Tangerine Quartz Spiritual Healing Properties

Tangerine Quartz provides an exceptionally useful energy that is both grounding and hopeful. It is a wonderful crystal ally during difficult seasons of life. Tangerine Quartz encourages us to be honest and able to look directly at the source of our discomfort, so that we can make amends, heal and move forward. When necessary, it will also give us strength so we cut ties with whatever is no longer serving us. Tangerine Quartz helps us to stay connected to our own bodies and the Earth while engaging in high spiritual work or energetic traveling. It gives us a warm sense of security, so that we feel safe enough to do the important work we need to do. It lifts away feelings of shame, confusion and despair, replacing those energies with determination to do better and to play a positive role in the world. Tangerine Quartz gives us a keen discernment so that we can know truth and act accordingly. It is also a remarkable stone for Kundalini and shakti energies. Tangerine Quartz is attuned to the Root and Sacral Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Aries, Aquarius. It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the number 9.

Tangerine Quartz Emotional Healing Properties

Tangerine Quartz has a strong, soothing energy, which can be very encouraging when we feel anxious or depressed. It helps us to see the silver lining around grey clouds and to get back up when we’ve fallen down. Tangerine Quartz encourages us to take a more practical approach to negative or overwhelming emotions. Rather than trying to understand or work through our emotions on a purely mental/emotional level, Tangerine Quartz asks us to first check if our basic physical and emotional needs are being met. For example, have we eaten and are we hydrated? Are we sleeping and exercising enough? Have we had positive social interactions recently? Tangerine Quartz gently but firmly reminds us that all these basic needs play a HUGE role in our emotional well-being. Tangerine Quartz invites us to make self-care a priority. It reassures us that negative emotions are a part of life that everyone experiences from time to time, but if we act sensibly they will soon pass.

Tangerine Quartz Mental Healing Properties

Tangerine Quartz increases our self-confidence. It briskly removes any self-limitations we have placed on ourselves and shows us that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Tangerine Quartz helps us to better understand what motivates us, emotionally and in our actions, and then to use that knowledge to better set ourselves up for success. Tangerine Quartz asks us to be very honest with ourselves, because when truth blazes within us, we can make the greatest impact. It helps us to acknowledge any mistakes we have made and as well as times when our ignorance has caused harm to others. Tangerine Quartz pushes us to swiftly take proper responsibility and make amends. However, if we find ourselves getting stuck in feelings of guilt or shame, Tangerine Quartz gently and sensibly reminds us that those feelings don’t help us or anyone else. Rather than indulging in self-flagellation, it’s far more beneficial to simply learn from errors, evolve and be better. Tangerine Quartz helps us to apologize as needed and to stand up for ourselves when warranted.

Tangerine Quartz Physical Healing Properties

Tangerine Quartz is used by metaphysical healers to treat the circulatory and adrenal glands. It is said to help the body absorb iron and form more red blood cells and bone marrow. Tangerine Quartz is also believed to be supportive for the liver and kidneys.