Tiffany Stone Spiritual Healing Properties

Tiffany Stone has a very smooth and orderly energy, that shines a bright light into our spiritual life and helps us to reach our full potential.  It combines rationality with intuition so that we can understand spiritual truths very clearly and to know what we are meant to do on a practical level.  It encourages us to calmly but intently, examine our patterns of thought, word and action, and to assess whether these habits are serving us well.  Tiffany Stone shows us that the little choices we make in our daily life have a tremendous impact on our spiritual wellbeing.  If we are being negatively affected by other people’s beliefs and dogmas, Tiffany Stone helps us to cast those energies aside and stand independently.  If we see injustice or oppression, Tiffany Stone pushes us to stand firmly against it.  If there are words that need to be spoken, whether about spiritual topics or the mundane, Tiffany Stone helps us to speak clearly, confidently and concisely.  It is attuned to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. It is connected to the element of Water and Wind and vibrates to the numbers 2, 5 and 77.

Tiffany Stone Emotional Healing Properties

Tiffany Stone brings a calm, competent and happy energy into any situation.  It teaches emotional intelligence, particularly in our romantic relationships.  It encourages us to be loving, passionate and loyal to our partner, while also giving each individual plenty of room to grow and be true to themselves.  It reminds us that that the best relationships are interdependent, where each person cares and takes responsibility for themselves as well as supporting the wellbeing of their loved one.  Tiffany Stone invites us to enjoy life’s little pleasures and to notice all the things that make our heart happy.  If we have suppressed any emotions, Tiffany Stone gently brings them to the surface where they can be examined and processed.  It helps us to think through our feelings and to express our needs and desires clearly.  If we need help identifying and properly naming our emotions, Tiffany Stone offers us gifts of discernment and increases our emotional vocabulary.

Tiffany Stone Mental Healing Properties

Tiffany Stone is a wonderful stone for clear thinking.  It swiftly dissolves chaotic and disruptive energy that clouds our judgement.  It strongly challenges any negative mental patterns, biases, and unsupported conclusions.  Tiffany Stone encourages practical common sense, always asking us to thinking out thoughts all the way through, rather than leaving them half-baked.  If our thoughts end on a ridiculous note, Tiffany Stone helps us to discard the thought rather than doubling-down on it.  Tiffany Stone invites us to entertain new ideas and to be willing to reimagine how society works, rather than insisting things stay the same.  It encourages creativity and a love of learning.  It shows us how to effectively challenge the status quo and achieve our goals.  Tiffany Stone reminds us that there is always more to learn and ways to grow.  When we are designing anything, Tiffany Stone reminds us to make it beautiful as well as functional.

Tiffany Stone Physical Healing Properties

Tiffany Stone is recommended for anyone who has complex healing needs, involving both the body and the mind.  For example, a situation involving a traumatic injury or illness or as a result of abuse.  Tiffany Stone helps us to recognize the full extent of the damage and to calmly assess what is required in order to bring us back into full health.  It may encourage us to seek help from doctors or to get rid of negative influences and habits.  It may push us to make big changes or gently ask us to be more patient and kind to ourselves.  Tiffany Stone is a particularly powerful talisman in situations when we’ve lost heart and feel like we don’t have the will to continue fighting.  Tiffany Stone softly teases us to be a little less dramatic and a lot more sensible.  It reminds us that full healing takes time and the sharp pain of trauma will soon lessen if we give ourselves a safe place to heal.  As a talisman, Tiffany Stone is also recommended for handling eye problems, particularly if we are scared we might lose our vision.  It remind us that our vision is more than just what we see with our eyes and gives us courage to face the future and trust that we will be alright.