Crop Circle Stone (Flint)

Divine Geometry

Communicate clearly and creatively.

Be brave, bold and show your true self.

Expand boundaries and comfort zones.

Use both rational and intuitive thinking.

Let Crop Circle Stone inspire new ideas!


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Earth to Pocket

Earth to Pocket is the Moonrise Crystal business mission. It’s the promise that any stones purchased here will be consciously sourced and the journey of the stone, from the Earth and into your Pocket, will be as transparent as possible.

These Crop Circle Stones were mined in the England and tumbled in South Africa.

It would be my pleasure to hand-select a beautiful Pink Fluorite for you.

Your Stone

This price is for one stone. You can buy a single Crop Circle Stone or several, depending on your individual needs. Each Crop Circle Stone measures at least 1 inch at its longest length and have a unique shape with soft edges. It will be as smooth as possible, but please bear in mind that this particular type of Fluorite is very fragile and rarely tumbles perfectly smooth. Tumbled stones are natural products and variations are part of their beauty. 

The stone I choose for you will be smooth and free of chips and be visually pleasing pattern of brown and grey. If you buy multiple stones, I will choose stones that look and feel particularly good together. Stones will be cleansed and smudged with sage before being shipped to you.

With their beautiful color and clean energies, these Crop Circle Stone are perfect for crystal healing. Add them to a medicine bag, place them on an altar, use them in a crystal elixir, fashion them into jewelry, or simply carry them in your pocket.

Safe Handling of Crop Circle Stone

Good To Know:

Crop Circle Stones are physically durable stones. As long as they are rounded and without thin edges, they can be carried in a pocket or medicine bag, or worn as jewelry on an everyday basis, without significant danger of the stone chipping or breaking.

Crop Circle Stone can be physically cleansed with water or a dusting cloth.

Crop Circle Stone can be energetically cleansed using any method. They will appreciate being soaked in fresh water, set outside to absorb the moonlight, and/or being smudged with smoke or incense. Use your own intuition to determine the best method.

Tumbled and fully smooth Crop Circle Stone can be safely used to make direct-infusion “Crop Circle Stone Water” for drinking or bathing. Before making any direct-infusion elixir ALWAYS check the mineralogical properties of the stone to ensure it is not toxic. Only use fully tumbled stones or natural Quartz points in direct-infusion elixirs, never rough stones. When in doubt, make an indirect-infusion elixir instead.

Crop Circle Stones can be left in sunshine for extended periods of time without losing their color. However, it is always considered a “best practice” to keep your stones and crystals out of direct sunlight as much as possible.


  1. Chris A. (Massachusetts)

    Outstanding seller. Items as described and arrived on time. Thank you! A+++!

  2. Helen H. (New Mexico)

    This one gives me goosebumps. Very mysterious and wonderful.

  3. Job W. (Arizona)

    Thank you very much!

  4. Kimberly A. (Michigan)

    Beautiful stone and seller great to deal with. Thank you.

  5. Eleanor H. (Pennsylvania)

    In love, no other way to describe how beautiful the stone is and it’s energy

  6. Regina V. (Florida)

    Seller has the most unique & positive earth gems.Buy here u will be happy u did

  7. Stephane R. (Ottawa)

    great stone 110 percent effort and service excellent communication many thanks

  8. Carol F. (Alabama)

    The stones you selected for me were absolutely gorgeous! Energy-wise, I was immediately entranced with the Crop Circle Stone. I’m such a “newbie” at the whole sensing-subtle-energy thing, but sometimes I do register impressions. The Crop Circle Stone had a really smooth, relaxing energy to me, which was rather surprising. Logical mind would lead me to expect something more “spiky” or “edgy” (if that makes sense), probably based on my assumptions about the kind and amount of energy I imagine it takes to create the crop circles in the first place and the impact it has on the area (and everything in it, including the flint). But no, when I handle the stone you sent me, I get a really nice relaxing sensation.

  9. Jennifer S. (Colorado)

    Fascinating stone with fascinating circular patterns! I love it! Excellent customer service as as always and speedy shipping! Thank you!

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