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The Environmental & Social Impact of Crystals

No one wants to think about child labor, poor working conditions, or environmental damage when trying to purchase pretty healing crystals.  Yet we can all agree that the most powerful healing energy requires ethical mining and polishing.  Moonrise Crystals is committed to investigating the environmental and social impacts of the gem industry to provide detailed, transparent research for every stone it sells.

Does Moonrise Crystals Ethically Source?

The simple answer is… to the very best of our ability.  The mining industry is famous for its secrecy and lack of regulation. It is very hard to evaluate and track every aspect of a crystal’s journey but Moonrise Crystals was the first crystal business to start asking questions and doing the research.

What We Do

  • Trace every stone’s origin as close to the mine as possible

  • Cultivate relationships with mines, lapidaries, & wholesalers

  • Research the geology and mineralogy for every stone sold

  • Know current conflict zones & socio-economic-political situations

  • Maintain a “do not buy” list for problematic countries & stones

  • Analyze child & slave labor statistics for where our stones come from

  • Seek industry insight at conferences for ethical diamonds and gold

  • Invest in an ethical mining claim & impact-driven social work

What Does Moonrise Crystals look for?

A tremendous amount of time and energy is spent on tracing stones and cultivating business relationships with mines, lapidaries, and wholesalers who conduct their operations with integrity.  Every stone sold by Moonrise Crystals is researched and all findings are published online. 

Factory Fair ethical lapidary

Fair Wages

Factory Safe ethical lapidary

Good Safety Standards

Mining Low Impact ethical lapidary

Low Environmental Impact

Globe Same ethical lapidary

Short Supply Chain

Factoriy Family ethical lapidary

Small & Family Businesses

Factory Woman ethical lapidary

Female-Owned Businesses

Protect Indigenous Rights ethical mining

Safeguards Indigenous Rights

Peace Dove Compassionate Business Philosophy ethical lapidary

Compassionate Business Philosophy

MRC Sourcing Placeholder
MRC Sourcing

Where do our stones come from?

Types of Stones
Hours of Research
Julie Moonrise Crystals crystal articles

Taking A Stand

Moonrise Crystals’ founder almost quit her business because of the lack of ethical standards within the gem and mineral industry.  Instead, she decided to take a stand.  Learn about her journey here.

New Republic Ethical Crystals learn about crystals

The world of crystals can be mired in exploitative practices in developing countries and sketchy sourcing—not the kind of energy a good witch wants to bring home. Moonrise Crystals has some of the most transparent sourcing available online: It includes its guidelines right on the site and cites the mine, gem dealer, and origin of the relationship for each crystal. – New York Times (May 2023)

Do you care about ethical sourcing too?

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