Desert Jasper Spiritual Healing Properties

Desert Jasper has a wonderfully soothing and practical energy that makes it an excellent tool for all kinds of healing work.  It has a cheerful and grounding vibration, which helps to stabilize the spirit, heart, mind and body.  Desert Jasper is particularly comforting after we have engaged in hard spiritual work, which may have left us feeling somewhat depleted and out of balance.  Desert Jasper helps us to get steady again and refill our own well of energy.  Desert Jasper deepens our connection to Mother Earth and helps us to better communicate with animals, plants, minerals and the other non-human entities that dwell on this plane.  When we are feeling healthy and happy, Desert Jasper increases our sense of awe in the world around us, and invites to contemplate the many mysteries and magic.  Desert Jasper inspires positive changes, new beginnings, gentle endings, and renewal of hope and happiness.  It has a tranquil and very kind energy that is deeply pleasing to the soul.  Desert Jasper is attuned to all the Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Leo. It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the number 6.

Desert Jasper Emotional Healing Properties

Desert Jasper calms worries and inspires a cheerful outlook on life.  It offers strong support during times of change.  If we are the ones making the change, it gives us stamina and exuberance for the tasks ahead.  It offers both creativity and grounding so that we can move forward boldly and be assured of a positive outcome.  If the change is happening against our will, Desert Jasper helps us to adjust to the new reality more easily.  It comforts and offers us courage.  It promises us that if we can relax into the present moment that we will find a steady sense of tranquility, despite whatever chaos is happening around us.  It helps us to breath deeply and settle into what is real, rather than longing for something that can no longer be.  Desert Jasper helps us to start over when we’ve suffered a major or minor setback.  It brings gentle endings, but also beautiful new beginnings.  When used for relationship work, Desert Jasper can attract new friends and lovers, as well as rekindling the flames of passion.  It can help us bring conflict to a close, and find resolution that satisfies all parties.

Desert Jasper Mental Healing Properties

Desert Jasper encourages the mind to be organized and think in a linear fashion.  It helps us to create and maintain healthy habits so that our everyday life run smoothly.  It is a wonderful tool for practical problem-solving, particularly for mundane problems that have an oversize affect on our well-being.  Desert Jasper helps us to see problems, both big and small, very clearly. More importantly, once a problem is identified, Desert Jasper shows us the practical solution that will solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Desert Jasper is recommended for writers, creatives, and thinkers who are stuck behind a mental block and need to move past it.  It has a happy energy that can pierce through gloomy thoughts and help us turn our attention to more positive and useful modes of being.

Desert Jasper Physical Healing Properties

Desert Jasper is used by metaphysical healers to help with insomnia caused by anxiety.  It is also said to be helpful for allergy-relief, as well as conditions affecting the gallbladder, stomach and intestines.