Strawberry Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz has a joyful energy that make us feel vibrantly alive in the present moment.  It firmly connects our spiritual life to our physical body and regular life, and shows us that the mortal and divine are not nearly as separated as we might have been taught to believe.  Strawberry Quartz wakes us up from any spiritual lethargy we may have fallen into.  It tickles our passions and sparks our creativity, playful urging us to actively get involved in our own spiritual journey.  Strawberry Quartz reminds us that life is short, so it’s up to us to make it sweet.  Strawberry Quartz seduces the Kundalini energy so that it rises up all the way up to our crown.  When used in meditation, it can open and activate all our chakras, bringing us a sense of balance and bliss.  Strawberry Quartz brings us back to Eden, to the time before pain and sorrow.  It teaches us that we hold Eden inside ourselves and we can access that purity and perfection, whenever we need to.  Strawberry Quartz helps us to find our spiritual lovers and can transform lovemaking into an act of worship.  Strawberry Quartz is attuned to the Root, Sacral and Heart Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries and Sagittarius. It is connected to the element of Fire and vibrates to the numbers 1 and 2.

Strawberry Quartz Emotional Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz relaxes unnecessary emotional boundaries.  It wants us to feel loved and to love others passionately.  If we have suffered from abuse, particularly emotional or sexual abuse, Strawberry Quartz can help us to discern who to trust and who to keep away.  If we feel jaded or frightened to let people in, Strawberry Quartz can bring back some of our innocence, without leaving us foolish.  Strawberry Quartz helps us to put the past firmly in the past, to be alive to the beauty of the present moment and to have sweet hopes of the future.  Strawberry Quartz helps us create a home that feels loving and safe.  It releases anger and resentment, and gives us strength during challenging times.  It lights up our path so we can find kind lovers and wonderful soulmates.  It promises us that we deserve to be happy and to be loved.

Strawberry Quartz Mental Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz has a highly creative energy, helping artists, writers, and musicians keep their work fresh and interesting.  It brings inspiration all on its own, but is even better at helping us find other muses to continually inspire us.    Strawberry Quartz helps us to understand why we feel, think and act the way we do.  If certain aspects do not serve us, then Strawberry Quartz helps us to break free and start anew.  Strawberry Quartz encourages our curiosity and helps us to process information and see the patterns within data.  It is an excellent tool for anyone going to therapy or otherwise working on themselves.  Strawberry Quartz helps us to do that important work, but also reminds us that there is at time when we are good enough and perfection isn’t a reasonable request to make of ourselves or others.

Strawberry Quartz Physical Healing Properties

Strawberry Quartz is used by metaphysical healers to support anyone facing a serious condition that saps physical energy and resiliency.  Strawberry Quartz is said to stabilize the body and bring back our physical energy.  It is also believed to help with eating disorders and sexual disorders.  Strawberry Quartz helps us to enjoy life in a healthy manner and to treat our physical body like the holy temple that it is.