Sunstone Iolite Spiritual Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite has a very interesting energy that combines the warm joy of Sunstone with the cool calm of Iolite.  What both energies have in common is that they help us know ourselves, be true to ourselves, embrace our calling and confidently grow into our Highest Self.  Sunstone Iolite is a lucky stone that helps us to see possibilities where other people might only see limitations.  In particular, it helps us to recognized guides and friends, in unexpected places.  Sunstone Iolite encourages us to see life as a merry adventure.  When we are going through hard times, Sunstone Iolite helps us to see these moments as part of our Hero’s Journey, something we must face but something we will ultimately conqueror. Sunstone Iolite is attuned to the Solar Plexus (3rd) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius. It is connected to the element of Wind and Fire and vibrates to the numbers 1 and 7.

Sunstone Iolite Emotional Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite is a fantastic crystal to work with when life feels messy and we feel ourselves getting triggered or overwhelmed.  It helps us to quickly re-ground and calmly assess the situation, without letting negative emotions get the best of us.  It helps us to think clearly and logically about whatever is happening, and even helps us to find the humor in stressful situations.   Sunstone Iolite helps us to successfully ride the emotional waves of the moment with grace and goodwill.  It keeps our main priorities front and center, so that minor inconveniences don’t get blown out of proportion.  During times of transition, it helps us make changes more easily.  It encourages us to take a break when we are triggered and to encourage other people to take a break when they are triggered.  Once everyone has calmed down a little, Sunstone Iolite helps us communicate clearly and return to peace with one another. Sunstone Iolite has an empowering energy that brings self-confidence and a steady faith that all will be well.

Sunstone Iolite Mental Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite activates our problem-solving skills.  It encourages both logical and intuitive thinking, and brings us a fresh new perspective when we need one.  When faced with a complex problem, Sunstone Iolite helps us to plan each step wisely and to be confident that we will solve any unexpected issues as they come up.  Sunstone Iolite acts as an energetic compass, enabling us to chart our way forward to success and peace.  When used to support career goals, it helps us to find the right vocation that will use our talents and interests, while also rewarding us financially.  It helps us to manage money well and to attract wealth.

Sunstone Iolite Physical Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite is recommended for anyone who wants to be healthier, in mind and body.  It helps us to develop healthy habits and encourages us to be open to different ideas.  Sunstone Iolite helps us to see the potential benefit of embracing ancient customs, modern healthcare recommendations, and new age alternatives.  Instead of feeling like we have to follow just one path, Sunstone Iolite shows us we can chart our own unique path and figure out what works right for us and our body.  But Sunstone Iolite also cautions us about being stubborn or arrogant.  It asks us to see clearly and to make sure that what “works for us” actually does work.  Just because we want something to work, doesn’t mean that reality supports that desire.  Sunstone Iolite helps us to be honest, accept reality as it is, and to do what is necessary for health and happiness.