Ethical Sourcing

This section of the Learning Center contains articles that document adventures in my personal journey to ethically source.  They share both the details of what I’m doing or learning about, as well as the ups and downs of my emotions.  Ethical sourcing is all about heart so I share my heart freely.

The first one was written in January, 2019 “The Day I Almost Quit My Business.”  The most recent in January, 2023 “Ethical Sourcing in 2021 & 2022.”  The rest fall somewhere in between.

Thank you for supporting Moonrise Crystals.  Every purchase you make helps to fund my research into ethical sourcing.  What I am learning, I will share.  Ultimately, my goal is to make ethical sourcing easier for other small businesses.  Together we’re going to make the world a kinder and more thoughtful place.  – Blessings, Julie

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