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Sunstone Iolite, or Iolite Sunstone, is one of the newer healing crystals on the market.  It became popular in 2016 after a deposit in Tamil Nadu, India began to sell the striking blue and orange gem.  The mines normally focus on pure blue Iolite.  Mixed with the orange Sunstone, it could have been ignored as lower quality, but happily it was polished and found to be beautiful in its own right. It combines the warm happy-go-lucky energy of Sunstone with the cooler wisdom and clarity of Iolite.  Together they make a remarkable talisman that helps us to to see useful possibilities where other people might only see frustrating limitations.

Sunstone Iolite sunstone iolite meaning

Sunstone Iolite Healing Energy

Spiritual Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite has a very interesting energy that combines the warm joy of Sunstone with the cool calm of Iolite.  What both energies have in common is that they help us know ourselves, be true to ourselves, embrace our calling and confidently grow into our Highest Self.  Sunstone Iolite is a lucky stone that helps us to see possibilities where other people might only see limitations.  In particular, it helps us to recognized guides and friends, in unexpected places.  Sunstone Iolite encourages us to see life as a merry adventure.  When we are going through hard times, Sunstone Iolite helps us to see these moments as part of our Hero’s Journey, something we must face but something we will ultimately conqueror.

Metaphysical Properties Sunstone Iolite
Chakra Solar Plexus and Third Eye
Element  Wind and Fire
Numerology 1 and 7
Taurus, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius

Emotional Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite is a fantastic crystal to work with when life feels messy and we feel ourselves getting triggered or overwhelmed.  It helps us to quickly re-ground and calmly assess the situation, without letting negative emotions get the best of us.  It helps us to think clearly and logically about whatever is happening, and even helps us to find the humor in stressful situations.   It helps us to successfully ride the emotional waves of the moment with grace and goodwill.  It keeps our main priorities front and center, so that minor inconveniences don’t get blown out of proportion.  During times of transition, it helps us make changes more easily.  It encourages us to take a break when we are triggered and to encourage other people to take a break when they are triggered.  Once everyone has calmed down a little, Sunstone Iolite helps us communicate clearly and return to peace with one another. Sunstone Iolite has an empowering energy that brings self-confidence and a steady faith that all will be well.

Mental Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite activates our problem-solving skills.  It encourages both logical and intuitive thinking, and brings us a fresh new perspective when we need one.  When faced with a complex problem, Sunstone Iolite helps us to plan each step wisely and to be confident that we will solve any unexpected issues as they come up.  Sunstone Iolite acts as an energetic compass, enabling us to chart our way forward to success and peace.  When used to support career goals, it helps us to find the right vocation that will use our talents and interests, while also rewarding us financially.  It helps us to manage money well and to attract wealth.

Physical Healing Properties

Sunstone Iolite is recommended for anyone who wants to be healthier, in mind and body.  It helps us to develop healthy habits and encourages us to be open to different ideas.  Sunstone Iolite helps us to see the potential benefit of embracing ancient customs, modern healthcare recommendations, and new age alternatives.  Instead of feeling like we have to follow just one path, Sunstone Iolite shows us we can chart our own unique path and figure out what works right for us and our body.  But Sunstone Iolite also cautions us about being stubborn or arrogant.  It asks us to see clearly and to make sure that what “works for us” actually does work.  Just because we want something to work, doesn’t mean that reality supports that desire.  Sunstone Iolite helps us to be honest, accept reality as it is, and to do what is necessary for health and happiness.

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Geology of Sunstone Iolite

Where does Sunstone Iolite come from?

Sunstone Iolite is found only in India.

Mining and Treatments

Combination stones can be found in every mine, usually in the primary deposit.  The miners are trying to get the most pure minerals out, with the rest ending up in slag piles.  Occasionally miners have noticed two minerals have mixed together in an attractive way.  These combination stones give miners another way to make money and reduce waste.

Combination stones are fully natural, but will very rarely be listed in any geology book.  Generally speaking whichever mineral is the largest or the most valuable is considered to be the dominate mineral, while the smaller or cheaper mineral is considered a secondary associate.  One of the few exceptions to this rule is Ruby Zoisite which is often by name.

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Mineral Family

Sunstone Iolite like these are not a mineral, but rather a rock. An easy way to understand the difference is that rocks are like cookies and minerals are ingredients such as flour or sugar. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! In this case, there are two minerals, orange Sunstone and blue Iolite provide a sharp contrast.

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Sunstone Iolite Formation and Crystal Associates

Combination stones like these are typically formed in igneous or metamorphic rocks when two associate minerals are growing at the same time in a close proximity, eventually fusing together.  Sunstone Iolite is formed in metamorphic rocks.

Sunstone Iolite’ energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Green Aventurine

Mineralogy Sunstone Iolite
Rock Type Metamorphic
Major Minerals Feldspar (var: Sunstone), Cordierite (var: Iolite)
Color Orange and blue
Texture Vitreous
Transparency Opaque to translucent
Special Features Pleochroism

History of Sunstone Iolite

Minerals always grow with other minerals, sometimes they form distinct shapes while at other times the fuse together into an opaque rock.  In the late 20th century, some of the stones that were fused together began to be polished and sold on the market.  First came the combination stones with simple names like Ruby Zoisite. Then came the combination stones with more flashy marketing names like Atlantistite. Sunstone Iolite, or Iolite Sunstone, has a simple name, but it is actually a fairly new to the market, first coming to widespread attention in 2016.

There is bitter tension between scientifically-mined mineralogists and the marketers of the metaphysical industry.  Scientists tend to be exasperated by names like “Atlantisite” preferring to call it “Stichtite in Serpentine.”  But, marketers recognize the psychological value of creating a more interesting name.  The real problem occurs when a marketing name is trademarked and then used to inflate the price of the stone.  This typically happens at the lapidary or wholesaler level, rather than at the mine itself.  Usually there is a great deal of fuss about how “rare” and “powerful” this healing crystal is, despite the fact that it might just be a pretty rock with an interesting energy.

The most positive aspect of combination stones is that they gives miners another market so that there is less waste.  It rarely makes economic sense to mine for a combination stone.  But if a mine only focuses on pure minerals and doesn’t have a use for combination stones, then they are heaped up in dump piles.  If a market can be found, then the mining is more efficient and can potentially be viewed as more ethical.  It’s similar to eating “nose to tail,” using the entire animal, rather than just the parts that are palatable to a western diet.

Sunstone Iolite was introduced to the market in the same year as Sunset Sodalite.  Both gems are blue and orange.  Both of them have orange felspar, or “Sunstone”.  The variety fused with Sodalite are always opaque, while the variety mixed with Iolite can be translucent.  Sunstone Iolite comes from Tamil Naidu, in the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent.  It is a highly urbanized region and mining is only a minor industry.  Most mining is done along the coast in beach sand deposits, but Iolites come from further inland and is mined in narrow shafts, only the width of a single man.  The shafts go down until a gem vein is found, and then follow the vein horizontally.  This kind of mining is dangerous, but has the lowest environmental impact.

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