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Moonrise Crystals offers healing stones with a transparent supply chain, provides free spiritual and scientific resources, and gives compassionate support for your healing journey.

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8 guidelines to ensure your crystals are consciously sourced to protect the environment and workers.

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Ethical Crystals

Know where your crystals come from.

Most healing crystal stores don’t know where their crystals come from. Their main concern is the stone’s beauty and price, and they “trust their sources.”  At Moonrise Crystals, we trust and then verify.  We vet our supply chain for real ethical concerns like:

  • Fair Wages
  • Safe Factory Conditions
  • Environmentally Friendly Mining

Our ethical sourcing of crystals is based on a deep understanding of geology, geography, mining, and polishing techniques, as well as analyzing topics like child and slave labor statistics. We know the current conflict zones and political realities that impact our supply chains. We also explore complex issues like indigenous land rights and how financially empowering women transforms communities. Our ethical supply chain is not perfect, but it’s real. It’s a work-in-progress and a labor-of-love.

Crystal Healing

Moonrise Crystals offers a free encyclopedia of information in our Complete Guides.  Each of the 200+ Guides provides in-depth scientific and historical research, as well as spiritual intuition for healing crystal meanings and properties.  Or browse other research articles that offer guidance on topics like how to cleanse your crystals.

What are You Trying to Heal?

Crystals are psychological tools that can be used for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. By touching a stone, we focus our attention on the topics that matter to us. A crystal for peace reminds us to be patient, calm, and reasonable. A crystal for luck encourages us to notice good opportunities. You can use crystals to empower and heal yourself or, dare to go a step further and use them to make the world a better place.

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