Black Jade Spiritual Healing Properties

Black Jade encourages us to explore our vulnerabilities and shadows to them for what they really are, rather than for what we fear them to be. It helps us to do deep work and unpack negative unconscious beliefs we have long carried from our childhood or from our larger culture. Black Jade is also a protective stone, which makes it particularly well-suited to help us explore topics related to trauma and PTSD. It is an ideal crystal tool for shamanic journeying and other intense spiritual work. Black Jade encourages us to become spiritually mature and to have a grounded basis for our spiritual beliefs. It invites us to take our dreams out of the clouds, and to give them solid foundations in reality. Black Jade from Peru has Pyrite inclusions making it a particularly good stone for attracting financial abundance and security. Black Jade is attuned to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological sings of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra. It is connected to the Element of Earth and vibrates to the numbers 5 and 9.

Black Jade Emotional Healing Properties

Black Jade has a calm, soothing energy that is helpful during periods of long-term stress or sudden crisis. It helps us to keep an objective stance and to not allow our emotions to run away with us. Black Jade encourages us to stay calm, to look for practical solutions, and to find good people who can help us restore peace to our lives. In regards to long-term stress, Black Jade can also help us to recognize that constant stress is in large part a choice. We can make different choices that overtime may lead to serenity. These changes do not happen overnight, and require a great deal of patience to achieve. Black Jade promises to help us every step of the way if we earnestly desire true peace. It helps us to engage in honest self-reflection, to own our choices, and to be willing to grow and change.

Black Jade Mental Healing Properties

Black Jade has a thoughtful energy, helping us to see situations clearly and not jump to false conclusions. It is known as a “philosopher’s stone” because it encourages us to look at life from a logical point of view and to see systems and patterns and discover their greater meaning. It encourages tolerance, inclusiveness, and practicality. It is an excellent stone for anyone who uses their words to guide others, including parents, teachers, politicians, and media personalities. Black Jade also encourages integrity in our words, actions and beliefs.

Black Jade Physical Healing Properties

Black Jade is recommended for anyone who needs to prioritize the immune system and the elimination systems Black Jade reminds us that in order to have peace and wellbeing in our life, we have to be wary of invaders and continually filter out the waste which can accumulate over time. This can mean taking effective action to protect our body from harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. This can also mean filtering out toxic people and removing ourselves from ongoing toxic situations; as well as making sure that literal waste products are effectively expelled from the body. Black Jade is a powerful talisman for the adrenal glands, which are located right above kidneys, and help us to respond to stress and regulate our immune system. Black Jade mixed with Pyrite has the added bonus of helping us to better distinguish between root causes and casual symptoms so we can better protect and care for ourselves.