Magnesite Spiritual Healing Properties

Magnesite activates psychic powers and increases our ability to receive and understand information from a higher source. It is one of the most powerful crystals for activating the Third Eye and is a phenomenal tool for anyone who is working with spirit guides, angels, or other spiritual entities. Magnesite has a very positive vibration, and reminds us that life is good and meant to be enjoyed. Magnesite is attuned to the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sign of Aries. It is connected to the element of Storm and vibrates to the number 3.

Magnesite Emotional Healing Properties

Magnesite is an emotional balancer, helping us to let go of stress and to develop good emotional health habits. It is a joyful stone which helps us connect our hearts directly with the Divine, allowing us to feel safe and supported. Magnesite reduces the effects of fear and irritability, helping us to become more tolerant and patient with emotional stress, and to know how to resolve it satisfactorily. It is a stone of hope and forward progress. Magnestite helps us to self-reflect accurately and kindly so that we can do our personal work and become better versions of ourselves.

Magnesite Mental Healing Properties

Magnesite helps us to process complex information, showing us how it relates to our own life and how we can use that information to help others. It is an excellent talisman for anyone who studies history, anthropology, earth science, or cosmology because it encourages us to ask the “big questions,” study the evidence, and then make the mental leaps which can reveal the “big answers.” Magnesite teaches us to become better listeners and to gather as much information as we can before making any firm judgements. It also reminds us that when new information becomes available, we need to adjust our thinking accordingly.

Magnesite Physical Healing Properties

Magnesite is said to encourage the body to relax. It has been used by metaphysical healers to release tension, muscle spasms, stomach cramps, and to relieve overly sensitive skin or organs. It is the most important healing crystal for anything related to a Magnesium deficiency. It is also believed to help relieve headaches/migraines.