Andradite Garnet Spiritual Healing Properties

Andradite Garnet is a powerful talisman for spiritual warriors who seek Truth and Freedom and aren’t afraid to pay the price for that knowledge.  It ignites within us a fierce desire for self-realization and helps us to maintain our commitment to our spiritual path without becoming dogmatic.  Andradite Garnet has strong yang/masculine energies and increases our strength, stamina, and courage on all levels.  It encourages mysticism and an appreciation for nature, reality, and profound experiences of all sorts.  It cleanses the aura and expands psychic vision.  It is one of the very best stones to ground with during intense spiritual experiences, including shamanic work and astral travel.  Andradite Garnet is attuned to the Root (1st) Chakra and the astrological signs of Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius.  It is connected to the element of Earth and vibrates to the number 2 and 4

Andradite Garnet Emotional Healing Properties

Andradite Garnet urges us to become empowered in every aspect of our life.  It helps us to release feelings of shame, unworthiness or victimization.  Andradite Garnet is a comforting ally when we are feeling lonely or misunderstood.  It guides us to a place where we can feel emotionally free and peaceful, and dares us to love boldly and openly.  It also attracts the people and experiences which we need, even if we don’t necessary want them.  These energies are critical for our growth and in time we will be able to look back upon them with gratitude.  Andradite Garnet helps us to stay calm during hard times and to celebrate each victory as it comes.  It promises protection and that everything which happens is for our highest good.

Andradite Garnet Mental Healing Properties

Andradite Garnet encourages us to think on a grand scale.  It is a stone of new beginnings and freedom, shaking us out of whatever rut we are in, and challenging us to come alive intellectually and creatively.  Andradite Garnet helps us to let go of dogmatic thinking and be open to new information.  It offers tremendous support for anyone who yearns for both practical knowledge and esoteric understanding.  Andradit Garnet invites us to be more friendly to the present moment and to stay conscious to what is actually happening rather than allowing our mind to get lost in the past or future.

Andradite Garnet Physical Healing Properties

Andradite Garnet is a phenomenal stone for revitalizing the physical body.  It is most often used by metaphysical healers to help the body assimilate vitamins and treat associated disorders.  Andradite Garnet is believed to help improve the workings of the circulatory system and liver.  It is also said to help during addiction recovery, and specifically helps to ward off depression/anxiety associated with detoxing and lifestyle changes.