Crystals to Heal the Body

Crystals can focus the mind-body healing connection.

But they do not replace professional medical care.

Your body, health and life is precious.  

Please use wisdom when considering crystal therapies.

This index is a work-in-progress, last updated on 06/13/2019


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Abuse (General): Apricot Agate, Calcite GoldCarnelian, Carnelian MadagascarRhodonite, Smithsonite

*Physical: Red AventurineRed Tigers Eye

          *Sexual: RhodochrositeTiger Eye Red Madagascar

         *For emotional abuse, please see the Mental/Emotional Healing Index

Aches & Pains (General): Aragonite (Brown and Red), Amethyst ChevronCharoite, Lodestone, Sunstone

Acidity:  Bloodstone, Chiastolite, Malachite, Turquoise, Variscite, Zoisite

          *Acid/Alkaline Metabolism Balance: JadeRuby Iolite, Shattuckite          

          *Acidosis: Uvarovite Garnet

          *Acid Indigestion: Turquoise, Variscite

          *Overacidification:  Chaistolite, Heliotrope, Malachite, Serpentine, Turquoise, Variscite, Zoisite

Addiction (General): Agate (Apricot, Dendritic & Fire), AmethystAstrophyllite, Dioptase, DumortieriteGalenaGarnet AndraditeHematite, IoliteLepidolitePeridotRubyRuby IoliteSmithsonite

          *Alcohol: AmethystCarnelian Botswana, Carnelian MadagascarChiastoliteIolite, Onyx, Quartz WhiskeySapphireSmithsoniteSmoky QuartzUnakiteVariscite

          *Caffeine: Rhodochrosite, Rutile

          *Drug/Substance AbuseApricot Agate, Aventurine (Blue and Yellow), Carnelian, LepidoliteSmithsoniteTourmaline Quartz

          *Smoking (General): Botswana AgateChalcedony Blue, DiopsideHematiteMoss Agate, Obsidian (Mahogany and Snowflake), Smoky Quartz,

          *Tobacco: PeridotRainforest JasperRutile

          *For emotional addictions, please see the Mental/Emotional Healing Index

Adrenal Glands (General): Amazonite, Aventurine (all colors), Calcite GreenChrysocolla, Green TourmalineHawk Eye, Jade (Green CanadaGreen Peru and White), Kyanite, LabradoriteOcean JasperRose QuartzRubyTangerine Quartz, Tanzanite, Tigers EyeTiger Eye Gold Disc

          *Adrenaline: BloodstoneChalcopyrite Peacock OreChrysoberyl, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

          *Balancing: Opal (all colors)

          *Calming: Calcite (all colors)

          *Cortisol: ChrysocollaHoney Calcite

          *Fatigue: Green Calcite

          *Stimulating: Ruby

          *Supra-Adrenals: Jade

Aging: AmetrineBlue Aventurine, Blue CalciteMookaite Jasper, SeleniteVanadinite

          *Stone of Youth: Chrysoprase

AIDS /HIV: Black Jade, PetaliteRhodonite

          *T-Cell Activation: Dioptase

Allergy: Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Aventurine (all colors), Blue OpalBumblebee JasperDanburiteFluorite, LepidoliteMuscovite

          *Food: Bumblebee Jasper

          *Seasonal: AquamarineBumblebee Jasper

ALS: Eudialyte

Alzheimer's Disease: EudialyteLepidolite, Obsidian (all varieties), Purple TourmalineRose QuartzStichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

Antispasmodic: AmazoniteApache Tear ObsidianAragonite (all colors) Aventurine (all colors) ChrysocollaMagnesitePetalite

Arms: Angelite, Malachite, Jade

Arthritis: Angelite, Apatite, Azurite, Azurite-MalachiteBlue JadeBlue Lace Agate, Calcite (all colors), CarnelianChrysocolla, CopperFluoriteGrossular GarnetLepidoliteMalachiteRhodoniteTourmaline (all colors)

Asthma:  ApophylliteBlue JadeBlue OpalDiopsideLodestoneMalachite, MorganitePyriteRhodochrositeVanadinite

Autism: Apatite (all colors), CharoiteSugilite



Back (General): Green TourmalineLapis Lazuli, MalachiteQuartz Smoky DarkSapphire,

          *Back Pain: Apache Tear ObsidianDendritic Agate, MerliniteSmoky Quartz         

          *Lower Back: Carnelian, Opal (all colors)

          *Strengthening: Petrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood RedSmoky Quartz 

          *See also Spine

Balance (Physical): Blue Chalcedony, EpidoteJade, Mookaite Jasper, MorganiteObsidian Red SheenRuby IoliteTanzanite

Beauty: Chrysoprase, Dioptase, Emerald, Malachite, Thulite

Bile Ducts: Jasper (all colors)

Bipolar Disorders: AngeliteCharoiteLarimarLepidolite, Stilbite

Bladder: Amber, Apricot AgateCarnelian, Chalcedony (all varieties), CitrineGreen TourmalineJasper (all varieties), Orange Calcite, Red CoralTopaz (all varieties), Vanadinite

          *Bed-Wetting: Celestite, Golden Labradorite

Blood: *See Circulatory System    

Body Fluids (General):

          *Absorption: Sodalite

          *Cleansing: Rose Quartz

          *Regulation: Angelite, CarnelianGreen Tourmaline, Jade (Green Peru and White), MoonstoneSmoky Quartz, Sardonyx,

          *Retention: Apatite, Moonstone

Body Odor: Magnesite, Ocean Jasper

Bone: See Skeletal System

Brain (General): Agate (Blue Lace & Botswana), Astrophyllite, Amazonite, Amber, AquamarineAzurite, Azurite Granite (K2)Clear QuartzDragonstoneGreen TourmalineFluorite, IoliteKyaniteLarimar, Lapis LazuliMalachite, Muscovite, Quartz LavenderRuby Iolite, SapphireSapphire Blue, Septarian NoduleSugilite, Tanzanite Prairie SlicesTurquoise

          *Beta Wave: AmethystSmoky Quartz

          *Blood Flow to Brain: Jasper RedPyriteRuby Iolite

          *Brain Disease: Kyanite, MuscoviteStichtiteVariscite

          *Cerebellum: Kyanite

          *Disorders: Blue Lace 1AgateChalcopyriteChrysopraseFluoriteLabradorite, MuscoviteSapphireStilbiteSugiliteTigers Eye

          *Hydrocephalus: Blue Lace Agate

          *Mind-Body Connection: Chrysoberyl

          *Neuronal Activity: Moss AgateMuscovite

          *Neural Pathway Regeneration: Stichtite

          *Tissue Regeneration: Chrysoberyl

          *For specific mental illnesses, please see the Mental/Emotional Healing Index

Brain Chemistry (General): AmethystFluoriteVanadinite

          *Dopamine: Citrine, Peridot, Sunstone

          *Endorphins: Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)

          *Imbalance: Peacock Ore

          *Oxytocin: Rose Quartz

          *Serotonin: Apatite (all colors)

Breast Feeding: ChiastoliteMoonstonePink Chalcedony

Bronchitis: *See Respiratory System

Bruises: Amethyst ChevronObsidian Rainbow

Burns: Calcite (all varieties), Chrysocolla, Clear Quartz, Rose QuartzTourmaline (all varieties)



Cancer (General): Black Jade, Epidote, Galena, Garnet (all varieties), Green TourmalinePetalite, PrehniteSeraphinite, Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, SugiliteUnakite

          *Chemotherapy: Black Tourmaline QuartzChrysoberyl, GalenaSelenite SphereSmoky Quartz, Tourmaline (Black and Green), Vanadinite

          *Leukemia: BloodstoneChrysoberylGarnet

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: FuchsiteVatican Stone

Cells (General): Green TourmalineFluorite, MalachitePetalite 

          *Growth: Apatite, Azurite-Malachite, Calcite (all varieties), Green Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet, Prasiolite, Zoisite

          *Disorders: AmethystDioptaseGarnet (all varieties), Green TourmalineHematiteSapphire Blue

          *Formation: ApatitePyrite

          *Inter-cellular Blockages: Shattuckite

          *Metabolism: Ametrine, Sardonyx

          *Regeneration: Amazonite, ChrysocollaGrossular GarnetJadeRutilated Quartz, Seraphinite, SerpentineShungite Noble, Tanzanite,

          *Repair: Green Aventurine

          *Respiration: MorganiteSeraphinite

          *T-Cells: Dioptase

Changes to the Body: Ametrine

Chest (General): ChrysoberylKunziteLarimarRose Quartz, Tanzanite

          *Angina/Chest Pain: Magnesite

          *Tightness:  Blue Lace Agate, Blue Opal

Childbirth (General): Agate (Gray and Moss), Amazonite, Jade (Green Canada and Green Peru), Malachite, Moonstone (Black and White), OnyxPink OpalPeridotSmithsonite

          *Blue Babies: Blue Aventurine

          *Midwifery: Malachite, Moss AgateSmithsonite

          *Postpartum Depression: Pink ChalcedonyMoonstone Black

Child Development: Brown Aragonite, Calcite, Gray Agate, Tourmaline (all varieties)

Cholesterol: Aventurine (all varieties), ChrysoberylFluoriteMagnesite

Chromosome Damage: Chiastolite

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Agate (Dendritic and Turritella), Ametrine, ApatiteCitrineGirasol QuartzGreen TourmalineMerliniteVanadiniteVanadiniteZoisite

Chronic Feeling of Coldness:  Emerald, Green Opal, Obsidian (Mahogany and Snowflake), Red Aragonite, Rhodonite, Rutilated Quartz, Thulite, Turquoise, Watermelon Tourmaline, Zoisite

Circulatory System/Blood (General):  AmethystAmetrineApricot Agate, Aventurine (Blue, Green, Pink, Red, YellowBloodstone, Buddstone, Calcite Green, Calcite ManganoCarnelianChalcedony (all varieties), CitrineCopper, Coral Blue, Cuprite, GalenaGarnet (all varieties), Hawks Eye, Hematite, Jasper (MookaitePicasso and Red), Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink-Purple), Lapis LazuliLodestone, Obsidian (all varieties), PeridotPink Tourmaline QuartzPrehnite, PyriteRed Tourmaline QuartzRose QuartzRuby, Ruby GemmyRuby MatrixSapphire BlueScoleciteTiger IronTourmaline (all varieties), Tourmaline Red

          *Anemia: BronziteBloodstone, HematiteLodestone, Peridot, Tiger Iron

          *Arteries: Green Calcite

          *Blood Pressure: Atlantasite, Blue ChalcedonyChrysocolla, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, LarimarPetaliteRed Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Sodalite, Stichtite  

          *Blood Strengthener: Hematite, Petrified Wood, Seraphinite, Tigers EyeTiger Eye Red MadagascarTiger Iron

          *Capillaries: Agate (Blue Lace Agate & Dendritic), Red AragoniteRed Jasper, Tektite         

          *Circulation: Apricot AgateBlue ChalcedonyCupriteHematiteJasper Leopardskin BrownLapis LazuliMangano Calcite, Moss AgateRed JasperRhodochrositeRhodoniteRubySodalite, Tiger Iron,

          *Cleansing:  AmethystAmetrineBloodstoneCitrineClear QuartzGarnet (all varieties), Jasper (all varieties), Lapis LazuliMoss Agate, Opal (all varieties), RhodochrositeRubySerpentineSugilite 

          *Clotting, Increasing: Calcite (all varieties), Chalcedony (all varieties), Sapphire, Shattuckite

          *Clotting Slowing: Magnesite

          *Disorders (General): Chrysocolla, Fire AgateHematitePrasioliteOnyx, Obsidian (all varieties), Opal (all varieties), Red AragoniteSapphire, Serpentine

          *Energizing: Ametrine

          *Flow: Bloodstone, Carnelian, Carnelian Botswana, Carnelian MadagascarHematite, Jasper (BrecciatedBumblebee and Red), Ruby, Variscite

          *Formation: Hematite, Tiger Iron

          *Heavy Metal Poisoning: Black Tourmaline, Preseil

          *Mercury Poisoning: Rutilated Quartz

          *Pressure, Lowering: ApatiteCalcite (all varieties), Chrysocolla, DioptaseKyanite, LabradoriteLapis Lazuli, MalachiteSodalite Sunset Sodalite

          *Pressure, Stabilizing: Aventurine (all colors), CharoiteMoss Agate

          *Purification: Mookaite Jasper, Tourmaline (all varieties)

          *Red Blood Cells:  CopperCoral RedHematiteLodestone, MalachiteRed JasperTiger Iron

          *Staunching: Carnelian, Chiastolite

          *Strengthening: MorganitePyrite, KunziteRose Quartz

          *Sugar Level: Honey CalciteMuscoviteRuby Zoisite GemmySeptarian Nodule

          *Veins (General): Galena, Jasper (Rainforest and Red) Snowflake ObsidianVarisciteVesuvianite

                                     *Arteriosclerosis: Aventurine (all varieties), LarimarMagnesiteObsidian (all varieties)

                                     *Dilating: Rhodochrosite

                                     *Repairing: Angelite 

          *Vessels: Dendritic AgateAventurine (all varieties), Hematite, Carnelian, Magnesite, Obsidian (Mahogany & Snowflake), Rhodochrosite Tourmaline (all varieties)

          *White Blood Cells: Chalcedony PinkFuchsiteHematite, Jade WhiteSand Dollar Fossil

Colds: Blue Chalcedony, Fluorite, Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest), JetLabradorite, LarimarMoss Agate

Colic: Coral Red,Dumortierite

Colon: Malachite

Coma: Bismuth

Concussion: Aquamarine

Cough: Blue OpalMoss Agate, Rutilated Quartz

Cramps (General): Amazonite, Azurite-Malachite, Charoite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Dumortierite, Magnesite, Malachite, Obsidian (all varieties), Smoky Quartz, Serpentine Peru, Turquoise, Variscite

          *Intestinal: Fluorite, Magnesite

          *Legs: Hematite

          *Menstrual: ChrysocollaJetMagnesite, Serpentine

          *Nighttime: Lodestone

          *Stomach: Magnesite

Cravings: Fire AgateStichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

Cuts: Rhodonite



Degenerative Diseases: Chrysoprase

Dehydration: DragonstoneMoss AgateObsidian

Dementia: ChalcedonyRose QuartzStichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

Detoxification: Apatite (Green)Apricot AgateAstrophylliteAzuriteAzurite-Malachite, Black Tourmaline QuartzBloodstoneCarnelian, Chlorite QuartzChrysocolla, ChrysopraseDanburiteDioptaseEmerald, FluoriteGalena, Garnet (Hessonite and Andradite), Golden LabradoriteGreen JadeGreen TourmalineHematite, Jasper (MookaiteLeopardskin BrownOcean and Rainforest), Magnesite, Malachite, Obsidian (Apache TearBlack and Mahogany), Opal (Green and White), Peridot, PrehniteRainforest Jasper, Red AventurineRhodoniteRubySmoky Quartz, Sapphire, SerpentineStilbiteTourmaline BlackTurquoise, UnakiteZoisite

          *Of Body Odor: Jasper OceanMagnesite

          *Of Liver:  Danburite (White and Yellow), IoliteMalachite, Opal

Dexterity; Chrysoprase, Fluorite

Diabetes (General): Chalcedony (Blue), CitrineEmerald, Malachite, Serpentine Peru

          *Insulin Regulation: Chrysocolla, Opal

Diagnostic Stones: RhodochrositeTourmaline

Digestive System (General): AmberAmetrineApatite, Bumblebee JasperCalcite OrangeChrysocolla, GarnetGray Agate, Green Tourmaline, Jade, Jasper Ocean, Moonstone (Black and White), Obsidian, OpalPeridot, Petalite, , Quartz Rutilated GoldQuartz WhiskeySardonyxSodaliteSunset SodaliteSunstone,ThuliteTopaz,  Tourmaline Quartz (Pink and Red), Tourmaline RedTurritella Agate   

          *Constipation: Calcite, Citrine, Green TourmalineSerpentine,

          *Cleansing: Moss Agate, Bloodstone

          *DiarrheaAmethyst, Clear QuartzDumortierite, Green TourmalineSerpentine,

          *Digestive Issues (General): Agate (Fire and Moss), Amber, AmethystAmetrineCalciteCelestiteCitrineGolden LabradoriteGolden QuartzGolden Sheen Obsidian Orange CalcitePrasiolite, Red JasperRutileSmithsonite, SodaliteStichtite, Sunstone   

          *Diuretics: Angelite

          *Gastric Disorders: Malachite, Obsidian (Gold Sheen)Variscite

          *Good Digestion: Aragonite (all colors), CelestiteChrysocolla, CitrineCitrine BurntEpidoteObsidian Golden SheenPyriteRed Jasper, TopazVanadinite

          *Gut Bacteria: Chlorite Quartz

          *Toxin Elimination: CelestiteGray Agate, Green TourmalineIolite Gem-QualityPrehnite, Tourmaline (Black and Green), Sardonyx

          *Elimination of Waste: Gray Agate, Green TourmalineOnyx

          *Lactose Intolerance: Spessartite Garnet

          *See also Intestines, Stomach

Disease/Dis-ease (General):  Agate, AmberApatite, Calcite, CharoiteChiastolite, Green Tourmaline, Moldavite, TektiteTopaz Variscite Zoisite

          *Chronic:  AmetrineChalcedonyChiastoliteCitrine, Danburite, Diopside, Jasper, Moss Agate, Rutilated Quartz 

          *Convalescence:  Bumblebee JasperLodestone, Moss AgateUnakite

          *Debilitating: Tourmaline

          *Diagnosing: AmetrineAventurine,  Black ObsidianChrysoberyl, Hawks Eye, KunziteLabradorite, Lapis LazuliLarimarLepidoliteMoldavitePyriteSugiliteTourmalineUnakite

          *Infectous: PyriteRuby

          *Malignant: AventurineEmerald

          *Pollution/Environmental: Black Tourmaline, Moss Agate

          *Preventing the spread of: JetTektite

Disease, Psychosomatic (General): Azurite, Azurite Granite (K2), Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Hawks EyePyriteMalachite, Ruby Iolite, Sapphire BlueSugiliteTanzanite        

          *Anger Related: Aventurine Yellow,Calcite

          *Chakra Imbalance: Dendritic Agate

          *Karmic:  Hawks Eye, PyriteZoisite       

          *Miasms: AzuriteChrysocollaDanburitePetalite

          *Not Speaking Out: Lapis Lazuli

          *Phobias/Fears: Prehnite

          *Sick-Building Syndrome: Lepidolite

          *Stress Related: AmetrineChrysocolla, Larimar, MerliniteMorganite, Quartz Smoky Dark

          *Weather-Related: Chalcedony Blue

Dizziness: Muscovite

DNA (General): Ametrine, Kunzite (Gold and Pink-Purple), Petrified Wood

          *Aligning: Malachite

          *Repairing: FluoriteGarnet, KunzitePyriteLepidolite

          *Stabilizing: Ametrine

Dyslexia: Chalcedony (Blue), Sugilite



Ears (General): AmberBlue Chalcedony, CelestiteFluoriteOnyxOrange Calcite, Rhodonite, Sapphire BlueSardonyx, Obsidan (Mahogany and Snowflake), Preseli

         *Hearing: Lapis LazuliOnyx, Sardonyx

         *Hearing Problems: AmethystFossilized ShellLapis LazuliRhodonite, Vatican Stone

         *Infection: Celestite

         *Inner Ear/Meniere's Disease: Dioptase, OnyxSapphire, see also Vertigo

         *Tinnitus: Amethyst, Azurite, Azurite Granite (K2)Nuummite

Electromagnetic Radiation: Black TourmalineFluorite (all kinds) MoonstoneSmoky Quartz,

Endocrine System (General): Amber, Amethyst, Ametrine, Apatite, BloodstoneCalcite Gold, CavansiteCitrineFire AgateHawk EyeOcean Jasper Orange CalcitePink TourmalinePrasiolitePyrite, Quartz BlueRutile, SapphireSmithsoniteSpessartine Garnet, SunstoneTigers EyeTopazYellow Jasper

         *Balancing: Aquamarine, ChrysoberylChrysoprase, Citrine, Clear QuartzGarnet, LabradoriteMoonstone, Petalite, Tourmaline

         *Energizing: Jasper

Endometriosis:  Amethyst, Carnelian, Danburite (any color), Moonstone & TourmalineSmoky Quartz, Unakite

Energy (Physical): Apophyllite, Bloodstone Heliotrope, Calcite (Clear and Green), CarnelianCats EyeChalcedony, CharoiteChrysoberylCitrineCoral RedCupriteFluorite, GarnetInfinite, Jasper (Leopardskin Brown and Red), KyaniteLodestone, PetaliteRubySmithsoniteSmoky QuartzTektiteVariscite

          *After Illness: Bumblebee Jasper

Epilepsy (General): DumortieriteEmerald, Jet, KunziteLepidolite, MalachiteSeleniteSugilite, Tourmaline

Esophagus:  Tourmaline

Eyes (General): Agates (all varieties), Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Blue FluoriteCalcite Orange, Cats Eye, CavansiteCelestiteCharoite, Chalcedony BlueChrysopraseEmerald, Green TourmalineIolite Gem-QualitySnowflake Obsidian, Opal, PetaliteSapphireSapphire BlueScoleciteTanzaniteTigers Eye,Topaz (Blue and Silver), Turquoise

          *Cataracts: Blue Calcite, Turquoise

          *Disorders (General): Agates (all varieties), Apatite (Blue), Blue OpalCelestite, Chrysoprase, CitrineFluoriteGreen TourmalineIoliteLabradoriteMoonstone, ObsidianOnyxPrasioliteRhodochrositeSapphire

          *Far-Sight: Aquamarine

          *Glaucoma: Agates(all varieties), Blue Chalcedony

         *Infection: Celestite

          *Light Sensitivity: Moonstone

          *Near-Sight: Sapphire

          *Night Vision: Fire AgateChrysoberyl, Obsidian, Tigers Eye

          *Optic Nerve: ChiastoliteChrysoberylMalachiteOnyx

          *Pain/Irritation: AventurineEmerald

          *Sharpen:  Agates (all varieties), ApophylliteCalciteFire AgatePeridotSapphireSardonyx



Face: Azurite Granite

          *Facial Pain: Chrysoberyl

Fainting: Emerald, ThuliteZoisite

Fascia: Magnesite

Fasting: Jasper, Opal (Green and White)

Fatigue (General): Ametrine, Apatite, Calcite GreenDendritic AgateDioptasePyriteRhodochrosite, Ruby, Tiger Iron

         *In Menopause: Citrine

          *See also Chronic Fatigue 

Feet: ApophylliteIdocraseIndigo Gabbro DiscOnyxQuartz Smoky DarkSan Dollar FossilTurritella AgateVesuvianite

Fertility (General):  Carnelian, ChrysopraseCuprite, Fire AgateGarnet Hessonite, Jade Green CanadaJasper BumblebeeMoldavite, Moonstone (Black and White), PyriteRhodonite, Rose QuartzRubyRuby GemmyRuby MatrixRuby Zoisite GemmySerpentine PeruShiva LingamSpessartine Garnet , Thulite, Zoisite

         *Encouraging Conception: GarnetJadeMoonstoneRose Quartz, TektiteThulite 

         *Impotence: Carnelian, Garnet (Almandine and HessoniteGold Sheen Obsidian, Jasper (Bumblebee and Red), MorganiteObsidian Golden SheenPyrite, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz, RubyShiva Lingam, VarisciteZoisite

          *See also Pregnancy, Reproductive System, Sex & Sexuality

Fever (General): AquamarineBismuthBlue ChalcedonyBlue Lace Agate, Bumblebee JasperChalcopyrite Peacock OreChrysocolla, Clear Quartz, Ganesha Diamond, Garnet UvaroviteHematiteIoliteKyanite,  LarimarMoss AgateObsidian, Opal, RubyRuby GemmyRuby MatrixRhodochrositeSapphireSapphire BlueTektite

          *Balancing Temperature: Magnesite

          *Cooling: Agate (Blue Lace and Moss), CalciteChiastolite, Clear Quartz, Garnet, SodaliteStilbiteTektite

Fibromyalgia: Citrine, Garnet (any variety), Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone (all colors), Ruby, Smoky Quartz

Flu: FluoriteLarimar, Moss AgateOpal

Fluid Intake and Absorption: Sodalite

Free Radicals: Selenite



Gallbladder (General): Amber, Apatite, Epidote, Calcite, Carnelian, ChalcedonyChrysoberyl, Citrine, DanburiteGolden Labradorite, Jasper,  Magnesite, ObsidianPeridotPetrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood (Brown and Red), Rhodonite, Tigers Eye, TopazTourmaline

          *Pain Relief: Black Tourmaline QuartzMagnesite, Obsidian (Black Disc and Snowflake Disc)

Gastrointestinal Tract (General): Agate (ApricotFireTurritella), Amber, AmethystAquamarineCalciteCelestiteCitrineEmeraldGreen Fluorite, Green TourmalineHawks Eye, Jasper (all varieties), LabradoriteMagnesiteOpalPeridotPetaliteRhodoniteRubySapphireSardonyxSerpentineThuliteTurquoiseVariscite

          *Inflammation/Crohn's Disease: Green CalciteGreen FluoriteGreen TourmalinePyriteTiger Iron,

Gland (General): AmberBlue ChalcedonyClear QuartzGreen TourmalineHoney CalciteOcean JasperPrasiolitePrehnite, RhodoniteTangerine Quartz

         *Parathyroid Gland: Kyanite, Malachite         

         *Pinal Gland: Amazonite, Aquamarine, Cavansite, Magnesite, Moonstone (Black and White), RhodoniteLodestone, RubySodaliteSunset SodaliteTourmaline

         *Pituitary Gland: AquamarineCavansite, Coral BlueGarnet, IoliteMagnesite, Pietersite

Gout: Amazonite, Chiastolite, Chrysoprase, Labradorite, Turquoise, Variscite

Growth, Physical: Agate, Aquamarine, AventurineAzurite, Calcite, Obsidian, Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise



Hair: AmazoniteApache Tear Obsidian, DragonstoneEpidoteGalenaLodestone, MoonstoneMuscovite, Quartz Rutilated Gold, Topaz (White/Silver), Unakite

Hands: AquamarineMoldaviteMoonstonePyriteQuartz Smoky Dark

Headache (General):  Amethyst Chevron, Ametrine, Apache Tear Obsidian, Azurite-MalachiteBlue Apatite, Blue Calcite, CavansiteChrysoberylDioptase, Dumortierite, Emerald, LarimarLapis Lazuli, Magnesite, MerliniteMuscoviteOnyx, OpalSapphireSmoky Quartz, SugiliteStichtite, Tanzanite Prairie SlicesTektite, Tourmaline PurpleZoisite

          *Migraines:  Aventurine, Azurite, Azurite Granite (K2)Blue CalciteBlue Topaz, Cavansite, Citron ChrysopraseDioptase, Iolite, JetLapis Lazuli, MagnesiteRhodochrositeTourmaline Purple

Health Preventive/Stabilizing: Agate (DendriticGray, MossTree and Turritella), AmazoniteAmber, Amethyst ChevronChrysopraseGreen Tourmaline, Hematite, IdocraseJasper PictureMookaite Jasper, Opal, PeridotPetrified Wood, Sapphire

          *Good Habits: Green TourmalineIolite Gem-QualityTurritella Agate

Heart, Physical (General): AmazoniteAngelite, Aventurine (Blue, GreenPink, Red, YellowBloodstone, Buddstone, Calcite Green, Calcite ManganoCharoiteChrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Cuprite, DiopsideDioptaseEmerald, Garnet (Spessarite and Uvarovite), Green ApatiteHiddenite, Jade (Black and Green Canada), Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink-Purple), MagnesiteMoonstoneMorganite, ObsidianObsidian Rainbow, Opal (Green and Pink), Pink Chalcedony, Pink Tourmaline QuartzPeridotPrasiolite, PrehniteQuartz Girasol Rose, Quartz (Blue, Lavender and Rose), Red Tourmaline QuartzRhodochrosite, Rhodonite (Madagascar and Peru), Ruby (all combinations), SeraphiniteSmithsonite, Smoky Quartz, ThuliteTourmaline (GreenRed and Watermelon)Unakite, Zoisite

        *Constricted: Opal

        *Disorders: CharoiteChrysopraseDioptase, EmeraldLarimar, Magnesite, Morganite

        *Heart Attack, Prophylactic: Aventurine, ChrysopraseDioptaseMagnesite

        *Heartbeat: CavansiteMangano Calcite, Pink Opal, PreseliRose Quartz, Serpentine

        *Heart, Diseases: Chalcedony Pink, Chrysoberyl, Diopside, Dioptase, Green Apatite, Green Jade, LepidoliteMangano CalcitePeridot, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline (GreenPink and Red)

        *Heart Rhythm: Calcite, Rose Quartz, Ruby Iolite, Serpentine

        *Heart Surgery: Green Apatite

        *Strengthening: ApophylliteAventurineChalcedony, GarnetGreen TourmalineKunziteMagnesiteRose Quartz

        *See also Circulatory System

Heartburn (General): Coral Red,  Garnet

Herpes: Aquamarine

Hips: Calcite, Garnet, Red JasperSmoky Quartz

Hormones (General): AquamarineCrazy Lace Agate (all colors)Hessonite Garnet, Moonstone (Black and White), Septarian Nodule, Tiger Eye Gold Disc, Tiger Eye Red Madagascar, Tourmaline

         *Hormonal Balance and Imbalance: Aquamarine, BloodstoneBlue Aventurine, ChrysoberylChrysoprase, Citrine, Clear QuartzCuprite, Garnet, Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink-Purple), LabradoriteLapis LazuliLodestoneMoonstone (all colors), Orange CalcitePetaliteRuby Iolite, ShattuckiteSunstone, Tiger Eye, TourmalineVanadinite

         *Boosting and Production: AmethystGarnet Hessonite

Hypertension: ApatiteCrazy Lace Agate (all colors)

Hypoglycemia: Honey CalciteMoss Agate, Serpentine Peru



Immune System (General): Agate (Crazy LaceMoss and Tree), AmethystApache Tears Obsidian, Aquamarine, Aragonite (all colors),  Azurite-MalachiteBlack Tourmaline QuartzBloodstone, Calcite Orange, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Coral Red, DragonstoneEmeraldEpidoteGreen TourmalineHoney Calcite, Garnet (Grossularite Green, Hessonite and Uvarovite), Jade White, Jasper (BumblebeeLeopardskin BrownMookaite, OceanPictureRainforest and Yellow), Lapis Lazuli, MalachiteMerliniteOnyxPreseliQuartz BlueQuartz GirasolQuartz Girasol RoseRed AventurineRuby Gemmy,, Ruby MatrixSardonyx, Shungite Noble, Smithsonite, Tourmaline (Black and Mixed), TurquoiseZoisite

        *Antibacterial: Iolite

        *Antiseptics: Calcite (all colors)

        *Autoimmune: Green TourmalinePyrite

Diseases/Disorders (General):  AmethystAmetrineAquamarineAragonite (all colors), Bloodstone, Calcite, ChalcedonyChiastolite, Clear Quartz, DioptaseGreen TourmalineJasper, Kunzite, Lapis LazuliLepidoliteMoss AgateOpalPetaliteQuartz Girasol RoseRed AventurineRhodoniteSardonyxSodalite, TektiteTree Agate, TurquoiseZoisite

Infant and Child Development (Physical): Green AventurineMangano Calcite

Infections (General): Amber, Agate (DendriticMoss, and Tree), BloodstoneBlue Lace AgateCelestite, Chalcopyrite, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), ChrysocollaChrysoprase, Emerald, FluoriteGalena, Jade Black, KyaniteLarimar, Onyx, Ocean Jasper, OpalPyrite, Rhodochrosite, Rhyolite, RubyRuby GemmyTurquoise

        *Acute: Bloodstone

        *Bacterial: Calcite (Clear and Green), Copper, Green Tourmaline, Jade Black, Stromatolite Brown

        *Fungal: Blue Chalcedony, Moss AgateChrysoprase

        *Lymph: Blue Lace Agate 

        *Throat: Blue Lace Agate 

        *Urogenital: Citrine 

        *Viral: FluoriteTurquoise

Infertility: See Fertility, Pregnancy, Reproductive System and Sex & Sexuality

Inflammation (General): Agate (Blue Lace and Moss), Aventurine, Azurite-MalachiteBlue Opal, Bumblebee JasperBloodstoneCalciteBlue ChalcedonyChrysoberylEmerald, GalenaGarnet (Uvarovite), Jade (Black and Blue), Jasper, Larimar, Lepidolite, LodestoneMalachite, TurquoiseSmithsoniteZoisite

Influenza:  BloodstoneBlue Chalcedony, Jasper (GreenOcean and Rainforest), LarimarMoss Agate

Injuries: AmethystLodestone, Obsidian Black Disc, Rhodonite, Super 7

Insect Bites: Rhodonite,

Insomnia: Amethyst ChevronBlue Lace AgateLapis LazuliLepidoliteMookaite Jasper, Opal (Green and White), ScoleciteSugiliteVanadinite

Insulin Regulation: Chrysocolla, Opal

Intestine (General):  AmethystApricot Agate, Calcite, Celestite, Emerald, Garnet, Green Fluorite, Hawks Eye, Jasper, Magnesite, OpalPeridotPetalite, RubySapphire, Sardonyx

         *Cramps: Fluorite, Magnesite

         *Disorders: Calcite, FluoriteGreen TourmalineScoleciteTiger Iron,

         *Intestine Large: Agate (General), Amethyst, Hematite

         *Intestine Small: Carnelian, Epidote, Hematite, Prehnite

Intoxication: Amethyst

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Calcite

Itching: Emerald, Rhodonite



Jaw: Aquamarine

Joints (General): Apatite, AmberAngelite, Azurite, Azurite-MalachiteBumblebee Jasper, CalciteCopper, Fluorite, Larimar, Lepidolite, Lodestone, Kunzite, Obsidian, Rhodonite, Variscite

*Calcification: Angelite

         *Inflammation: MalachiteMoldavite, Rhodonite

         *Mobilizing:  Calcite, Fluorite



Kidneys (General):  Amber, Aquamarine, Azurite, BloodstoneCelestite, Chrysoberyl, CitrineCoral RedGolden  LabradoriteGreen OpalGreen Tourmaline, Grossular GarnetHematite, Jade (Green Canada and White), Jasper PictureJetMuscoviteObsidian MahoganyOrange Calcite, PrehniteRhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Serpentine, Smoky QuartzTiger Iron

          *Cleansing: BloodstoneGarnet, Jasper, OpalRhodochrosite

          *Infections: Citrine

          *Regulating: Carnelian

          *Stimulating: Ruby

          *Stones: Magnesite, Rhyolite

Knees: Azurite, Jade



Laryngitis: Aquamarine, ChrysocollaStilbite

Legs (General): HematiteHawks EyeIdocrase, OnyxSan Dollar FossilSmoky Quartz, Turritella AgateVesuvianite

Liver (General): Amazonite, Amber, Aquamarine, Apatite, Aventurine Red,  Azurite, Azurite Granite (K2)Azurite-Malachite, Bloodstone, Chrysoberyl, Carnelian, Charoite, Chrysoberyl, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Coral BlueDanburiteDragonstoneEmerald, Epidote, Fluorite, Garnet (Almandine and Andradite), Green Opal, HematiteIolite Gem-Quality, Jasper (Rainforest and Red), JetLabradoriteLodestoneMalachiteMoonstone, Obsidian MahoganyPeridotPetrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood (Brown and Red), Quartz WhiskeyRed Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Ruby IoliteTopaz

       *Alcohol Damage: Amethyst, Charoite

       *Detoxifying: Apricot Agate, Carnelian Botswana, Carnelian MadagascarChalcedony, Emerald, Iolite, JasperMalachiteRuby Iolite

       *Regenerating: Dioptase, Iolite, Opal (all colors), Ruby Iolite,

       *Stimulating: ChrysopraseGarnet, Tourmaline

Lungs (General): Agate (Botswana and Moss) Amber, Amethyst, AngeliteAventurine, Blue Aragonite, Blue CalciteBlue Chalcedony, Chrysocolla, Diopside, Dioptase, Emerald, Fluorite, Garnet, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Morganite, Opal (Blue & Pink), Peridot, Petalite, Pink Tourmaline, Pyrite, Quartz BlueRhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rutilated Quartz, SardonyxSeraphinite, Tiger IronTourmaline WatermelonTurquoiseUnakite, Zoisite

       *Disorders: Amethyst, Morganite, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Vanadinite

       *Emphysema: Blue Calcite, Diopside

       *Larynx: Kyanite, Lapis LazuliSodalite, StilbiteTourmaline 

       *Oxygenation: AmethystAmetrine, Aquamarine, Blue Lace AgateHematiteLodestone, MalachitePyrite, Tiger IronTurquoise

       *Regenerating: Garnet

Lymphatic System (General): Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace), Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Prehnite

       *Cleansing: Agate, Rose QuartzRuby, SodaliteSugilite 

       *Infections: Blue Lace Agate

       *Lymph Nodes:  Bloodstone, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Moss Agate,

       *Stimulating: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Chalcedony

       *Swelling: Amethyst, JetMoss Agate,



Magnesium Absorption: Chlorine Quartz, GarnetKunziteMagnesiteSerpentine

Malaria: Iolite

Maturation (Physical): Ametrine

Menopause: Bloodstone, CitrineCuprite, Diopside, lepidoliteLodestone, Moonstone (Moonstone & Tourmaline and White), Opal, TourmalineVanadinite

           *Hot Flashes: CitrineFire Agate

Menstruation: Carnelian BotswanaCarnelian MadagascarChrysocolla, Lapis Luzuli, Malachite, Moonstone (BlackMoonstone & Tourmaline and White), Serpentine

          *Irregular: CupriteCitrineMoonstone

          *Premenstrual Stress (PMS): Chrysocolla, LabradoriteLodestoneMoonstone, OpalSerpentine Peru

          *Tension: ChrysocollaCrazy Lace Agate (all colors)Labradorite, Moonstone, Opal

Metabolism (General): Amazonite, Amber, Amethyst, AmetrineAventurine, BloodstoneBumblebee Jasper, Calcite (Clear and OrangeCarnelian, Celestite, CharoiteCitrineCitrine BurntCopperCoral Red, Garnet (Almandine, Grossularite Green and HessoniteGolden LabradoriteGreen ApatiteGreen TourmalineMagnesiteOrange CalcitePetrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood (Brown and Red), PeridotPrehniteQuartz Blue, Rhodonite (Madagascar and Peru), Rutile, Sardonyx, Sodalite, Sunstone, Tiger Eye Red Madagascar, Topaz (Blue and Silver), Tourmaline MixedTurquoise

         *Regulating: Amazonite, AmethystBumblebee JasperChrysocollaLabradoritePeridotSodalite

         *Slowing: Hawk's Eye

         *Speeding: Apatite, Aventurine, Bloodstone, CarnelianGarnetMagnesitePrehniteRed Tiger's EyeTopaz, Tourmaline

Minerals (General, Absorbing): Bronzite, Carnelian, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Chlorine Quartz, Galena

         *Build-Up: Chalcedony

         *Deficiencies: Jasper

         *Iron, Absorption of: Almandine Garnet, Bronzite, Chlorine Quartz, Hematite, Tiger Iron

Mobility/ Motion: Chiastolite, Fluorite, Mookite Jasper, Ruby, Sugilite

Mucous Membranes (General): Apophyllite, AmberBlue Chalcedony, Emerald, Fluorite, Grossular GarnetMoss Agate

         *Calming: Calcite       

Multiple Sclerosis: EudialyteRhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Tourmaline (Green and Watermelon)

Muscular System (General): Aragonite (Brown and Red), Aventurine, Cuprite, DanburiteEmerald, FuchsiteLodestoneMagnesiteSmoky Quartz, Rhyolite, Tigers Eye (Red)

         *Aches and Pains: DanburiteDiopsideGreen CalciteHematiteLodestoneRed Jasper, SerpentineTiger IronTourmaline

         *Constrictions: Calcite, CelestiteMagnesite, Opal, Stichtite

         *Flexibility: Fuchsite, SmithsoniteRed AragoniteRed Sheen ObsidianTree Agate, Vanadinite

         *Motor Responses: Apatite, Danburite WhiteKyaniteSugilite

          *Relax: ChrysopraseCitron Chrysoprase

         *Spasms: Amazonite, AmberAragonite (all colors), Azurite, Blue AventurineChrysocolla, Citron ChrysopraseDiopsideMagnesite, Apache Tear ObsidianPetalite, Tourmaline

         *Strengthening:  CopperHematiteOnyxRed Jasper, Red Tigers EyeSeptarian NoduleTiger Iron, Turquoise

         *Tension: Amethyst ChevronCrazy Lace Agate (all colors), Magnesite, Obsidian (Black DiscMahogany and Snowflake Disc)

         *See also Tissue

Mystery Illness/Pain: ApophylliteMerlinite



Nausea: Antimonite, Aventurine, Dioptase, Dumortierite, Rock Crystal, Clear Quartz

Neck: AquamarineBlue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Quartz, SodaliteTopaz

         *Aches and Pains: Blue Lace AgateChrysoberylLarimarSeraphiniteHawks Eye

Nervous System (General): Agate (Blue LaceBotswana, Dendritic and Fire), Amber, AmethystAmetrineAstrophyllite, AtlantasiteAventurineCalcite ManganoCharoite, Chiastolite, DragonstoneDumortieriteEpidoteEudialyteFluorite, Jade (Green Jade and White), Kunzite, Lapis LazuliLepidolite, Malachite, MorganiteRhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz, Sapphire, SeleniteSmoky Quartz, StichtiteSugilite, Sunstone, Tanzanite Prairie Slices, Thulite, Tourmaline (Green, Red and Watermelon), Variscite

        *Aches and Pains: Blue Lace AgateChrysoberylFluoriteHawks EyeLarimarSeraphinite

        *Disorders: Amethyst, CalciteThulite, Topaz

        *Involuntary Movements: Aragonite (Brown and Red)

        *Motor System (General): Onyx, Sugilite, Tourmaline (Red and Watermelon)

        *Neuralgia: Dendritic Agate, Carnelian, Fluorite, Kunzite, Lepidolite, SmithsoniteSugilite

        *Parasympathetic Nervous System: Ametrine, Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink-Purple)

        *Regenerating: Chrysoberyl, Tourmaline

        *Sciatica: Lepidolite

        *Strengthening: Chiastolite, CitrineSmoky Quartz, Topaz, Tourmaline

Nose: EmeraldFluoriteGarnet HessoniteLodestone, Preseli

        *Nosebleeds: Lodestone



Organs (General): AmetrineApatite, Bloodstone, Moonstone, Quartz

        *Balancing/Cleansing: AmethystLapis Lazuli, Sunstone

        *Calming: Lodestone, Sapphire

        *Stimulating: Lodestone

Osteoporosis: Angelite, AmazoniteCalcite OrangeSmithsonite



Pain Relief (General): Amethyst, Apatite, Aragonite (all colors), Aventurine, Calcite (all colors), CelestiteCharoite, Clear Quartz, Crazy Lace Agate (all colors)Dioptase, Fluorite, Ganesha DiamondHawk EyeHematite, LarimarLodestoneMalachite, MoldaviteObsidianPeridotRhodonite, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Sapphire BlueSerpentineSmithsoniteSmoky QuartzSugilite, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline (all varieties), Turquoise

Pancreas (General): Agate (Apricot & Blue Lace), Apatite, Calcite GoldCharoite, ChrysoberylChrysocolla, Citrine, Citrine Burnt, EudialyteGarnetHoney CalciteMalachiteMoonstoneMuscovitePrehniteRed Tourmaline, Ruby Zoisite GemmySeptarian NoduleTiger Iron, Zoisite

        *Cleansing: Agate (Apricot & Blue Lace)

        *Regenerating: Chrysocolla

Paralysis: ChiastoliteChrysoberyl, Tourmaline Watermelon

Parasites:  Amethyst, Black Jade, Celestite, Jade BlackRutilated Quartz, ScoleciteSerpentinePeridot

Parkinson's Disease: Eudialyte, NuumiteOpal (all colors), Rose QuartzStichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

PH Balance: Bronzite

Poisoning: EmeraldStilbite

Posture: Rutilated Quartz

Pregnancy: Agate (Gray and Moss Agate), Azurite, Cradle of Humankind, Jasper (BrecciatedMookaite and Red), LarimarMoonstone, Moss Agate, Unakite, Vanadinite

          *Fetal Growth: Gray Agate, Red Jasper

          *Problems arising during: Moss AgateThuliteZoisite

 *See also Childbirth, Fertility, and Reproductive System 

Prostate Gland: ChrysopraseObsidian

Protein Deficiency: Chalcopyrite Peacock OreChrysoberyl





Radiation (General): Agate (Turritella), ChrysoberylDumortieriteGalena, Jasper, Kunzite, Quartz Rose, Quartz Smoky DarkSodalite

         *Protection: Malachite, Quartz, Tourmaline (Black and Green)

Recovery from Illness (General):  Aventurine, Cats Eyes, CharoiteChrysoberyl, CinabriteEmerald, Epidote, Green Opal, Moss Agate, Petrified WoodZoisite

Reflux: Golden Sheen Obsidian

Regeneration: Agate, AventurineChryosprase, DioptaseDragonstoneEpidote, GarnetMookaite Jasper

Repetitive Injury: Fuchsite

Reproductive System (General): Carnelian Botswana, Carnelian MadagascarCopper, Garnet (AlmandineHessonite and Spessartite), Jasper (Sedona Red and Bumblebee), Moonstone (BlackMoonstone & Tourmaline and White), Opal, Orange CalcitePink Tourmaline QuartzPyriteSmoky QuartzRhodochrosite, Ruby Zoisite GemmyRutilated QuartzShiva LingamSmithsoniteTangerine QuartzTigers EyeTourmaline, Tourmaline RedUnakite

          *Infections: Chalcedony

          *Reproductive Problems (General): Black ObsidianChrysopraseCuprite, DioptaseMalachiteShiva Lingam, SmithsoniteSpessartine Garnet, SunstoneTiger Eye Gold DiscVanadinite

*Reproductive System, Female:  AmberCarnelian,  ChrysopraseCopperMalachiteMoonstoneMookaite JasperSmithsonite, Topaz, Unakite

                    *Fallopian Tubes: Chrysoprase                   

                    *Fibroid Masses: Magnesite        

                    *Ovaries: Carnelian, Garnet (Almandine), Green Opal, Thulite, Zoisite

                     *Ovarian Disease: Zoisite

                    *Uterus: Agate (Apricot and Gray)

                    *Vagina: Pink Chalcedony

*Reproductive System, Male: Chrysoberyl, Green OpalRed Tourmaline QuartzRhodochrosite, RubyShiva LinghamThulite, Zoisite

                    *Testicles: CarnelianGreen OpalVarisciteZoisite

          *See also Fertility, Pregnancy, and Sex & Sexuality

Respiratory System: Amethyst, ApophylliteBlue Calcite, ChrysocollaLapis Lazuli, Iolite, Pyrite, Rutilated QuartzRhodochrosite

          *Bronchitis: Blue JadeRainbow Obsidan, Pyrite, Rutilated Quartz

          *Respiratory Illness (General): ApophylliteBlue AragoniteBlue Opal

          *Respiratory Tract: Amethyst, ApophylliteChalcedony BlueEmerald, Fluorite, Rutilated Quartz

          *See also Lungs

Reynaud's Disease: Aragonite (Brown and Red), Hematite

Rheumatism: Carnelian, ChiastoliteCopper, Emerald, FluoriteGarnetLabradorite, MalachiteSunstoneTurquoise, Variscite

Rickets: Apatite



Seizures / Spasms: Amazonite, Aragonite (all colors), Azurite, Chrysocolla, Citron ChrysopraseKyanite, Magnesite, ObsidianApache Tear ObsidianPetalite, Tourmaline

Sensory Organs (General): Shattuckite

*Synesthesia: Shattuckite

Serotonin Levels: Scolecite

Sex and Sexuality (General):  Chalcopyrite Peacock OreChrysoprase, Garnet (Almandine, Hessonite and Spessartite), Jasper (Leopardskin Brown and Picasso), MalachiteMoonstonePink OpalRed Aventurine, Red TourmalineRose QuartzRubyRuby ZoisiteSerpentineShiva Lingam, Thulite, Turritella AgateVanadinite

           *Aphrodisiacs: Agate (Fire and Turritella), FluoriteGarnetOrange CalciteRubyShiva LingamThulite, Tourmaline (Pink, Red, Watermelon)

           *Balancing Sex Drives: Garnet

           *Ejaculation, Premature: Rutilated Quartz

           *Frigidity: Carnelian, Garnet

           *Libido, Loss Of: Garnet Spessartite, Red TourmalineTiger Eye Red MadagascarVanadinite

           *Orgasm: Ruby, Serpentine, Thulite

           *Prolonging Pleasure: Jasper (Leopardskin BrownMookaite and Red), Shiva Lingam

           *Psycho-Sexual Problems: DioptaseMalachite, Red Jasper, Ruby, Sapphire, Tangerine Quartz

           *Reducing Sexual Desire: ApophylliteOpal

Shingles: Fluorite

Shoulder: Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), ChrysoberylHawks EyeMerliniteSelenite

Sinuses (General): Aventurine, Emerald, IoliteSmithsonite

          *Sinusitis: Fluorite, Jade, Selenite, Snowflake ObsidianTourmaline

          *Sinus Frontal: Emerald

Skeletal System (General): Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), AmazoniteAngeliteApatite, Aragonite (Brown and Red) , AzuriteCarnelianChrysocolla, Calcite (all varieties), Coral (Agatized, Red), Cuprite, FluoriteFossilized ShellFuchsiteIndigo Gabbro DiscJasper PictureKyaniteMerliniteOnyxPetrified WoodPyrite, SardonyxSelenite SphereSeptarian NoduleTiger Iron

          *Broken: Aragonite (Brown Red), KyaniteMalachiteRainbow ObsidianTigers EyeTiger Eye Gold Disc

          *Cartilage: Apatite, AmberLarimar, Sunstone

          *Disorders: Blue Lace AgateChrysocolla, FluoriteKyanite, Magnesite, Vatican Stone

          *Fractures: Blue Lace AgateMalachite

          *Growth: Picture Jasper, Rhodonite

          *Marrow: BloodstoneHematite, Lapis Lazuli, LodestoneOnyxPetrified WoodPurple Fluorite

          *Strengthening: Blue Lace AgateCalcite (all varieties), Tiger Iron

          *See also Spine

Skin (General): Agate, Amethyst, Apophyllite, Aventurine, Amber, Azurite, Calcite, Chrysoprase, DragonstoneDumortierite, EpidoteFluoriteGrossular Garnet, IdocraseLepidolite, Leopard Skin JasperLodestone, PeridotPicture Jasper, RhodochrositeSmithsoniteSnowflake Obsidian, TanzaniteTourmaline, StichtiteTanzanite Prairie SlicesUnakite

          *Aging, Reduce signs of: AmetrineChlorite Quartz, Fluorite, Green CalciteRose Quartz, Selenite

          *Calluses:  Leopard Skin Jasper

          *Clearing: AventurineGalena, Lepidolite

          *Cellulite: ApatiteCitrine

          *Infections: Moss Agate

          *Regenerating: ApophylliteFluorite

          *Repairing: AngeliteRutilated QuartzVariscite

          *Scar: Bloodstone, Green Aventurine, Lepidolite

          *Sensitivity: Citron Chrysoprase, Magnesite

          *Skin Disorders (General):  AmethystApricot Agate, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Calcite, Chlorite Quartz, ChrysopraseGalena, Jasper (Bumblebee and Rainforest), Moonstone, Opal (Blue & White), Pyrite, Tourmaline

Sleep: Amethyst, Aventurine (Blue, Pink), Blue Chalcedony, Charoite, Chrysoprase, EmeraldGreen TourmalineIolite Gem-QualityLepidolite, Opal (Green and White), Shungite Noble, 

          *Sleep Apenea: Amethyst, Blue Opal

          *Sleep Disorders (General): Charoite, Iolite, LepidoliteMuscovite 

          *Sleepwalking: Moonstone

Smell, Sense Of (General):  Chalcopyrite Peacock OreGalenaGarnet, Idocrase, SardonyxVesuvianite

          *Re-sentizing: Sardonyx

Speech (General): Topaz

          *Defects: Aventurine, ObsidianTopazTourmaline

          *Strengthening: CharoiteKyanite

          *Vocal Cords: Blue Chalcedony, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire BlueSodaliteSunset Sodalite

Spine (General): Emerald, Garnet, Green TourmalineIndigo Gabbro DiscLabradorite, Petrified Wood, Red AragoniteSelenite SphereStichtiteTiger Eye Gold Disc

          *Aligning: AzuriteFuchsite, Hematite, Obsidian (all varieties), Petrified Palm WoodRed Aragonite, Red Petrified Wood RedSeleniteTanzaniteTourmaline (all varieties)

          *Disc Elasticity: Aragonite (Brown and Red)

          *Disorders: Coral AgatizedGarnetOpalVatican Stone

          *Impacted Vertebrae: Obsidian (all varieties)

          *Injuries (General): FluoriteFossilized Shell, StichtiteTanzanite Prairie SlicesVatican Stone

Spleen: Amber, Apatite, Aquamarine, Azurite, BloodstoneChrysoberylChalcedony, CitrineCitrine Burnt, Golden Labradorite, JadeMalachite, Mookaite Jasper, Obsidan (Mahogany and Red Sheen), Peridot, Quartz BlueRubyRed TourmalineShattuckite, Shattuckite-DioptaseZoisite

         *Detoxifying: Bloodstone

         *Stimulating:  Ruby, Tourmaline

Sports Injury: HematiteLodestone

Stability (Physical): Jasper (Mookaite and Yellow)

Stamina (Physical): Aquamarine, Aragonite (Brown and Red), Citrine, Dendritic Agate, Epidote, Fire Agate, Garnet, Green Tourmaline, Jasper (Red and Yellow), Obsidian Apache TearOnyx, Rutile, SardonyxSeptarian NoduleSunstoneTiger IronUnakite, Vanadinite

Stomach (General): Agate (ApricotFire, Turritella), Amber, Aquamarine, Citrine, Citrine BurntEmerald, Fluorite (Green and RainbowJasper (all varieties), Jet, LabradoriteMagnesiteObsidian Golden SheenPeridotRhodonite, Serpentine, Septarian NoduleThulite, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Variscite

          *Cramps: Citron ChrysopraseJetMagnesite

          *Disorders (General) : Fluorite, Pyrite

          *Stress Discomfort: Chrysoprase, Cinabrite, Merlinite

          *Ulcers: Obsidian Golden SheenRhodoniteSunstoneVanadinite

Stress (General): Amethyst, AmetrineAquamarineAzurite-Malachite, Kunzite (Green, Gold and Pink-Purple), LabradoriteMerliniteObsidian, OnyxQuartz WhiskeyThulite, Tourmaline WatermelonTurritella Agate

          *Dis-ease Caused By: Ametrine, Danburite WhiteEmeraldMerliniteSuper 7

Strength (Physical): Bloodstone HeliotropeChrysopraseClear QuartzEpidote, Hematite, Jasper (BrecciatedOcean, Picasso and Red), Malachite, Obsidian Apache TearTiger IronTree AgateSunstone, Thulite Onyx, Vanadinite, Vesuvianite

Stroke: Garnet, Kyanite

Sunburn: AngeliteChrysoberyl

Surgery, Recovery: Clear Calcite, Danburite YellowQuartz

Swelling (General): Amethyst ChevronBlue Jade, Bumblebee JasperChalcedonyChalcopyrite Peacock OreClear QuartzGanesha Diamond

          *Of Glands: Aquamarine, Jet

          *Of Joints: Malachite

Systemic Illness: Cradle of HumankindSeraphinite



Teeth (General): Apatite, Aquamarine, AmberAzuriteCavansiteFluoriteIdocraseMagnesite, Onyx, Rutilated QuartzStichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

Temperature (General): Fire Agate

          *Lowering: Blue Chalcedony

          *Raising: Clear QuartzRed Tigers Eye

          *Regulating: Magnesite

Taste: Almandine Garnet, CarnelianSardonyx, Stilbite

Throat (General): Amber, AngeliteAquamarine, Beryl, Blue Lace Agate, Chalcedony Blue, Coral BlueKyanite, Lapis Lazuli, PreseliRainforest JasperSapphire BlueShattuckite-Dioptase, Sodalite, Sunset SodaliteTigers Eye, Topaz (Blue and Silver), TourmalineZoisite

           *Sore Throat: Amber, Agate (Blue Lace & Botswana), Angelite, Aquamarine, AzuriteBlue ChalcedonyBlue Opal, ChrysocollaFluorite, Lapis LazuliLarimar, Topaz

                    *Chronic Sore Throat: Sunstone, Tourmaline

Thymus Gland (General): AventurineGreen TourmalineKunzite, Peridot

         *Activating: ApatiteCitrineDioptase

         *Cleansing: Lapis Lazuli

Thyroid (General): Amazonite, Amber, Aquamarine, AzuriteBlue Lace Agate,  Chrysocolla, CitrineDragonstoneOcean Jasper , KyaniteLapis LazuliRhodochrositeSapphireTanzanite, Topaz, TourmalineZoisite

         *Balancing: Angelite, CitrineRutilated Quartz

         *Disorders (General): Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz

         *Hyperthyrodisim: Blue Opal, CharoiteHawks Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

         *Hypothyroidism:  Angelite, Blue TopazChrysocollaRed Tigers Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Shungite

Tissue (General): AmetrineAventurine, Azurite-MalachiteCalcite, CarnelianLeopard Skin Jasper,Lepidolite, Magnesite, Malachite, Rhodonite, Rose QuartzZoisite

          *Connective: Lepidolite

          *Hardened: Rhyolite

          *Regeneration: Amber, AventurineCalciteCopperHematiteJadeMalachiteMangano CalciteOcean Jasper, OpalPeridotTurquoise, Unakite

          *Torn: Rutilated Quartz

          *See also Muscular System

Tongue, Re-sensitizing: Sardonyx

Tonsils (General0: Bloodstone, Blue Chalcedony, Chrysocolla

          *Tonsillitis: ChrysocollaShattuckiteShattuckite-Dioptase

Trauma (Physical): Amazonite, Calcite ManganoDanburite YellowDioptaseKunzite, Kyanite, Malachite, ObsidianQuartz, Rhodonite (Canada and Peru), StichtiteTanzanite Prairie Slices

Trembling/ Shaking: Aragonite (all colors)

Tuberculosis: Aquamarine

Tumors: Azurite-Malachite, Bloodstone , Calcite, Epidote, FluoriteMalachite, Obsidian



Ulcers (General): Azurite-MalachitePeridotRhodonite

          *Oral: ChrysocollaLarimar

*Stomach: Carnelian, CitrineGold Calcite, Pyrite

Urinary System: Aventurine, CitrineKyanite

       *Problems: Celestite, Prehnite

       *Urinary Tract: JadePrehnite



Vertigo: Apatite, Azurite, Azurite Granite (K2)Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, MuscoviteNuumiteRose QuartzSapphire

Virus:  Fluorite, Turquoise

Vision (General): Agate (all varieties) Calcite, EmeraldRhodochrosite, SapphireSardonyx

         *Glaucoma: Chalcedony

         *Night vison: Jasper, ObsidianTigers Eye

         *Problems: DumortieriteLapis Lazuli

Vitality: Agate (Fire and Tree), Amber, Aragonite (Brown and Red), Carnelian Botswana, Carnelian MadagascarHawk EyeJasper BumblebeeMalachiteMuscoviteObsidian Red SheenPyriteRuby Zoisite GemmySeptarian Nodule, Tiger Eye Gold DiscVarisciteVatican Stone

Vitamin Absorption (General): BronziteCarnelian, Chalcedony PinkChalcopyrite Peacock Ore, EpidoteFossilized ShellGalena, Garnet (Almandine and Andradite), IdocraseMangano CalciteMoonstonePrasiolite, Sardonyx, Smithsonite, Topaz, TurquoiseTurritella Agate

         *Calcium: AmazoniteApatite, Aragonite (all colors), CalciteChlorite Quartz, CinabriteCoral Agatized, Fossilized Shell, Garnet (Almandine and Spessartite), SerpentineSodalite, Thulite

         *Magnesium: Citron Chrysoprase, Magnesite

         *Selenium: Galena

         *Vitamin A: Chlorite Quartz, Garnet, Obsidian

         *Vitamin B Family: Leopardskin Jasper, Moonstone

         *Vitamin C: Chrysoprase, CitrineSunstone

         *Vitamin D: Apache Tear Obsidian

         *Vitamin E: Chlorine Quartz, Obsidian

         *Zinc: Galena

Vomiting: Dumortierite



Warts: Calcite, Peridot

Water Retention: Blue ChalcedonyJadeMoonstone, Sodalite

Weakness (Physical): Chrysoberyl, Red Jasper

Weight Management (General): AngeliteApatite, Astrophyllite, Aventurine YellowCelestite, CitrineClear Calcite, Jasper (Rainforest & Red), MuscoviteOnyx, Rhodonite, Ruby, SmithsoniteSpessartine GarnetUnakite

          *Emotional Eating: AngeliteSmithsonite

         *Gaining Weight: DanburiteHawk EyeUnakite 

         *Losing Weight: Bumblebee JasperChalcopyriteEpidoteGreen TourmalineIoliteJasper BumblebeeKyaniteMagnesite, Rhodonite PeruSeraphiniteSmithsoniteTiger Eye Red Madagascar

         *Obesity: Bumblebee Jasper, Obsidian MahoganyPetrified Wood

         *Reducing Hunger: ApatiteChalcedony

         *See also Addiction

Wound Healing: Amber, Apricot AgateCalciteFluoriteGarnet, Mookaite Jasper, Obsidian, Rhodonite (Canada and Peru), Smithsonite