greater harmony and encourages clear communication between individuals. Star Sapphire reminds us that we must be true to ourselves and let our Light shine! It helps us to recognize that we don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to live our own lives. Star Sapphire strengthens our instincts, helpings us to better anticipate other people’s reactions and intentions.

Star Sapphire Mental Healing Properties

Star Sapphire increases our discernment and powers of critical thinking. It celebrates a thirst for knowledge and wisdom in all forms. Star Sapphire’s calm energy that helps us to look at situations logically and to clearly understand causal effect. It helps us to work through our own thoughts and emotions, and to make decisions that serve our Highest Good. Once decisions have been made, then Star Sapphire can help guide our actions so that we can realize our intentions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Star Sapphire is particularly good for helping us take lofty and so-called impossible dreams and finding a practical way to bring them into reality.

Star Sapphire Physical Healing Properties

Star Sapphire is recommended for anyone who wants to harness the full power of the mind-body connection. It is not for people who casually hope for miracles, but rather for individuals who are willing to actively work to understand their own physiology and the impact of mental and physical habits. For those with the courage to look closer, Star Sapphire can help us decide to get better and then actually do it. Conversely, Star Sapphire can also help us to accept physical misfortune when there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It reminds us that while the mind, heart and soul may be willing, the physical brain or body cannot always conform to our desires. This doesn’t mean we’ve done something “wrong”, it is a reminder that we are mere mortals and subject to forces that are beyond our control. In such cases, Star Sapphire helps us to comfort our mind and our body, and to have realistic expectations.