Super Seven Spiritual Healing Properties

Super Seven invites us to do our part to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. It is a remarkable crystal ally for anyone who wants to save the world, heal the world, or make a significant positive difference in the world. Super Seven helps us to quiet our mind and emotions so that our Highest Spirit, using our own inner compass, can take the lead and show us the way forward. It challenges us to choose to be empowered, rather than victims or passive observers. It reminds us that we need to be regularly working on our own personal and spiritual development too, continually “growing up” rather than just stagnating at one level. Super Seven assists us in aligning our beliefs with our actions, so that we live with great integrity and inspire others to do so. Super Seven also helps us to discover and develop our psychic gifts and energy healing powers. It is particularly useful for individuals whose gifts include predicting the future, telepathy and astral travel, and reiki practitioners. Super Seven is attuned to ALL the Chakras, astrological signs, elements of the Earth. It is linked to the numerology numbers 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Super Seven Emotional Healing Properties

Super Seven helps us to step into our personal power and recognize how we can personally make a positive difference in the world. This difference doesn’t have to be on a global scale. The difference can start with us, and with our own family, friends and local community. Super Seven invites us to think about what we can do to help those nearest and dearest to us. It asks us to put more effort into our relationships and not take them for granted Rather than simply asking “how can I help?” or “let me know if you need anything”, Super Seven helps us to be more observant and thoughtful. It encourages us to get involved with other people’s passion projects and to invite others to be a part of our own. Super Seven releases our ego’s need to always be right or always in control. It helps us to stop wasting time and energy on being embarrassed or ashamed of mistakes, and instead simply own them, learn from them, and move on. Super Seven shows us the positive side of negative events, so that we can create a happier future rather than dwelling on a hurtful past. It reminds us that life is a journey, full of ups and downs and crazy turns, so be patient and compassionate to ourselves and others. Most of all, enjoy the journey as it unfolds!

Super Seven Mental Healing Properties

Super Seven brings great clarity to the mind. It encourages us to be lifelong learners and and always expanding our mental horizons. It helps us to remember what we’ve already learned, while also seeing how it relates and connects to new information. Super Seven gives us a boost whenever we need to climb out of mental ruts and be truly open to new ways of thinking or doing things. In particular, Super Seven helps us to let go of whatever doesn’t actually work or serve us, and not to cling to something old simply out of habit. It is an excellent talisman for inventors, artists and entrepreneurs who want to share new ideas with the world. It inspires us to be pragmatic as well as creative, so that we can bring our ideas to fruition. When placed near a bed, Super Seven helps us to go to sleep easily and awaken refreshed.

Super Seven Physical Healing Properties

Super Seven is primarily used by metaphysical healers to heal physical injuries and dis-eases linked to stress and other emotional, mental and spiritual problems. It is particularly useful when a patient requires a holistic healing strategy, to care for both the body itself, as well as the needs of the mind/heart/spirit.