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Unakite is a mixture of pink Feldspar and green Epidote with a little bit of Clear Quartz.  It is a igneous rock that has partially metamorphized.  Unakite was first found in the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, USA.  That mountain range is mostly protected now by forest preserves and so mining is limited.  Happily this lovely stone can also be found in a few other locations.  Unakite is a stone of practicality and patience, that celebrates new beginnings.  It reminds us that big changes often takes time and work and that we cannot rush the process just by wishing.  Unakite is a great choice for labor and delivery, as well as for anyone in the midst of a big project.


Unakite Meaning

Spiritual Healing Properties

Unakite is a highly practical stone, making it an invaluable aid for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment. It reminds us to start at the beginning and look at our own patterns, habits, and belief systems and to discard anything which does not serve Light and Love. Unakite teaches us patience, that true change sometimes takes time, and we must allow wisdom to unfold at its own pace. Unakite also stimulates the Third Eye and makes an excellent stone for scrying, visualization, and other forms of psychic work.

Metaphysical Properties Unakite
Chakra Unakite is attuned to the Heart
Element Earth
Numerology 9
Zodiac Scorpio

Emotional Healing Properties

Unakite balances the emotional body and helps us to connect our emotions with our higher spiritual callings. It shows us how to let go of negative habitual thoughts and harmful inner dialogues. Unakite softly whispers to us that we are “okay” and that any quest for perfection is a fool’s errand. Instead we are encouraged to see our own beauty and natural gifts and to love ourselves for who we are. It is a particularly helpful stone for anyone who is feeling “sensitive” and wants to be a little more resilient and capable of handling the chaos of modern life.

Mental Healing Properties

Unakite is a stone of new beginnings and rebirth, a state of events which can sometimes be difficult for the mind to comprehend. Unakite helps the mind deal with new information and process the past. As this occurs, it allows the mind to release blocks within the body and energy system allowing one to “let go” and grow. Unakite gently shows us how to stay in the present moment and to be “easy” in our minds even during times of great change.

Physical Healing Properties

Unakite can help us look beneath the obvious physical symptoms to find the root cause underlying any disease. This makes Unakite a particularly good choice for doctors, nurses, and anyone in the mainstream or alternative healthcare industry. Unakite is most often used by metaphysical healers to facilitate healthy weight gain and to promote the growth of healthy tissues. It is also said to be beneficial for the reproductive system and to help maintain a healthy pregnancy. It is believed to be particularly good for anyone who needs to detox their body or regulate their health.

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Unakite Mineralogy

Where does Unakite come from?

The most notable deposits for Unakite are found in the United States (North Carolina, Virginia, and along the shores of Lake Superior). Additional deposits have been found in Brazil, China, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.

Mining and Treatments

Typically mined at secondary deposits, much of the Unakite currently on the market is pebbles gathered from the shores of Lake Superior. Others are found in river valleys after being washed downstream from their primary deposit in the mountains.

Unakite is fully natural, enhanced only by cutting and polishing.

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Mineral Family

Unakite is not a mineral, but rather a rock. As an easy way to understand the difference, think of rocks as being like cookies and minerals as being the ingredients which make up those cookies. Many different minerals are used to create a rock! Unakite is a type of altered Granite, it is sometimes catalogued as an igneous rock because it is essentially a Granite, and it is sometimes considered a metamorphic rock because the Granite has been altered by metamorphic proccess.  It is primarily green Epidote and pink Feldspar, with trace amounts of Clear Quartz.

Unakite’s energy works well with its family – other igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks.  Try it in combination with Atlantisite, Buddstone, Chinese Writing Stone,  Cinabrite, Garnierite, Impactite, Indigo GabbroLarvikite, Moonstone Tourmaline, Nuummite, Obsidian, Picasso MarblePreseli Bluestone, Scheelite Lace, and Tiffany Stone

Unakite Formation and Crystal Associates

Unakite is an interesting rock that rides the line in between igneous and metamorphic.  It is a type of Granite, an igneous rock.  But it has been altered by a metamorphic process called “epidoization,” in which some of the minerals in Granite are replaced by the Epidote.  In the case of Unakite, the pink parts are the original igneous rock, while the green is the metamorphized areas.

Unakite’s energy works well with its “friends” – crystal associates formed in the same geological environment.  Try it in combination with Epidote and Peach Moonstone

Mineralogy Unakite
Rock Type Igneous
Major Minerals Epidote, Pink Feldspar
Minor Minerals Clear Quartz
Color Green, Pink
Texture Course-grained
Transparency Opaque

History of Unakite

Unakite is a relatively “new” healing stone whose healing properties have only recently been explored. It was first discovered in the mountains of North Carolina, USA, but has as since been found in a few other locations scattered around the world.  It’s name comes form the Unakas mountains which run between North Carolina and Tennessee.  The Unakas are part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a subrange of the Appalachian mountains.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are famous for having a bluish color when viewed from a distance.  This optical illusions is due to the forest trees which release a chemical called isoprene into the atmosphere creating a haze on the mountains.

Local Cherokee tribes call the Unakas the “White Mountains,” because in the spring the American Chestnut trees which formerly dominate the landscape used to blossom with long white flowers.  Tragically, chestnut blight, a highly-infectious fungus has since decimated the forest.  Today, much of the forest in the Unakas are protected as part of the Pisgah National Forest and Cherokee National Forest.  Only 13% of the United States’ protected forestland can be found east of the Mississippi, making the Unaka mountains a critical wildland for native flora and fauna.

Unakas Mountains, Unakite

Unakas Mountains