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Trolleite is a rare blue mineral with an exceptionally calm energy.  It was first discovered in 1868 in a Swedish iron mine and was named after a Swedish scientist.  It is usually a light blue color, but the gem is sometimes found intergrown with Lazulite, which will change Trolleite into a darker blue.  It is a wonderful stone for mental clarity and peace.  It is strongly attuned to the element of water and reminds us to “be like water,” ever adaptable and able to flow around obstacles.  Highly recommended for anyone ready to take charge of your own mental and emotional health.

Trolleite trolleite

Trolleite Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Trolleite is a heavenly stone of gentle energy.  It calms the mind and emotional body so that we can think clearly and know the truth.  It dissolves spiritual barriers so that we can move forward on our path.  If we tend to struggle and strive, Trolleite invites us to calm down and move like water.  It teaches us to flow around obstacles rather than trying to force our way though them.  Trolleite can help us hear the messages of our inner guides as well as our own inner wisdom.  Rather than demanding answers, it encourages us to relax and allow the answers to bubble up from our intuition.  It is a fantastic meditation stone and can be used to focus the mind on a single word or phrase, as well as to clear the mind so that there is only the here and now.

Metaphysical Properties Trolleite
Chakra  Throat,  Third Eye, and Crown
Element Water
Numerology 7
Zodiac Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius

Emotional Healing Properties

Trolleite has an exceptionally calm and soothing energy.  It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who suffers from anxiety, shame, or has a harsh and critical inner voice.  Trolleite helps us to gently quiet the mean and frantic feelings, so that we can stay present in the real moment.  This crystal is a powerful supporter when we are dealing with emotionally challenging situations that trigger old wounds.  It helps us to recognize what in the present moment is triggering the old pain, and to stay firmly focused in the present.  It also encourages us to take note of the trigger so that we can close that pathway.  Trolleite helps us to understand and make peace with the past so that it won’t be able to rush up and disrupt us.  If worries are keeping us up at night, Trolleite makes a great worry stone to rub and hold to quiet the mind so we can fall sleep.  If we tend to avoid our anxiety by engaging in addictive behaviors, Trolleite can help us to gently examine those behaviors and decide if they are healthy or need to be adjusted.

Mental Healing Properties

Trolleite encourages mental clarity and understanding.  It helps us to identify obstacles in our path and to take the necessary action to get around them.  It teaches us to be like water.  It reminds us to be adaptable and able to adjust to whatever situation we find ourselves in.  It helps us to stay clear and clean, rather than allowing emotion to muddy our thinking.  Trolleite asks us to look to the past for clues and lessons.  It shows us how to learn from history, rather than repeat it. Trolleite helps us to make better choices in the present and have a more successful future.  Highly recommended for historians and anyone on a healing journey that requires understanding the past.

Physical Healing Properties

Trolleite is recommended for anyone who struggles with anxiety so badly that it’s felt in the physical body.  For example, anxiety can lead to a racing heart, shallow breathing, or even developing conditions like hypotension.   If we tend to worry and struggle to distract ourselves, Trolleite helps us to calm down and have some perspective.  Highly recommended for anyone who has scary panic attacks and needs a stone to help distinguish between panic and a real problem.  Trolleite would also be an excellent choice for anyone who practices yoga, tai chi, dance, or martial arts.

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Trolleite Mineralogy

Where does Trolleite come from?

Trolleite is a rare crystal only found in small quantities.  It has been reported in Australia, Brazil, Rwanda, Sweden, and the United States.

Mining and Treatments

Trolleite is typically found in iron mines or aluminum mines.  It is also mined with Kyanite, along with gravel and sand.  In each case, it is mined in open pits.  Trolleite is natural, enhanced only by tumbling and polishing.

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Trolleite Map

Do healing crystals speak to you?

At Moonrise Crystals our healing stones sing songs of peace and freedom.  That’s because they are truly ethically-sourced.  And that matters.

Mineral Family

Trolleite is a type of Phosphate.  These minerals all contain Phosphorus and Oxygen in a 1:4 ratio (written as PO4), which are then combined with various other elements to create unique minerals.

Trolleite’s energy works well with its family – other Phosphate minerals.  Try it in combination with Apatite, Lazulite, TurquoiseVariscite, and Vanadinite.

Trolleite Formation and Crystal Associates

Trolleite is a rare mineral that is most often found in iron-ore rocks.  If it is by itself, it is typically pale blue or greenish-blue.  Sometimes it is formed along with Lazulite, a closely related mineral.  Lazulite is dark blue and when the two minerals grow together Trolleite tends to be dark blue too.  In Brazil, Trolleite is usually found in association with massive Quartz.

Trolleite’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Kyanite and Rutile

Mineralogy Trolleite
Chemical Formula Al4(PO4)3(OH)3
Cleavage Indistinct
Color Blue, green
Crystal System Monoclinic, prismatic
Form/Habit Massive
Fracture Conchoidal, uneven
Hardness – Mohs Scale 5.5-6
Luminescence None
Luster Vitreous
Mineral Family Phosphates
Specific Gravity 3.09
Streak White
Transparency Transparent to opaque

History of Trolleite

Trolleite and Troilite are both rare minerals with very similar names. The former is a blue phosphate mineral named after Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmesiter (1782-1871), a Swedish politician and chemist.  The latter is a brassy sulfate mineral most often found on meteorites that was named after Domenico Troili (1722-1792), an Italian Jesuit Abbot.

Trolleite was first collected in 1868 from the Västanå iron mine in Sweden.  It was sent to Christian Wilhelm Blomstrand (1826-1897), a Swedish mineralogist and chemist, and one of the early developers of the periodic table.  His research focused on characterizing and analyzing minerals, particularly those that are rare or of unknown composition.  When Blomstrand concluded that it was a new mineral, he named it in honor of Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmesiter, a fellow chemist and retired politician.

The Swedish noblemen had been the Chancellor of Justice from 1809-1817.  While he retired, he devoted himself to scientific pursuits.  In his youth he had been interest in zoology, but during his time as Chancellor of Justice he had developed a keen interest in chemistry.  By 1821, he had been elected to the Swedish Academy of Sciences, the scientific body that is responsible for selecting the Noble Prize in Physics.  Trolle-Wachtmesiter maintained his membership for the next fifty years and had the title of excellence. He frequently corresponded with fellow chemists and other scientists.  In 1861, Blomstrand joined the Academy of Sciences and most likely the two of the connected either at that time or perhaps after Blomstrand named the rare blue mineral.

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