How does crystal healing work?

Healing crystals are tools for emotional support and intelligence.  Our inner life is a metaphysical realm that isn’t always easy to understand or control.  We want to feel happy and peaceful all the time, but most of us will be exposed to a much larger emotional spectrum.

Our emotions give us a constant feedback loop about the status quo.  When the status quo is good for us, we feel positive emotions and try to maintain them. When the status quo is bad for us, negative emotions like anger and sadness arise in protest.  Negative emotions aren’t “bad” they exist to tell us that sometime has changed or needs to change.  But figuring out what what is wrong or how to fix it isn’t always easy!  This is especially true if someone has experienced trauma or been very sheltered. In some cases, the situation can’t be fixed and we have to find a way to make peace with that.  Many people find it helpful to explore their emotions using crystals.  The crystals are physical objects we can touch and see, that are associated with specific emotions and energies.

Some people can sense energy and messages from the stones, which is a very ancient sixth sense.  But regardless of whether or not you feel crystal energy, you can still benefit from crystal healing.  They can be used as talismans (objects that evoke good energy) and amulets (objects that protect against bad energy).  You can put a single stone in your pocket, or combine the power of multiple stones in a grid or medicine bag.  There is no “right way” to use healing crystals.  What’s important is that you pay close attention to what makes you feel grounded and supported.  Your life and wellbeing is precious. Please use wisdom when considering crystal therapies for healing.

Light Work


Be compassionate and realistic:
AmetrineCharoite, Calcite (Mangano), Petrified WoodRhodoniteRose Quartz

Have compassion for others:
Angelite, Aragonite (Blue), AtlantasiteBuddstone, Calcite (Mangano), Chalcedony (Pink), ChrysopraseDioptaseEmeraldHowlite, Jade (Purple), KunziteLarimarRhodochrositeRhodoniteRose QuartzSodaliteTanzanite, Tourmaline (Pink), Turquoise (Green), Variscite

Have compassion for yourself:
Angelite, Aragonite (Brown), Calcite (Mangano), Chrysanthemum StoneCitron Chrysoprase, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Prasiolite,  Rhodonite, Rose QuartzStichtite, ThuliteVariscite

Emotional Intelligence

Agate (Gray), Dumortierite, Moonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Apache Tear), Ruby IoliteScheelite LaceSodalite


Auralite 23, Calcite (Gold and Honey), Chalcedony (Chrome and Pink), Garnet (Grossularite and Hessonite), Jade (Green and White), Jasper (Yellow), Opal (Pink), RhodochrositeRuby FuchsiteScheelite LaceThuliteTurquoise


Agate (Dendritic), Calcite (Honey), CelestiteCinabrite, Cradle of Humankind, Garnet (AlmandineAndradite and Uvarovite), HiddenitePeridotRuby Zoisite, Seraphinite, Tourmaline (Green)


Agate (Dendritic), Amethyst, Aventurine (all colors), Bloodstone, Calcite (Blue and Orange), ChalcopyriteEpidoteIndigo GabbroMuscovite, Obsidian (Black), Opal (White), Prehnite EpidotePreseliPyrite, Quartz (Girasol), Sapphire (all colors),Scheelite LaceSuper Seven, Topaz (Blue), Variscite


Bloodstone, Calcite (Mangano), Chalcedony (Pink), Chrysoprase, Jasper (Ocean), Opal (Pink), RhodoniteRose QuartzScolecite, Turquoise (Blue and Green)


Agate (Gray), Aventurine (Blue), Azurite, Jade (Black and Purple), Lapis Lazuli


Be honest with others:
Azurite, Calcite (Mangano), Cat’s Eye, Jaguar Stone, Jasper (Mookaite), Quartz (Girasol), Rhodochrosite, Seraphinite, Topaz (Blue), Turquoise (Green),

Be honest with yourself:
Agate (Botswana and Gray), Aventurine (Red), EpidoteHematite, Jade (Black), Jaguar Stone, Jasper (Mookaite), Quartz (Girasol and Tangerine), Ruby IoliteSelenite, Topaz (Blue)

Love Truth:
Aquamarine, Jaguar Stone, Jasper (MookaiteRed and Yellow), SardonyxSerpentineShattuckite

Unconditional Love

CharoiteCitron ChrysopraseFuchsiteKunzitePrasiolitePrehniteRhodochrositeRose QuartzThuliteVariscite,


Be well:
Agate (Gray and Turritella), Apophyllite, Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Green and Mangano), Chalcedony (Pink), Chlorite QuartzEudialyteHematite, Jasper (Desert and Yellow), Obsidian (Mahogany), Quartz (Tangerine), ShattuckiteThuliteVanadinite

Laugh more:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Aventurine (GreenPink and Yellow), Calcite (Green and Orange), CelestiteCinabriteCitrine, Jade (Purple), Stichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Play more:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Aventurine (Yellow), Calcite (Orange), Citrine, Jade (Green), Peacock OrePeridot, Quartz (Strawberry and Whiskey), RhodochrositeRuby ZoisiteSand Dollar Fossil, Sapphire (Yellow), StichtiteThuliteVanadinite


Gain wisdom:
BuddstoneFuchsite, Jade (Green), Jasper (KambambaMookaite and Ocean), Moonstone (Black), Petrified Wood, Sapphire (all colors), Turquoise

Wise actions:
AmethystBariteBismuthChlorite QuartzChrysoberylCopperDragonstone, Fluorite (all colors), IoliteLarvikite, Opal (White), Prasiolite, Quartz (Clear), Sapphire (all colors), Tanzanite

Wise words:
Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Sapphire (Blue), ShattuckiteSodaliteTanzanite

Shadow Work


Emotional abuse:
Agate (Apricot), Calcite (Honey), Carnelian, Obsidian (Mahogany), Quartz (Strawberry), Rose Quartz

Narcissists and enablers:
Angelite, Obsidian (Apache Tear)

Chalcedony (Blue), Infinite, Rose Quartz

Physical abuse:
Agate (Apricot), Calcite (Honey), Opal (Pink)

Protect yourself from abusers that are still in your life:
Agate (Dendritic), Agatized Coral, Apatite (all colors), Jasper (Red), Larimar, Quartz (Tangerine), RhodochrositeSodalite

Sexual abuse:
Jasper (Red), Opal (Pink), Quartz (Strawberry), RhodochrositeSerpentine, Tiger’s Eye (Red),

Verbal abuse:
Aragonite (Blue and Brown), Obsidian (Mahogany), Rose Quartz


Anorexia and bulimia:
AngeliteHowliteIdocrase, Obsidian (Mahogany), Prasiolite, Quartz (Strawberry), Scheelite Lace, Vesuvianite

Over-eating for emotional comfort:
AngeliteAtlantasiteHowliteIdocrase, Obsidian (Mahogany), Prasiolite, Quartz (Strawberry), Scheelite Lace

Substance abuse recovery:
Agate (Apricot), BariteGalenaHematite, Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite

Toxic co-dependency:
Fuchsite, Lapis Lazuli, MuscoviteThulite

Beliefs (Non-spiritual)

About how the world works:
Opal (Pink), Tiger’s Eye (Red)

About money and success:
Scheelite Lace

About ourselves:
Chrysoprase, Obsidian (Mahogany), QuartzRubyRuby FuchsiteRutilated QuartzScheelite LaceShungite,

About other people:
Quartz, Tiger’s Eye (Red),

About sex:
Rutilated Quartz

Creating new beliefs:

Testing beliefs against reality:
Agatized CoralChrysocolla, Coral (Blue and Red), Moonstone Tourmaline, Quartz (Clear), Tourmaline (Black)


Maintaining boundaries:
AmazoniteAmethyst, Calcite (Green), Cat’s EyeCitrineEudialyteKunziteQuartz, Quartz (Girasol), ShattuckiteTiger Iron, Vesuvianite

Setting boundaries:
Amazonite, Aventurine (Yellow), Calcite (Green), Citrine, Infinite, Jade (Purple and White), MuscoviteQuartzSerpentine, Tourmaline (Pink)

Guilt & Shame

Acknowledging a mistake:
Aventurine (Yellow), ChrysoberylHematite, Jasper (Yellow), Lapis Lazuli, Quartz (Tangerine), Super Seven, Tourmaline (Black)

About defying social norms:
Apatite (all colors),

About sexuality:
Aventurine (Red), Jasper (Red), Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Releasing guilt:
Agate (Dendritic), Chiastolite, Cradle of Humankind, Jasper (Red), Larimar, Obsidian (Mahogany), Opal (Green), Quartz (Tangerine), Rhodochrosite, Sapphire (all colors), Sodalite

Releasing perfectionism:
Apophyllite, Aragonite (Red and Yellow), Calcite (Honey), Chalcedony (Pink), DragonstoneFuchsiteMerliniteRuby Fuchsite, Tourmaline (Green), Variscite

Releasing shame:
Agate (Dendritic), Apatite (Green), Calcite (Green), Cradle of Humankind, Eudialyte, Garnet (all varieties), Jasper (Red), LarimarMerlinite, Opal (Green and Pink), Quartz (Tangerine), RubyRhodochrosite, Sapphire (all colors), Shiva LingamSodalite

Releasing survivor’s guilt:
Obsidian (Apache Tear), RhodochrositeRuby


With others:
ApophylliteAquamarineAzurite, Calcite (Mangano), AmethystCat’s Eye, Jaguar Stone, Jasper (all varieties), Quartz (Girasol), Sardonyx, Seraphinite, SerpentineShattuckiteStilbite, Topaz (Blue), Turquoise (Green)

With ourselves:
Agate (ApricotBotswana and Gray), Apophyllite, Aventurine (Red), Calcite (Mangano), AmethystCat’s EyeEpidoteHematite, Jade (Black), Jaguar Stone, Jasper (all varieties), Prehnite Epidote, Quartz (Girasol and Tangerine), RhodochrositeRuby IoliteSeleniteStilbite, Topaz (Blue)


Judge accurately:
AmethystChrysoberylCitron ChrysopraseEmeraldMuscoviteStichtiteTanzanite

Release worry about other people’s judgement:
AmazoniteMorganite, Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Opal (Pink)

Sit in non-judgement:
Agatized Coral, Moonstone (Black), Scolecite


Getting clear about your needs:
Bismuth, Coral (Blue), KyanitePicasso Marble, Seraphinite, Serpentine, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red)

Getting needs met:
Apatite (Green), Chlorite Quartz, ChrysocollaEmerald, Garnet (Grossularite and Uvarovite)

Understanding other people’s needs:
AquamarineDiopsideEmerald, Labradorite (Golden), Ruby Iolite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red)

Trauma Wounds

Being safe enough to acknowledge and express emotions:
Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace), Amethyst (Chevron), BariteBuddstoneDanburiteIdocrase, Jaguar Stone, Jasper (Red), Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Rhodochrosite, Tourmaline (Pink), Vatican Stone, Vesuvianite

Being safe enough to process trauma and heal:
BuddstoneChalcopyriteDanburiteGalena, Jasper (Picasso), Obsidian (Apache Tear and Black), Opal (Pink), Vesuvianite

Agate (Gray), Moonstone (Peach), Obsidian (Apache Tear), RhodochrositeScheelite Lace

Exploring dignity:
Agate (Tree), BuddstoneChinese Writing Stone, Danburite, (Red), Eudialyte, Garnet (Almandine and Uvarovite), Jasper (Ocean), Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Opal (White), Pietersite, PrasioliteScheelite LaceStromatolite, Turquoise (Green)

Exploring forgiveness:
Calcite (Mangano), ChrysoberylDioptase, Obsidian (Apache Tear), RhodoniteRose QuartzStichtite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red) Turquoise (Blue and Green)

Exploring jealousy:
Agate (Dendritic), Carnelian, Chrysanthemum StonePicasso Marble

Exploring justice:
AmethystAzuriteBariteCinabriteEmerald, Jasper (LeopardskinPicture and Red), SardonyxSeleniteThulite

Exploring resentment:
Calcite (Green), Chrysanthemum StoneDanburite, Jade (White), Jasper (Yellow), Picasso Marble, Quartz (Strawberry), Scheelite Lace

Exploring the root cause of difficult emotions and habits:
Agate (Blue Lace), Amethyst, Apophyllite, Chalcedony (Pink), DumortieriteHematite, Jade (White), MoldaviteMuscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Ruby, Sugilite

Feeling that you are unworthy of good things:
Apatite (Green), BorniteRubySand Dollar Fossil, Selenite (Desert Rose)

Feeling helpless:
AmazoniteCavansiteCopperHawks Eye, Jasper (Leopardskin), Morganite (Peach), RubyVanadinite

Heal emotional trauma:
Amazonite, Calcite (Mangano), Carnelian, Chalcedony (Blue), Jade (Black), Jasper (Kambamba), KyaniteLarvikiteMorganiteNuummite, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Rainbow), Quartz (Lavender and Girasol), RhodochrositeRhodoniteRose QuartzSand Dollar FossilSerpentineTektite, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Make peace with the past:
Agate (Gray and Moss), AmazoniteAquamarine, Aragonite (Brown), Aventurine (Green), BorniteCitrine, Dioptase, Garnet (Almandine), HematiteKyaniteLarvikiteLepidolite, Moonstone (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tear), Quartz (Strawberry), Rose QuartzSeleniteSunstone, Unakite

Process and release baggage:
(Blue Lace), AquamarineGalena, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Sand Dollar FossilTektite

Process and release martyr and victim mentality:
Agate (Dendritic), AmazoniteAmethyst, Apatite (Green), Apophyllite, Calcite (Blue), CinabriteDioptaseFuchsiteIndigo Gabbro, Jasper (Ocean and Red), Quartz (ClearGirasol and Snow), RubyRuby FuchsiteSunstoneThulite, Turquoise

Protection from additional trauma:

Support during panic attack:
Bismuth, Chalcedony (Chrome),  Dumortierite, Garnet (Almandine), Hawks Eye, Moonstone Tourmaline, Tourmaline (Green)

Support during traumatic situations:
Chrysoberyl, Obsidian (Apache TearBlack and Snowflake), RhodoniteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Support when feeling vulnerable:

Taking responsibility for our emotional reactions:
AmethystAquamarineHawks EyeGalena, Jasper (Ocean, Red and Yellow), Lepidolite, MorganiteMuscovite, Obsidian (Black), Quartz (Tangerine), SerpentineShattuckite, Tigers Eye (Gold and Red)

Take responsibility for your healing journey:
Aventurine (Blue), Calcite (Blue and Gold), CinabriteDioptaseGalena, Jasper (Leopardskin and Red), LepidoliteNuummite, Obsidian (BlackGolden Sheen and Silver Sheen), Opal (Yellow), Septarian NoduleSerpentineStromatoliteVanadinite

Trusting other people:
Agatized Coral, Chalcedony (Pink), Chlorite Quartz, LarvikitePrehnite, Quartz (Blue),  RhodochrositeRhodonite

Trusting yourself:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Carnelian, Infinite, Labradorite (Golden), LarvikitePrehnite EpidoteSodalite, Turquoise

Balance & Grounding


Feeling balanced:
Agate (Gray), AmazoniteAmetrine, Aventurine (Pink), Calcite (Orange), Citron ChrysopraseCopperDiopside, Jasper (Kambamba and Yellow), Moonstone (all varieties), RhodoniteRuby IoliteSmoky QuartzStilbiteTurquoise

Feeling centered:
Aragonite (Brown and Yellow), BorniteCarnelianDiopside, Jasper (Desert), Moonstone Tourmaline, Obsidian (Mahogany), PetalitePietersite, Quartz (Blue)

Finding balance between our own needs with those of others:
Ametrine, Chalcedony (Chrome), Jade (White), Jasper (Yellow)

Finding balance when struggling with depression or anxiety:
AmethystJet, Tiger’s Eye (Gold)

Finding work/life balance:
Jasper (Yellow), Moonstone Tourmaline, Tourmaline (Black)

Aventurine (GreenPink and Red)ChrysopraseFuchsite, Jade (Purple), MoldavitePrasioliteRhodoniteRose QuartzRuby IoliteRuby Zoisite, Tourmaline (GreenPink and Red),

Maintaining balance long term:
Calcite (Orange), Indigo Gabbro

Personal power-centered:
Shungite, Tourmaline (Black)

Returning to balance:
Chinese Writing Stone, Obsidian (Snowflake)


Feeling grounded:
Agate (BotswanaCrazy Lace, and Gray), Aragonite (Brown), Iolite, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Kambamba), Obsidian (Apache Tear), PreseliSmoky Quartz, Tourmaline (Black and Red)

Re-grounding when feeling untethered
Agate (Moss), Apophyllite, Aragonite (Blue), Buddstone, Calcite (Orange), Fluorite (all colors), Jasper (Kambamba), Petrified Wood, PreseliSmoky QuartzStromatolite,

Seeing situations clearly and calmly:
Agate (Gray), AmethystCinabriteDragonstoneDumortierite, Fluorite (all colors), Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Desert and Ocean), KyaniteLapis LazuliMoldavite, Obsidian (BlackSilver Sheen and Snowflake), Opal (White), Quartz (Tangerine), PetaliteStilbiteRuby KyaniteSuper SevenTiger Iron, Tiger’s Eye (Red), Topaz (Blue)

Taking practical action:
Agate (Dendritic and Turritella), Amethyst, Aragonite (Brown and Yellow), Bornite, Calcite (Green), Cat’s EyeCharoiteChlorite QuartzChrysoberylChrysopraseCitrineEmerald, Fluorite (all colors), FuchsiteGalena, Garnet (Almandine and Grossularite), HematiteIndigo Gabbro, Jade (Purple and White), Jasper (Red and Yellow), Lodestone, Quartz (Tangerine), Ruby Fuchsite, Sapphire (all colors), ShattuckiteTiger Iron, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red), Tourmaline (BlackUnakiteVatican Stone

Courage & Fear

Anxiety and Fear

Agate (Moss), AmberAmethystBloodstoneChalcedony (Pink),  ChrysocollaCitrine, Garnet (Grossularite),Iolite, Jasper (Desert), Larimar, Moonstone (Peach), MuscoviteOnyxPeridotPetalite, Quartz (Blue), Rose QuartzRuby IoliteStilbiteSugilite, Tiger’s Eye (Red), Tourmaline (Green), Unakite

Anxiety and depression:
Agate (Botswana), Angelite, Aventurine (Green and Pink), CitrineCopper, Coral (Red), KyaniteLabradorite, Obsidian (Mahogany and Silver Sheen), Peridot, Quartz (Lavender)RhodoniteRutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow), Tourmaline (Black)

Anxiety and insomnia:
Amethyst, Jasper (Desert)

Creating a safe space:
ChrysocollaFossilized ShellPrehniteSelenite

Feeling safe:
Agate (ApricotFireTree and Turritella), Aragonite (Yellow), BariteCarnelian, Chalcedony (Pink), ChrysocollaDanburiteGalenaIdocrase, Jasper (Leopardskin and Red), MagnesiteMoonstone & Tourmaline, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Opal (Pink), PetalitePyrite, Tourmaline (BlackPink and Red)

Rebuilding a sense of security:
Agatized CoralBismuthCarnelianHematiteLepidoliteRhodochrosite

Fear about the future:
Copper, Moonstone (Black), Rutilated Quartz

Fear of being inadequate or failing:
Amazonite, Calcite (Honey), Dragonstone,  Emerald, Jade (Black), Jasper (Bumblebee and Red), Septarian NoduleTurquoise

Fear of being misunderstood or misjudged:
Chalcedony (Blue)Chlorite QuartzEmeraldHiddenite, Topaz (Blue)

Fear of change:

Fear of danger:
Auralite 23, Jasper (Mookaite)Rhodonite, Tourmaline (Black)

Fear of drowning:

Fear of intimacy:
Cat’s Eye

Fear of missing out (FOMO):
Tourmaline (Green)

Fear of the outside world (Agoraphobia):
Chalcedony (Blue), Lepidolite, Jasper (Picture)

Fear of tight spaces (Claustrophobia):
Tourmaline (Green)

Fear that needs won’t be met:
Hematite, Quartz (Tangerine)

Keeping things in perspective:
AmethystAzuriteCelestite, Jasper (Yellow), Kyanite

Releasing fears:
Agate (ApricotFire and Gray), AmazoniteBarite, Calcite (Mangano and White), Chalcedony (Pink), Chrysocolla, Jasper (Picture and RedLepidolite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Opal (Blue), Pyrite, Quartz (Blue and Whiskey), Ruby ZoisiteScheelite LaceStichtiteStilbiteSugilite, Tourmaline (Multicolored), Zoisite

Speaking up when you are afraid:
Angelite, Sapphire (Blue), Topaz (Blue)

Stop “playing small” and dare to take a risk
NuummitePicasso MarbleStichtite

Support after anxiety attacks:
Citron Chrysoprase

Support for chronic anxiety:
Tiger Iron

Understanding our fears:


Brave and compassionate:
Barite, Calcite (Green), Chrysanthemum Stone, Garnet (Almandine), MerliniteMorganitePietersiteRhodonite, Tourmaline (Pink), Turquoise (Green), Variscite

Brave and resilient:
CharoiteCinabrite, Garnet (Almandine), Obsidian (Black), Stromatolite (Mary Ellen)

Brave and strong:
Agate (Tree), AmazoniteAmethyst, Aventurine (Green), BloodstoneBronziteCharoiteChiastoliteDragonstoneGalena, Garnet (all varieties), Jasper (BumblebeeLeopardskinRed and Yellow), MoldaviteRhodoniteRubyPyrite, Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Thulite, Tiger’s Eye (all colors), Tourmaline (Red), Variscite

Brave and wise:
Agate (Fire), AmethystBariteBloodstone, Calcite (Orange), Garnet (AlmandineHessonite), Idocrase Jasper (LeopardskinRed and Yellow), Merlinite, Tiger’s Eye (all colors), Tourmaline (Pink and Red), Stromatolite (Mary Ellen)

Feeling brave enough to do what needs to be done:
BloodstoneCharoiteDumortieriteSunset SodaliteThulite

Feeling scared, but being brave:
Agate (Apricot and Fire), AmazoniteAzurite, Aventurine (Green), BariteBloodstone, Calcite (Honey), CarnelianCharoiteChiastoliteDumortierite, Jasper (Bumblebee and Red), Nuummite, Opal (Pink), PietersitePreseliPyriteSugiliteSunstoneThulite


Hopeful and empowered:
CavansiteCinabriteDragonstone, Garnet (Almandine and Grossularite), Jade (Green and White), Jasper (Desert and Rainforest), MuscovitePietersiteThulite

Hopeful and grounded:
EpidoteIolite, Quartz (Tangerine), SerpentineUnakite

Hopeful and happy:
Apatite (all colors), DumortieriteMuscovite, Opal (Blue and Pink), Quartz (Girasol), Ruby Zoisite, Seraphinite, SugiliteSunstone, Topaz (all colors), Zoisite

Hopeful and peaceful:
CelestiteChrysopraseMagnesite, Quartz (Blue), Seraphinite, Topaz (all colors)

Maintaining hope during difficult times:
Agate (Blue Lace and Moss), Apatite (all colors), ApophylliteCelestiteCharoiteChiastoliteDragonstone, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Quartz (Tangerine), Ruby IoliteRuby ZoisiteRutilated QuartzScheelite Lace

Joy & Sadness

Depression & Sadness

Comfort when feeling sad:
Chalcedony (Pink), Danburite, Moonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Ruby ZoisiteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), Variscite

Comforting a broken heart:
Muscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Rhodonite

Agate (Moss), Bloodstone, Calcite (Orange), ChiastoliteChinese Writing StoneEudialyteJet, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian (Rainbow), Petrified WoodRhodochrositeScoleciteSmoky QuartzStichtite, Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Tanzanite (Prairie), Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Depression and anxiety:
Agate (Botswana), Angelite, Aventurine (Green and Pink), CitrineCopper, Coral (Red), KyaniteLabradorite, Obsidian (Mahogany and Silver Sheen), Peridot, Quartz (Lavender)RhodoniteRutilated Quartz, Sapphire (Blue and Yellow), Tourmaline (Black)

Depression and Bipolar Disorder:
LepidoliteTiger Iron

Depression and PTSD:
Bloodstone, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Depression because of a physical change:

Processing and releasing sadness:
Agate (Blue Lace and Gray), Azurite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Selenite,  Sunset SodaliteSunstone

Seasonal Affective Disorder:
Amber, Tiger’s Eye (Gold), Sunstone

Support for chronic depression:
Tiger Iron


Be happy and delighted:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Amber, Apatite (Blue and Green), Aventurine (Yellow), Calcite (Honey), CitrineDioptase, Garnet (Almandine ), Jade (Purple), Jasper (Bumblebee), Kunzite, Opal (Yellow), Peacock OrePeridotPicasso MarbleRuby Zoisite, Seraphinite, StichtiteSunstoneThulite, Tourmaline (Green)

Be happy and empowered:
Agate (Fire), CharoiteChrysoberylCinabriteEpidoteThulite

Be happy and peaceful:
Agate (Dendritic), AmetrineAtlantasite, Calcite (Blue), Chlorite QuartzChrysopraseDioptase, Jade (all colors), Moonstone (Black), Opal (Pink), Peacock OrePetalitePrehniteRose QuartzRuby ZoisiteRutilated QuartzScolecite, Selenite (Orange), Shiva LingamStilbite, Tourmaline (Black), Variscite

Cultivate daily and long-term happiness:
Aventurine (Red), Agate (Moss), CavansiteCinabriteDioptaseEudialyte, Garnet (Almandine), IdocraseIndigo Gabbro, Jasper (LeopardskinKambamba, and Picasso), LarimarLodestone, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Opal (Pink), Rose QuartzRubySand Dollar FossilThulite, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Feeling enthusiastic:

Returning to happiness:
Chrysoberyl, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Kambamba), Obsidian (Rainbow), Opal (Green), RhodoniteRubyRuby Fuchsite

Peace & Anger


Channeling anger productively:
Aventurine (Yellow), Howlite

Processing anger:
Agate (Blue Lace), Aragonite (Red), AzuriteOnyx

Releasing anger:
Agate (Gray), Angelite, Aragonite (Blue), BariteChlorite QuartzDanburite, Garnet (Uvarovite), Kyanite, Quartz (Girasol and Strawberry), Prehnite EpidoteRuby-ZoisiteStichtiteZoisite


Be patient with others:
Agate (BotswanaDendriticGrayMoss and Turritella), Aragonite (Brown), Atlantasite, CelestiteCitron ChrysopraseDragonstone, Jasper (Ocean), LarvikiteMerlinite, Moonstone (Black), MorganitePetrified WoodScoleciteSeptarian NoduleSerpentineStromatolite, Super SevenUnakite

Be patient with ourselves:
Aragonite (Brown), Cradle of Humankind, HowliteIndigo Gabbro, Jasper (Ocean), Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Sodalite, Sodalite (Sunset), TanzaniteTiger Iron


Be peaceful:
Chalcedony (Blue), ChrysocollaCitron ChrysopraseHowlite, Jasper (Mookaite), KyaniteLarimarMagnesiteScoleciteSeleniteStromatoliteTurquoise

Be peaceful and happy:
Agate (Dendritic), AmberAmetrineAtlantasite, Calcite (Blue), CelestiteChlorite QuartzChrysopraseDioptase, Jade (all colors), Jasper (Desert), Moonstone (Black), Opal (Pink), Peacock OrePetalitePrehniteRose QuartzRuby ZoisiteRutilated QuartzScolecite, Selenite (Orange), Shiva LingamStilbite, Tourmaline (Black), Variscite

Calm Down:
Agate (Blue Lace), Aquamarine, Aventurine (Yellow), Calcite (Green), ChalcopyriteChlorite QuartzChrysopraseDumortieriteHowlite, Jasper (Desert and Red), Magnesite, Moonstone (all varieties), Morganite, Opal (Blue), Peacock OrePetalitePetrified WoodRhodoniteRuby Iolite, Sapphire (all colors), ShungiteThulite, Tourmaline (Black)

Creating a peaceful life:
Agate (Gray), AngeliteApophyllite, Aragonite (Brown and Red), Atlantasite, Aventurine (Pink), Barite, Chalcedony (Chrome), ChalcopyriteChiastoliteChrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaDumortierite, Fluorite (Blue), Garnet (Uvarovite), Hawks EyeIolite, Jade (all colors), KyaniteLepidolite, Obsidan (all varieties), Opal (Pink), Petrified Wood, Quartz (Girasol), Ruby KyaniteSeleniteSeptarian Nodule, Sodalite, Stilbite, Tourmaline (Black), Variscite

Cultivating peace within a group:
AmazoniteAmetrineAngelite, Chalcedony (Chrome), Chrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaDanburite, Jade (BlueGreen and White), Jasper (Picture), Sapphire (all colors), Seraphinite, Sodalite

Returning to peace:
Agate (Turritella), ChrysoberylDiopsideIndigo GabbroLarvikiteScheelite Lace

Agate (Blue Lace and Gray), AmazoniteAmethyst,  AmetrineAngelite, Aragonite (Red), Chalcedony (Blue),  ChiastoliteChlorite Quartz,  Chrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaChrysopraseCitron ChrysopraseDanburiteEudialyte, Garnet (AlmandineGrossularite and Spessartine), Idocrase, Jade (all colors), Petrified WoodPicasso MarbleQuartzRutilated QuartzRuby IoliteSeleniteSmoky Quartz, Tourmaline (Multicolored), Vesuvianite

Staying calm during stressful situations:
Agate (Botswana), AngeliteBismuthChrysocolla, Coral (Red), Garnet (Almandine and Andradite), Jasper (Kambamba and Yellow), KunziteLabradoritePrehnite, Quartz (Blue and Whiskey), Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Tiger Iron, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red), Tourmaline (Black), Vatican Stone

Strength & Stress


Be strong and brave:
AmazoniteAragonite (Brown and Red), Aventurine (Green), BloodstoneCharoiteDragonstone, Garnet (all varieties), Jasper (KambambaLeopardskin and Red), RubyThulite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red)

Be strong and resilient:
Agate (Moss), BloodstoneBuddstoneCharoiteGalenaHematite, Jasper (OceanRainforest and Red), OnyxPetrified WoodRhodoniteStromatoliteVariscite

Do what needs to be done: BloodstoneBronzite, Jade (Green), Jasper (Bumblebee and Red), Quartz (Tangerine), Sardonyx


Handling burn out:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Apatite (all colors), CitrineEpidote, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Peacock OrePrehnite Epidote, Quartz (Snow), TanzaniteTurquoiseVariscite

Handling extreme stress:
Opal (Pink and White), Zoisite

Handling long-term stress:
Indigo Gabbro, Jade (Black and Blue), Petalite

Mid-life Crisis:
Aventurine (Green), Chiastolite, Jasper (Mookaite), Stromatolite

Sooth and release emotional stress:
Calcite (Honey), DanburiteHawk’s EyeLarimarMagnesite, Moonstone (all varieties), Obsidian (Apache Tear and Snowflake), Tourmaline (Black)

Sooth and release mental stress:
Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), Danburite

Support when feeling overwhelmed:
Chalcedony (Chrome and Pink), HematiteMuscovite, Quartz (Tangerine), Variscite

Survive a difficult time:
Agate (Tree), AmazoniteCat’s EyeCitrine, Garnet (Almandine), Jade (Black and Blue), Obsidian (Apache Tear), OnyxPyrite, Quartz (Strawberry and Whiskey), Rhodonite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red),  Tiger Iron, Topaz (Blue), Zoisite



Being a good listener:
Agate (Blue Lace), Angelite, Chalcedony (Blue), ChrysocollaDiopside, Fluorite (Blue), HowliteKyanite, Lapis Lazuli, ScoleciteSeptarian NoduleShattuckiteTanzanite

Between parents and children:
Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace)

Communicating clearly:
Aquamarine, Aragonite (Yellow), AzuriteCavansite, Chalcedony (Blue), Chinese Writing StoneChrysocolla, Fluorite (Blue), HowliteKyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Preseli, Quartz (Blue), Septarian NoduleSodalite, Topaz (Blue)

Communicating diplomatically:
AngeliteBronziteRuby KyaniteTanzanite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold)

Communicating lovingly:
AngeliteBronziteChrysocollaLarimarRuby KyaniteStichtiteTanzanite

Having difficult discussions:
Angelite, Aragonite (Yellow), BronziteAmethyst, Calcite (Green), Cat’s Eye, Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Ruby IoliteRuby KyaniteShattuckiteTurquoise

Improving and understanding nonverbal communication:
AngeliteHowlite, Jasper (Mookaite)Kyanite

Support for Public Speaking:
ChrysocollaCinabrite, Topaz (Blue)



Be creative:
Agate (ApricotBotswana and Fire), Amber, Apatite (all colors), Aragonite (Blue), Azurite, Calcite (Blue), Carnelian, Chalcedony (Blue), CinabriteCopperDiopside, Fluorite (all colors), Jasper (Leopardskin), Labradorite (Golden), LarimarLarvikite, Moonstone (all varieties), Opal (Yellow), Quartz (Strawberry), Rhodochrosite, Ruby (all varieties), SunstoneThuliteZoisite

Expand imagination
Fluorite (Yellow), Fossilized Shell, Garnet (Almandine), Jaguar Stone, Jasper (Leopardskin and Yellow), LabradoriteMerlinitePicasso MarblePietersitePrehnite EpidotePyrite, Tourmaline (Multicolored)

Find Inspiration:
Agate (Fire and Tree), Amethyst, Apatite (all colors), Calcite (Honey), Dumortierite, Jade (Green), Moldavite, Moonstone (all varieties), Quartz (Strawberry), Tourmaline (Multicolored)

Maintain creativity long term:
AmetrineChiastolite, Jasper (Desert and Red), Septarian NoduleStilbiteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black), TurquoiseVanadinite

Support for Writers:
Calcite (Blue), Cavansite, Chalcedony (Blue and Pink), Chinese Writing StoneCinabrite, Garnet (Spessartine), Jasper (Desert), Larimar, Opal (Blue), Quartz (Strawberry), Shattuckite, Topaz (Blue), Vanadinite

Logic & Intuition


Calm the mind:
Agate (Blue Lace), AmethystChrysoberylHowlite, Jade (all colors), Jasper (Desert), KyanitePetalite, Quartz (Clear and Snow), ScoleciteStilbiteStromatoliteSuper Seven

Clear up confusion:
Angelite, Apatite (Blue), AquamarineCarnelianCavansite, Fluorite (all colors), Kyanite, Sapphire (Blue), Shungite

Get a new perspective:
Dumortierite, Jade (Blue), Larvikite, Opal (Green)

Keep things in proper perspective:
Agate (Botswana), ChiastoliteDiopsideIoliteLodestone, Ruby Kyanite

See the “big picture”:
Apophyllite, Azurite Granite (K2), Calcite (Green), CelestiteChrysanthemum StoneHawk’s Eye, Jade (White), Jasper (Picture), Obsidian (Snowflake), Ruby Matrix, Ruby Zoisite, Sapphire (Yellow), ScoleciteStromatolite, Turquoise (Green), Vesuvianite, Vatican Stone

Think clearly:
Agate (ApricotGray and Turritella), Agatized CoralApophylliteAzuriteBorniteChrysoberylCitron ChrysopraseGalenaIdocrase, Jade (BlackGreen and White), Jasper (Yellow), OnyxRuby IoliteSardonyxTiger Iron, VesuvianiteClearing up emotional confusion:
AngeliteBariteJet, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Quartz (Tangerine), Variscite,


Improving our instincts:
Bronzite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen and Silver Sheen)

Trusting out instincts:
Agate (Blue Lace), Garnet (Hessonite), Jasper (Mookaite)Picasso Marble, Tiger’s Eye (Red)


Be curious:
Azurite, Calcite (Honey), Chalcedony (Pink), Chrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaCitrineDragonstoneDumortieriteEudialyteFossilized ShellIdocrase, Jade (Purple), Jasper (Red), LabradoriteMerliniteMuscovite, Quartz (Strawberry), Ruby (all varieties), ShattuckiteSelenite, Septarian NoduleStichtiteTanzaniteThulite, Topaz (all colors), Tourmaline (Multicolored), Vanadinite

Celebrate lifelong learning:
AtlantasiteAzurite, Calcite (Green), CinabriteCitrineFuchsiteHowlite, Quartz (Blue), SodaliteTektite, Topaz (Blue)

Support for learning something new:
Fluorite (all colors), Onyx

Working around learning disabilities:


Logic and compassion:
Chalcedony (Chrome), Citron Chrysoprase, Tanzanite (Prairie), Variscite

Logic and creativity:
CarnelianLabradorite, Tourmaline (Multicolored)

Logic and intuition:
Agate (Dendritic), AmazoniteAmethystAquamarine, Calcite (Clear), CelestiteIoliteMerlinite, Moonstone (all varieties), SodaliteSunset SodaliteTurquoise

Logic and love:
CinabriteKunzitePrasioliteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie), ThuliteVariscite

Think logically:
Agate (Apricot and Turritella), AmethystApophylliteAzuriteBorniteBronzite, Chalcedony (Chrome), ChalcopyriteChiastoliteDumortieriteGalenaHematiteIndigo Gabbro, Jade (all colors), Jasper (Yellow), LepidoliteMoonstone Tourmaline, Obsidian (Rainbow), OnyxPrasiolitePrehniteRuby IoliteRuby Zoisite, Sapphire (Blue), Septarian NoduleShungiteSodalite, Sodalite (Sunset), StichtiteTanzaniteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Black and Green), VarisciteVatican StoneZoisite


Sharpen memory:
Barite, Chalcedony (Blue), Chalcopyrite, Cradle of Humankind, DumortieriteEmeraldHowlite, Lapis Lazuli, Larvikite, Quartz (Clear), Rutilated Quartz

Unblock suppressed memories:
Apophyllite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Pietersite

Problem Solving

Find creative solutions:

CinabriteIolite, Jasper (Leopardskin), Ruby FuchsiteSunset Sodalite

Find practical and positive solutions:
Agate (Gray), Aventurine (Green), Chalcedony (Pink), Citron Chrysoprase, Coral (Red), Jade (Black and Blue), Jasper (Desert), Pietersite, Smoky QuartzStromatolite

Improve problem-solving skills:
AmazoniteBorniteCinabriteDumortieriteIdocrase, Jasper (Bumblebee and Yellow), Muscovite, Obsidian (all varieties), Quartz (Clear), RubyRuby FuchsiteShattuckiteSmoky Quartz, Sodalite (Sunset), Sunstone


Abstract thinking:
Calcite (Blue), Chalcedony (Blue and Chrome), Dumortierite

Be open to new ideas:
BismuthBornite, Chalcedony (Blue), ChalcopyriteChrysoberylCitron Chrysoprase, Cradle of Humankind, Fluorite (all colors), Garnet (Andradite and Hessonite), Jade (Purple), Labradorite (Golden), LarvikiteMagnesite, Moonstone (Black), PietersiteRuby IoliteSeleniteSuper SevenUnakite

Common Sense:
Agate (Apricot), Carnelian, Coral (Blue and Red), Fluorite (all colors), Fuchsite, Garnet (AlmandineGrossularite), JetLarvikiteMoonstone Tourmaline, Sapphire (all colors), Sodalite (Sunset), Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red), Vanadinite

Complex thinking:
Agate (Gray), BariteCelestite, Chalcedony (Blue), Citron ChrysopraseDiopsideGalena, Jade (Green), Larvikite, Quartz (Clear), Topaz (Blue)

Critical thinking:
Agate (Gray), Azurite, Fluorite (Yellow), Garnet (Hessonite), Muscovite, Obsidian (Snowflake), Sapphire (all colors)

Flexible mindset:
Agate (Tree), Aragonite (Red and Yellow), GalenaMoonstone Tourmaline, Seraphinite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Holistic thinking:
FuchsiteGalena, Obsidian (Mahogany), Ruby FuchsiteSuper Seven

Keep an open mind:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Aragonite (Blue), AtlantasiteBuddstone, Chalcedony (Blue), Chrysanthemum StoneDanburite, Garnet (Andradite), Jade (Purple), Opal (Pink), Quartz (Whiskey)

Mental discipline:
Aragonite (Brown), Azurite, Jasper (Rainforest and Red), Sapphire (all colors), Septarian NoduleSmoky Quartz

Process and release mental stress:
Agate (Blue Lace and Dendritic), Danburite, Obsidian (Snowflake), Topaz (White)

Process and release repetitive thoughts:
Amethyst (Brandberg), Calcite (Blue), Fuchsite, Jasper (Kambamba), Tourmaline (Black)

Quick thinking:

Slow down and think things through:
Agate (Turritella), Moonstone (Black), Petrified WoodStilbite

Think for yourself:

Understanding emotional and social intelligence:
Agatized CoralEudialyte, Jasper (Yellow), Ruby Zoisite

Understand mental patterns, and change them if desired:
ApophylliteChiastolite, Fluorite (all colors), Fuchsite, Jade (Green and White), Jasper (Mookaite), Labradorite, Obsidian (Mahogany), OnyxSeleniteSugilite

Actions & Habits


Be determined to succeed:
Agate (Moss), ChrysoberylHowlite, Jasper (Picasso), OnyxPietersiteSardonyxStromatolite

Be efficient:
MagnesiteRuby KyaniteRutilated QuartzShell

Be effective:
Amethyst, Calcite (Honey), Jade (White), Kyanite, Opal (Green), Quartz (Snow)

Be lucky:
Aventurine (Green and Pink), Chrysanthemum StoneCopper, Jade (Green and White), Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Quartz (Whiskey), Sand Dollar Fossil, Sapphire (Yellow), SunstoneTektiteThulite

Be organized:
AquamarineBuddstone, Fluorite (all colors), Ruby Kyanite, Seraphinite, Stilbite

Creating goals:
AquamarineEmeraldRubyRuby FuchsiteRuby Iolite

Feel motivated:
ApatiteCavansite, Garnet (Spessartine), Jasper (Desert and Yellow), Lepidolite, Morganite (Peach), Prehnite EpidoteRubyZoisite

Have discipline and stamina:
Agate (Fire), AzuriteChrysoberylDumortierite, Jasper (Desert and Red), Ruby, Sapphire (all colors), Septarian NoduleVanadinite

Let go of limitations:
Aragonite (Red), Auralite 23, Calcite (Orange), Cavansite,  Chlorite Quartz, Jasper (Desert), Merlinite, Opal (Green), PeridotPetrified Wood, Quartz (Clear), Ruby IoliteSelenite, Tourmaline (Pink), Zoisite

Prioritize correctly:
Fluorite (all colors), KyaniteVanadinite

Protection from the negative influence of others:
Agate (Fire), Amethyst, Calcite (Green), Cat’s EyeCitrine, Jaguar Stone, Kyanite, Tiger’s Eye (Gold), Tourmaline (Black)

Rise up to challenges:
Agate (Moss), Aventurine (Red), AzuriteBloodstone, Garnet (AlmandineGrossularite and Hessonite), Jasper (Red), Larvikite, Obsidian (Silver Sheen), Petrified WoodSugilite, Tourmaline (Black), TurquoiseZoisite

See new opportunities:
Dumortierite, Jade (Purple), Quartz (Blue), Stromatolite (Mary Ellen)

Stand up for what you believe is right:
AngeliteBarite, Calcite (Orange), CarnelianCinabritePyriteRubySodalite,Tiger Iron, Tourmaline (Multicolored)

Take action:
Angelite, Aventurine (Red and Yellow),  BronziteCarnelianChlorite QuartzCinabriteCitrineDiopsideHowlite, Jade (Green and (Purple), OnyxPietersitePreseliRubySeptarian NoduleShattuckiteVanadinite


Gain or regain control of your life:
AmetrineAzuriteBloodstoneCharoiteChrysoberylDragonstone, Fluorite (all colors), Indigo Gabbro, Jasper (OceanLepidolite, Obsidian (Mahogany), ScoleciteSerpentineTiger Iron, Tourmaline (all colors)

Have control over your emotions and responses:
Aventurine (Pink), Bronzite, Calcite (Gold), Citron ChrysopraseJetLabradoriteLapis LazuliLarvikite, Obsidian (Golden Sheen), Onyx, Quartz (Girasol), Sapphire (Blue), Sardonyx

Support for when something is outside your control:
Aventurine (Yellow), BariteCharoite, Jasper (Ocean), Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Ruby Zoisite


About our health:
Aventurine (Pink), Infinite, Serpentine

About money:
Cat’s Eye, Garnet (Almandine), Opal (Green)

Adjusting choices based on new information:
Atlantasite, Fluorite (Yellow), Jade (Black and Purple)

Following through:
Dragonstone, Jasper (Red), Sapphire (Yellow)

Making good decisions:
Agate (Dendritic and Turritella), AmetrineApophyllite, Aventurine (Green), CarnelianCitrineEmerald, Garnet (Hessonite), Jade (Blue), Jasper (Ocean), LarvikiteLodestoneObsidian (Rainbow and Silver Sheen), Peacock Ore, Tiger’s Eye (all colors), Vatican Stone

Overcoming indecision:
Bronzite, Calcite (Clear), Jaguar Stone, PietersiteStilbite

Trusting we’ve made good choices:
Aventurine (Yellow), Carnelian, Jasper (Bumblebee), Kunzite (Gold),


Breaking bad habits:
Agate (Blue Lace), Calcite (Mangano), Chiastolite, Fluorite (all colors), Hawks EyeIdocraseKyanite, Obsidian (all varieties), Petrified WoodSerpentineShiva LingamSunstone

Improving our habits:
Agate (Crazy Lace), Amber, Apatite (Blue and Green), Calcite (Clear and Green and Honey), CavansiteChrysoberylDumortieriteFuchsiteIndigo Gabbro, Jade (Purple and White), Jasper (Desert and Picture), LepidoliteMagnesitePetaliteRuby FuchsiteRutilated Quartz, Seraphinite, SugiliteUnakiteVariscite

Maintaining healthy habits:
Aventurine (Pink)IdocraseLepidoliteTiger Iron, Vesuvianite

Recognizing our habits:
Agate (Turritella), AmethystApophylliteBuddstoneDumortierite, Fluorite (all colors), Fuchsite, Garnet (Hessonite), Indigo Gabbro, Jasper (Mookaite)Lepidolite, Moonstone (Black), Morganite, Obsidian (all varieties), PetaliteSugiliteUnakite

Self Love

Know Yourself

Accurate self-analysis:
Agate (ApricotBotswanaGray) and Turritella), Azurite, Chalcedony (Chrome), Idocrase, Jade (Black), Labradorite, Quartz (Clear), Thulite

Cultivating self-awareness:
Cat’s Eye, Chalcedony (Blue), ChiastoliteDioptaseSodalite, Sodalite (Sunset), Tanzanite (Prairie), Tiger’s Eye (Gold and Red)

Find & follow your passion:
Agate (Fire), AquamarineCopperEpidoteRuby Iolite

Honoring your true self-worth:
ChrysoberylEudialyteFuchsiteHiddenite, Obsidian (Mahogany), PrasioliteRhodoniteRose Quartz

Understanding what really motivates you:

Self Love

Be kind to yourself:
Agate (ApricotBotswana and Moss), Garnet (Almandine), Jade (White), KunziteLarimarMorganite, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Black), Opal (Yellow), PetaliteRhodoniteRose Quartz, Sodalite (Sunset), Topaz (Blue), Tourmaline (Pink and Red), Turquoise,  VanadiniteVariscite

Celebrate successes:
Ametrine, Chalcedony (Pink), Dumortierite, Moonstone (Black), Petalite, Tourmaline (Pink)

Cultivate self-love:
Cat’s EyeLarimar, Morganite (Peach), Nuummite, Opal (Green), PetaliteRhodoniteRose QuartzSerpentineShungite, Topaz (White), Tourmaline (Pink and Red), Vanadinite

Demonstrating self-love by our actions:
Cat’s EyeKunziteNuummite, Opal (Green), SerpentineShungite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Feeling confident:
Aragonite (Yellow), Aventurine (Green and Red), ChrysoberylCitrineDragonstone, Garnet (Uvarovite), Jasper (BumblebeeKambamba and Red), Labradorite (Golden), LarimarLarvikiteMuscoviteOnyxPreseliPyriteRhodochrosite, Ruby (all varieties), Sunset SodaliteSunstone, Tiger’s Eye (all colors), Tourmaline (all colors), UnakiteZoisite

Having self-respect:
Garnet (AlmandineHessonite and Spessartite), Jasper (Ocean and Rainforest)

Healing self-hatred and self-sabotage:
Calcite (Green), Chrysoprase, Indigo GabbroJetMerliniteRose QuartzTurquoise

Prioritizing self-care:
Apatite (Green), Auralite 23, Calcite (Orange), GalenaHematiteLodestoneNuummitePetalite, Quartz (Girasol RoseLavender and Tangerine), ShungiteThulite, Tourmaline (BlackPink and Red)

Releasing self-doubt:
AngeliteChiastolite, Jasper (Rainforest), Lepidolite, Turquoise (Green)

Regaining confidence after a bad experience:
Agate (ApricotBotswanaDendritic, and Moss), Aventurine (Pink), BismuthChinese Writing StoneCinabriteCitrineEpidoteIndigo GabbroPrasiolite, Quartz (Tangerine), RhodochrositeRhodonite, Selenite (Orange)

Responding to change gracefully:
AmberAzuriteBariteCharoiteChiastoliteDanburiteDioptaseGalena, Jasper (Desert), LarvikiteLepidoliteMoonstoneVariscite

Need More Self Love?

Let’s find a pretty stone for you

Rose Quartz Madagascar rose quartz madagascar

Love & Sex

Romantic Love

Be loving:
Chalcedony (Pink), MorganiteRhodochrositeRose Quartz

Be open to love:
Chalcedony (Chrome), DiopsideMorganite, Opal (Yellow), PetalitePrasioliteRose QuartzThuliteTurquoise

Finding a new lover:
Agate (Botswana), Charoite, Garnet (Almandine), Larimar, Obsidian (Rainbow), Rose QuartzRubyThulite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Healing after heartbreak:
Aventurine (Pink), Moonstone (Peach), Obsidian (Apache Tear), Opal (Yellow), Rhodonite

Keeping a romantic relationship healthy and strong:
Bismuth, Calcite (Mangano), Emerald, Garnet (Almandine), Jasper (Red), Morganite, Opal (Pink), Peacock OreRose QuartzRutilated QuartzSardonyxShiva Lingam

Soul Mates:


Feel sensual:
Agate (Turritella), Aventurine (Pink and Red), Garnet Garnet (Almandine and Spessartine), Moonstone (Peach), Opal (GreenYellow), Rose QuartzRubySerpentineShiva Lingam

Ignite passion:
Agate (Fire), Aventurine (Pink and Red), Garnet (Almandine), Opal (Yellow), Rose QuartzRubyRuby FuchsiteRuby Iolite, Tourmaline (Pink and Red)

Release sexual inhibitions:
Garnet (all varieties), Garnet (Garnet (Almandine and Hessonite), Jasper (Picasso), Obsidian (Mahogany), Rutilated QuartzSerpentine, Tiger’s Eye (Red)

Family & Friends


Father Figures:
Garnet (Andradite), Jasper (Red), Labradorite (Golden), Tourmaline (Green), Turquoise (Blue)

Mother Figures:
Agate (Blue Lace), LarimarRhodochrositeRose Quartz, Turquoise (Green)

Raising children:
Agate (Apricot and Blue Lace), Fuchsite, Jade (Black and Blue), Lapis Lazuli

Resolving family conflict:
Agate (ApricotEudialyteFuchsite, Jasper (Desert and Yellow), Onyx, Tourmaline (Pink)

Support during times of family stress:
Tiger Iron

Support when spending time with difficult people:
BronziteRuby IoliteTiger Iron

Taking good care of our family:
Agate (Apricot and Dendritic), Jade (Green), Petrified WoodRose QuartzScolecite, Tourmaline (Multicolored)

Understanding family patterns and having realistic expectations:
Agate (Blue Lace), Jasper (Mookaite), Obsidian (Black)


Be a positive influence:
CinabriteFuchsiteLepidoliteOnyxPetrified WoodSuper Seven

Be inclusive:

Celebrating our current friendships:
Barite, Calcite (Orange), Garnet (Grossularite), Obsidian (Rainbow), Rhodonite, Quartz Quartz (Lavender and Whiskey), Rose QuartzRubySardonyxScoleciteShiva Lingam

Deepening our connections:
AmethystAquamarineBismuthEmerald, Jade (Green), KunziteMorganite, Opal (Green and Yellow), Quartz (Lavender), Rose QuartzRuby

Finding new friends:
Agate (Botswana), Aventurine (Green), Chrysanthemum Stone, Garnet (Grossularite), Jade (Green), Jasper (Desert), Rose QuartzRubyRuby FuchsiteSardonyxScolecite

Having healthy and long-lasting relationships:
Emerald, Jade (Green), MorganiteRose QuartzRuby FuchsiteSardonyx

Relationship Issues

Acknowledge your impact on others:
AquamarineHawk’s Eye, Jasper (Ocean and Red), Quartz (Tangerine), SerpentineVanadinite

Encouraging cooperation
Agatized CoralBariteBuddstoneEmerald, Garnet (Grossularite), Quartz (Snow), Smoky QuartzSodaliteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Releasing co-dependency
BloodstoneCharoiteCinabriteCitrine, Coral (Red), Fuchsite, Garnet (Uvarovite), Infinite, Jade (all colors), Ruby FuchsiteRuby Zoisite, Seraphinite, Sunstone, Tourmaline (Pink), Zoisite

Resolving conflict:
ChrysocollaEudialyte, Jade (Green), Jasper (Desert and Yellow), OnyxSardonyx

Support for extroverts:
Apatite (all colors), Calcite (Green and Orange), Chrysanthemum StoneIdocrasePeridotPyrite, Quartz (Blue and Whiskey), RhodoniteRubyTektite, Vesuvianite

Support for introverts:
Calcite (Green), Chalcedony (Pink), MuscoviteStilbiteTiger Iron

Death & Grieving


Comfort during times of grief:
Aragonite (Brown), Danburite, Jasper (Kambamba), JetLarimar, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Ruby Zoisite

Easing the passing from life to death:
ChiastoliteEudialyteLabradorite, Turquoise (Green), Zoisite

Fear of your own death:
Ruby ZoisiteZoisite

Making peace with death:
Agate (Apricot), CarnelianLabradorite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Ruby Zoisite, Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Zoisite


Letting go of someone we love:
Obsidian (Apache Tear), Sunstone

Releasing grief when it’s time:
Aragonite (Blue), Aventurine (Pink), BariteBornite, Calcite (Mangano), Epidote, Morganite (Peach), Obsidian (Apache Tear), Opal (Blue), Prehnite EpidoteStichtite, Tanzanite (Prairie)

Support while grieving:
Amethyst, Aragonite (Brown), DanburiteDragonstone, Jasper (Kambamba), Merlinite, Obsidian (Apache Tear and Mahogany), Ruby Zoisite, Stromatolite (Mary Ellen), Sugilite

Sleep & Dreams


Have sweet dreams:

Calcite (Honey and Mangano), Stilbite

Interpret dreams correctly: 

AngeliteChinese Writing Stone, Jasper (Red)

Lucid dreaming: 

Angelite, Apatite (Blue), BariteRuby Kyanite

Remembering dreams:

Angelite, Jasper (Red), Ruby Kyanite

Support after a nightmares: Howlite


Heal insomnia
Agate (Blue Lace), AmethystAuralite 23Howlite, Jasper (Yellow), Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Opal (Green), ScoleciteSodaliteVariscite

Heal other sleep disorders:
Aventurine (Green and Pink), CharoiteMuscovite

Maintain healthy sleep habits:
IdocraseSodaliteTiger Iron, Tourmaline (Green)

Sleep well:
ChrysopraseHowlite, Opal (Green), ShungiteSuper Seven






Bipolar Disorder

LepidoliteStilbiteTiger Iron





Nature Deficit Disorder

Apophyllite (Green), Jasper (Picture) and (Rainforest)


Agate (Botswana), Thulite

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Dumortierite, Tourmaline (Black)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Bloodstone, Jade (Black), Obsidian (Apache Tear), RubyRutilated Quartz, Tourmaline (Pink, Purple and Red)



Empath Support

Empath Support

Holding space for others without internalizing:
MoldaviteMuscovite, Obsidian (Apache Tear), Rose QuartzSunstone, Turquoise (Blue)

Protection from being overwhelmed by people you love:
Jade (Purple), Rose Quartz

Protection when forced to be around negative people:
Cat’s Eye, Jaguar Stone, Tiger’s Eye (Gold)