Sunset Sodalite Spiritual Healing Properties

Sunset Sodalite is a joyful stone for Seekers of Truth. It encourages us to uphold our most cherished beliefs and to be true to ourselves. Sunset Sodalite reminds us to take action too, so that our walk matches our talk and we see our dreams transform into reality. If our goals harm others or are unrealistic than Sunset Sodalite will gently peel away the layers from our eyes and allow us to see more clearly and compassionately.  It has a very hopeful and helpful energy which can teach us to be patient and give ourselves enough time to learn and grow.  Sunset Sodalite can also be used to manifest financial abundance, especially in regards to savings, debt freedom and sound money management.  Sunset Sodalite is attuned to the Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is connected to the element of Wind and Fire and vibrates to the numbers 1 and 4.

Sunset Sodalite Emotional Healing Properties

Sunset Sodalite brings bright, fresh energy into our lives and dissolves feelings of sadness and anxiety. It encourages emotional honesty allowing us to see the real reason behind our feelings and determine what we need to do to move forward. Its peaceful and happy vibration reduces stress and worries and helps us to be a little more logical and lighthearted, rather than taking everything personally or too seriously.  Sunset Sodalite is particularly good to work with if we need to release “victim mentality”.  It reminds us that we have the power and ability to make positive changes in our live.  Sunset Sodalite’s energy can be quite gentle too.  It asks us to look at the absolute Truth in all things, it does so with a gentle nudge and a wink, rather than a fierce glare.

Sunset Sodalite Mental Healing Properties

Sunset Sodalite increases our self-awareness, creativity and problem-solving skills. It combines our intellectual and logical mind with our natural intuitive gifts.  This in turn, can help us to correct assess the “obvious” solution, which is typically clear in hindsight, but rarely so obvious ahead of time.  With Sunset Sodalite’s help, the “obvious” solution is seen immediately and can be swiftly put into practice so that our life runs smoothly.   Sunset Sodalite also helps us to recognize the unconscious mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that can prevent us from reaching our true potential.  It encourages us to be brave and have faith in our own abilities.  Sunset Sodalite is an especially useful stone for leaders in any field, who need to work well in groups and delegate tasks appropriately.

Sunset Sodalite Physical Healing Properties

Sunset Sodalite is a wonderful stone for stimulating our own healing powers as well as common sense when it comes to the physical body.  Metaphysical healers typically use it to treat ailments associated with the throat and vocal cords, as well as the digestive tract. It is also said to stimulate the pineal gland and enhance sensory perceptions. Sunset Sodalite makes an especially effective talisman for reminding us to take care of ourselves on the most basic levels, for instance; drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, etc.