Vanadinite Spiritual Healing Properties

Vanadinite calls on us to put our spirit into action! It invites us to do something about the topics which leave deep impressions on our heart and mind. It shows us that we are not helpless and reminds us that the spiritual and earthly worlds are closely connected. Vanadinite gives us stamina and grounding so we can pursue our spiritual work. It helps us to clearly define our goals and the actions needed to achieve them. Vanadinite also teases us not to take ourselves too seriously. It invites us to enjoy the journey, to see the beauty of the present moment and to sense the humanity inside all people. Vanadinite magnifies elemental energy gifts, including weather sensitivity and the ability to sense lay lines, vortexes and other earth energy. It likewise increases our ability to feel and direct energy in the physical body. When working on our ourselves, Vanadinite helps to open the energy channels inside us so that they can be cleansed and realigned. It also helps us to empty our mind during meditation and be more receptive to messages during prayer. When healing others, Vanadinite provides healers with grounding and support so that we don’t exhaust ourselves or give too much. Vanadinite is also an excellent stone for anyone who need to curb over-spending and be more thrifty. Vanadinite is attuned to the Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd) and Third Eye (6th) Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Virgo. It is connected to the element of Fire and vibrates to the numbers 9.

Vanadinite Emotional Healing Properties

Vanadinite has a very playful and highly creative energy that encourages us to think outside the box and be bold. It invites us to be more adventurous and be more comfortable with risk. It facilitates a childlike sense of wonder and trust in the world. At the same time, Vanadinite reminds us to use common sense and be aware of consequences. Vanadinite is especially useful for helping us to break free from the expectations of others and to be true to ourselves. It helps us recognize our own beauty and gifts. Vanadinite is a valuable ally for exploring self-love and self-acceptance. Rather than focusing on compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love, Vanadinite helps us to see where we are already good and don’t need improvement. It helps us to truly LIKE ourselves and that in turn creates a solid emotional foundation on which self-love can easily grow. Vanadinite magnifies our ability to feel truly happy and content.

Vanadinite Mental Healing Properties

Vanadinite encourages us to ask questions, rather than simply accept the way things are. It helps us to think clearly and constructively as well as to organize effectively. Vanadinite helps us to define our actual goals and priorities and to actively work towards them. It helps us to keep the big picture in mind and fights against boredom during long workdays. Vanadinite is a wonderful stone to work with whenever we have a big project with a deadline. It provides endurance, persistence and creativity so that we can finish the project as quickly as possible and/or stay on schedule. Vanadinite is also useful for artists, writers and other creatives who need to complete their projects, even if there isn’t a clear deadline.

Vanadinite Physical Healing Properties

Vanadinite is an excellent ally for anyone who spends too much time in their head and needs to connect with their physical body. It encourages physical strength, flexibility, stamina and focus. It also helps us to use our energy wisely. As such, it is highly recommended for athletes who need to perform at a high level. Vanadinite is used by metaphysical healers to support the physical body during hormonal change, such as puberty, pregnancy, post-natal, and menopause. It is said to help the body produce the right amount of hormones to help us feel comfortable and energized. Vanadinite is also believed to increase sexual energies and help with arousal. It is used to treat chronic exhaustion, bladder problems, and breathing difficulties such as asthma. Vanadinite is also believe to protect against EMF from computers and other electronics.