Moonstone Tourmaline

Beautiful Balance

Feel grounded and uplifted simultaneously

Harmonize masculine and feminine energies.

Combine intuition and logical common sense.

Relax and know that you are divinely protected

Let Moonstone Tourmaline bring you peace!


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Mineralogy of Moonstone Tourmaline

Moonstone Tourmaline

Moonstone Tourmaline, Rollstone Hill Quarry, Massachusetts, USA

Rock Family: Igneous Rock
Major Minerals: 
Moonstone (white) and Tourmaline (black)

Color: White/grey and Black
Gravity: 2.6-3.32
Hardness: 6-7.5
Luminescence: Reddish-Purple and/or Blue (short wave)
Transparency: Transparent to opaque

Location: Deposits for Moonstone and deposts for Tourmaline have both been found in India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and the United States.  However, most of the Moonstone Tourmaline on the market comes from India.moonstone-tourmaline-mine-locations

Rock Family: Moonstone Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but rather a rock. As an easy way to understand the difference, think of rocks as being like cookies and minerals as being the ingredients which make up those cookies. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! In the case of Moonstone Tourmaline, typically just two minerals are present, White or Rainbow Moonstone and Black Tourmaline.

Formation: Moonstone Tourmaline is most likely formed in an igneous processes, since both Moonstone and Tourmaline minerals individually can form in that way. Most likely the Black Tourmaline grows first, and the Moonstone grows around it eventually engulfing the Tourmaline.

Mining: Moonstone Tourmalines are mined from primary deposits which still have their original relationship with the host Petmatite rock. Most likely the purpose of the mine would be to find gem-quality Tourmaline.

Enhancements: All Moonstone Tourmalines on the market are natural, enhanced only tumbling, cutting, and polishing.

Map courtesy of TravelBlog
Photos: Rough Moonstone Tourmaline

History of Moonstone Tourmaline

Moonstone Tourmaline is a relatively “new” healing stone whose properties have only recently begun to be explored. As a result, it was not included in any known lapidaries, texts which describe gemstones and their powers.

For more information: See White Moonstone and Black Tourmaline

Healing Properties of Moonstone Tourmaline

Spiritual: Moonstone Tourmaline has a rare energy that is both grounding and uplifting. It provides protection and good fortune to travelers and anyone starting off on a new chapter in their lives. Moonstone Tourmaline evokes the Goddess and asks Her to watch over our path and guide us towards our Highest Self and to affect positive change in the world.  It purifies our auric field and activates the Kundalini Serpent. Moonstone Tourmaline helps us to stay connected to our body during shamanic work and awakens our natural psychic abilities.  Moonstone Tourmaline is attuned to the Root, Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn. It is connected to the element of Wind and Earth and vibrates to the number 2, 3, and 4.

Emotional: White Moonstone has a gentle feminine energy, while Black Tourmaline has a strong masculine energy. Together, they have an exceptionally calm and balanced vibration that helps us to quickly settle into a heart-center way of being. It reminds us that we all have both feminine and masculine traits and by honoring both sides we become our Highest Self. Moonstone Tourmaline helps us to let go of negative emotions, beliefs, and memories and to confidently take ownership of our own life.  It helps us to feel safe and to trust that everything will come to pass as it should.  Moonstone Tourmaline has a very patient and relaxing energy, helping us to go with the flow and not try to rush or force anything before its time.

Mental: Moonstone Tourmaline combines our intuition with our logical common sense, allowing us to use both parts of our mind seamlessly.  It encourages us to be open to new ideas and to keep our mind emotionally neutral as much as possible so we can think clearly.  Moonstone Tourmaline helps us to stay calm and not over-react even when the situation feels dire. It inspires creativity and flexibility.  Moonstone Tourmaline is particularly good for anyone who needs a better work/life balance.

Physical: Moonstone Tourmaline has been used by metaphysical healers to treat the reproductive organs. It is said to be especially useful for treating pain associated with the reproductive system including symptoms related to menstruation, menopause and endometriosis. Moonstone Tourmaline is an excellent stone to work with for anyone undergoing gender reassignment or hormonal therapy.

Always use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Earth to Pocket

Earth to Pocket is the Moonrise Crystal business mission. It’s the promise that any stones purchased here will be consciously sourced and the journey of the stone, from the Earth and into your Pocket, will be as transparent as possible.

These Moonstone Tourmaline were mined and tumbled in India.

The owner of the tumbling company is one of my very favorite suppliers. He has been in the business for over twenty years and has some of the most gorgeous tumbled stones available. He sells only once a year at the Gem and Mineral show in Tucson, Arizona.

It is now my pleasure to hand-select a beautiful Moonstone and Tourmaline for you.

Your Stone

This price is for one stone. You can buy a single Moonstone and Tourmaline or several, depending on your individual needs. Each Moonstone and Tourmaline measures approximately 1 inch at its longest length and has a unique shape with soft edges. 

The stone I pick for you will be smooth and free of chips, be a beautiful pure white Moonstone (potentially with a rainbow, a subtle blue flash) with Black Tourmaline inclusions. If you buy multiple stones, I will choose stones that look and feel particularly good together. Stones will be cleansed and smudged with sage before being shipped to you.

With their distinctive colors and clean energies, these Moonstone Tourmalines are perfect for crystal healing. Add them to a medicine bag, place them on an altar, fashion them into jewelry or simply carry them in your pocket.

Safe Handling of Moonstone Tourmaline


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